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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but I went by BFOOT1 in the Aces High days, I also loved the SEC events back in the day, and I miss the glory days of those organized events. Good to see ya around!
  2. Is this the same Dhyran that used to host the SEC events in Aces High 2?
  3. Good Evening, I am Wood, the current C/O of the virtual 336th Fighter Squadron, and my guys and I are looking to find some like-minded units that would be willing to try one life, PvP historical scenarios. I come from the virtual world of Aces High and spent many years there flying in Friday Night Squad Ops (FSO’s), and scenarios, where each side was given certain objectives and a certain time frame to hit the target, but their approach, altitude, and all of the planning were up to the group leads. For FSO we did these three Friday nights out of the month and it genuinely lasted a
  4. Some changes have been made and we in the 361st have decided to change from an entire fighter group to a squadron. We will be representing the 336th Fighter Squadron of the famed 4th Fighter Group. Stay tuned in the future as we are looking to do some historical events with axis and allied groups. Looking forward to seeing you up there! 336th_Wood
  5. Dogfight mode is your standard PVP servers. We were using the COOP, but when you have multiple guys connecting at the same time to the COOP we always had a least one problem. By one issue with any COOP server is that if people get discoed they can’t come back unless the entire server is restarted.
  6. Hello all! Just checking in and letting you all know that we are still active, and I have stepped into the role of the C/O! Currently our structure is as follows: 374th Fighter Squadron, 375th Fighter Squadron, 376th Fighter Squadron, and 361st Headquarters. Currently we have 4-5 members in each squadron except the HQ group. As the group fills up, pilots will be filtered into squadrons and flights depending on the demand for each squadron. Joining the 361st: For those of you interested in joining the 361st Fighter Group we welcome you. Before you officially join our
  7. A choreographed duel to death over the skies of Germany. -Fall 1944.
  8. Still looking for more Mustang pilots to join us gents! If you need more information message me, or join our discord!
  9. If you need anything in regards to P51 fighter groups let me know. I’ve got some extensive knowledge and books on those groups during Big Week.
  10. Thank you Gambit once we get some more missions done I’m going to compile a interest video for the forums to show case what we have to offer.
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