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  1. Considering the DCS developers felt there wasn't sufficient historical data available to generate the P-47s FM and that they were obliged to invest in CFD modelling to generate the numbers (a lengthy & not inexpensive process), plus Nick Grey (ED CEO) has time on type, I know where my money would go on which was better reflective of reality...
  2. I would add that I strongly suspect that the XIV's didn't see .50s till units equipped with the type were pushed to 2nd TAF; there was already a desire to standardise their IXs/XVIs with the 'E' configuration armament and this was finally becoming the norm in late '44 which coincides with the first units equipped with the XIV starting to move to the continent.
  3. Hi Pat, Successful mission yet when we attempted an AAR got an error message saying no mission log file could be found? Error log attached. Lightning Strikes202104041504352.zip
  4. Hi Pat! Thanks again for your magnificent campaign generator, and your hard work in squashing bugs and bringing new features. The DangerDogz are now 33 missions complete flying P-38s and A-20s in the ETO during the autumn/winter of 1944 and we're loving it. if I may humbly suggest a couple of feature requests... 😋 Firstly, with so many participants the pilot administration screen in our campaign is getting a bit unwieldy; take a look at the bottom, we have many of the participants stacked on top of one another: Thus far it's n
  5. Hi Pat, Just had a coop participants persona registered as KIA despite a safe bailout in within friendly territory; he followed his pilots progression under the silk till he met terra firma and sat there looking mildly dejected thankful at least to still be among the living. Sufficed to say we were both a bit surprised when PWCG rendered him dead! Is there any way I can Lazarus the fellow back into existence?
  6. Well you're on the right track, the plugging is the penultimate hurdle, keep at it and you'll get it. What's the ultimate hurdle? Staying in!
  7. That's often the way... the best way I find is to make many tiny pulses instead of one large - and I mean sub-millimetric (not kidding!). And because the sooner you recognise the need to make a correction the smaller that correction will need to be, you should be constantly making a series of these tiny pulses - on the run up to the basket my right hand is moving like I'm speed handwriting a microscopic letter! Another thing to try is to break down your stick corrections into pitch or roll - I make one plane of motion correction at a time; I'm either making a pitch co
  8. Hi Pat, Getting an error when trying to submit AAR on v.11.6.1. Files attached. This is the second such as the last attempt resulted in the same failure to progress at AAR submission. Any chance we can review and see how we can progress? Many thanks, Fen ErrorReport.zip User.zip PWCGErrorLog.txt
  9. Our last event was Sunday the 13th December and all was fine then; not tested under latest game update.
  10. Hi Pat. Alas we're still on v 11.6.1 so cannot confirm the issue. Regards, Fen
  11. It's certainly on our roadmap in the DangerDogz Pat. In the nebulous stages I wasn't sure how many of Dogz would have been interested in flying the campaign; in the past many have eschewed the longer take-off-fly to action-fly home-land format because of length and the potential frustration of getting taken out of the evenings entertainment prematurely by bad luck, one wrong decision or a piece of ineptness on the part of another player. Thus, I initially was expecting to struggle to get a even squadrons worth of participants and as I wanted to foster the teamwork ethic and
  12. Hey Pat, Can I suggest we have a review of the awards metric? We currently have a coop player with a persona rank of Major in a Bodenplatte P-38 squadron, with 80 (!) ground kills over 20 missions yet because he has only 4 air kills has nothing more to show than a Bronze Star... Yet, another Coop player, again, persona rank of Major in the same Bodenplatte campaign but in an A-20 bomber squadron, after only 4 missions and with only 13 ground kills and no air victories has been given the DFC. Is it me or does this seem a bit lop-sided?
  13. As I recall, 64 Sqn, 130 Sqn, 234 Sqn and 402 Sqn were still equipped with LF.Vb/c for Overlord period. However these units were all assigned to ADGB, not 2nd TAF and whilst they flew offensive patrols over the beach-head in their Vs, within a month they had converted to IXs and XIVs.
  14. Clipped wings on Mk.IXs the following rules apply: 1. F.IX or LF.IX makes no odds; this denotes the variant of Merlin fitted and has absolutely no regard to clipped or otherwise state of the wings. Period. End of discussion. 2. LF.IXe or LF.XIVe makes no odds; this denotes the armament fitted and has absolutely no regard to clipped or otherwise state of the wings. Period. End of discussion. 3. I have never, ever, ever seen a HISTORICAL picture of any D-Day striped Mk.IX with clipped wings - and I've seen a lot of pictures of invasion striped Spitfires. Ther
  15. Ah well. Understood, thanks Pat. Is there a chance that relocating the Group to a new airbase could resolve this issue?
  16. Hi Pat, I had one player get bored of flying P-38s in our Bodenplatte campaign and requestrg a transfer to an A-20 Bomber group, the 410th based out of Eindhoven. He's the squadron CO but the only 'breather', the rest of the squadron are AI. Whenever he spawns in leading the squadron in cold start, only wingman 1 even starts the engine and none of them at all follow him out to the runway and progress on their mission. They all just stay on the ground at their spawn point for the entire duration. He's tried waiting 5 minutes for them to start engines but to no avail; a
  17. I personally find the F-14 the best module in DCS for many reasons; I'm an a2a guy primarily and who doesn't like launching a quartet of Phoenixes at an incoming wing of enemy aircraft? But I love that if I get the itch I can pickle some LGBs - or if I'm feeling particularly daring, run in with unguided ordnance - with the added bonus that it's a darn sight quicker than the Warthog (though that is one beautiful plane) plus I get to land on the carrier with all the frustrations and rewards that brings. Then there's TALD, a neat little decoy that can make the difference between your
  18. It simply differentiates between two aircraft in the same squadron with the same letter. It often ties in with the initial of the pilots surname; P for Preddy, Y for Yeager, for example. However, this privilege seems to be reserved for element/flight/squadron leads.
  19. Yup! That steam blast you see is pressurised steam and hot water escaping from boiler into the punctured flue tubes; these carry the hot gases from the firebox to the smokebox through the water jacket and help boil the water; normally the only steam coming from the funnel/smokestack is that already used in the cylinders. So yes, the engine is VERY ill in every respect and would undoubtedly struggle to continue for much longer if at all. It would be right in modern parlance to regard it as a mission kill but the loco is not destroyed in the classic sense of the term.
  20. On a related note, one of our co-op P-38 campaign flyers was credited with a wagon last mission. Problem one: he never saw a train the entire mission! Problem two: apparently he was flying a Locomotive_E at the time! Some peculiar things going on with those logs!
  21. In reality actually destroying a steam locomotive with bullets is unlikely, despite what many fighter pilots may have claimed - the best you can aim for is disabling it. Throwing a few bullets at a steel tube designed to contain anything between 180-250lb/sq.in of steam pressure will do little more than punch holes in it causing the steam and water to leak out, robbing the boiler the ability to make steam pressure and thus preventing the locomotive from being able to move. If the majority of the water then leaks out quickly and the fire is still raging then the firebox
  22. Type of improvement: AI Formation Type Explanation of proposals: Allow AI to use genuine "Finger Four Formation", in both left and right orientations. Currently the closest approximation we can get is a "V" formation, however the structure and geometry of "V" formation is incorrect to properly simulate the finger four; the wingmen are too far aft of the leader on a bearing of 45 degrees from the abreast position where they should be closer to 15 degrees and the wingmen are incorrectly positioned with 2 & 4 on the left and 3 on the right - the no.2 and no.3 positions would need to be s
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