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  1. Handling characteristics (from the horses mouth, if you will):
  2. The Caucasus map has never seen a conflict involving NATO or the US whether it warbird or any Generation of jet - yet there are loads of plausible, enjoyable and absorbing missions and campaigns to enjoy. A what-if modern day China/Russia v. US carrier focused conflict (as plausible as any of the imaginative contrivances for conflict in the Caucasus) is going to be the main set-up for this map, and as some have pointed out it will be a suitable (if not perfect) backdrop for F4U ops; yeah there are modern day facilities but 95% of the land mass appears uninhabited, and a lot of people won't be put off by some of the modern elements.
  3. Yeah - it's something I'd like to use but ran outta buttons! By the time I'd got all the combat critical items assigned to my HOTAS, I'd run out of anything to assign the DLC to. Not that it concerns me much - it's nice to get a three-wire and all but as long as I get back on the boat in one piece, a FAIR or even a NO GRADE pass is fine by me!
  4. Wow, thank you so much Jaeger! Will test tomorrow. Much obliged.
  5. 126 Wing (401, 402, 411, 412, & 442 Sqns) - 31/1/45; referred to changes "being made" to engine settings due to new fuel: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/126wing-31jan45-change-in-fuel.jpg 421 Sqn (127 Wing with 403, 416 & 443 Sqns) - 16/2/45; reference to "groundcrew very busy changing kites to 25lb boost": http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/421-orb-12feb45.jpg
  6. Hmmmm. Please continue to labour under your delusions - if only to reinforce my last assessment.
  7. "i couldnt care less about technical limitations" And that just goes to show why a good proportion of your displeasure and indignation is generated by the fact that you are an ignoranamus. I must say it's quite bemusing watching people get in their own way.
  8. What a steaming pile of equine excrement. This here is entirely the problem. Steak/porridge analogy clumsily applied to software/hardware limits??? Not only is it fundamentally inappropriate it also goes to shows how little you understand. Poly limits are poly limits. Object density is a thing. You got a vast area of operations that offers a wide player base (RAF, USAAF, Jagdwaffe) an opportunity to play careers of meaningful length. Smaller map? Sure! But then you limit the scope of who historically would have operated within that region. Suddenly the RAF/USAAF/Luftwaffe bases are off the map, or the 262 bases are off the map, or the P-38 bases are off the map, or the <insert your fave ride here> bases are off the map, or you have a map valid for all of two weeks worth of frontline activity before the FEBA moves off map. Make it half scale? Then the purists rant & rave. Put ALL the houses and farms in!!! Then no-one except Mr Moneybags with his Eight-core CPU, 128Gb RAM and quad SLI 2080Ti setup can even hope to load it, let alone get good frames; and forget about trying to host a multiplayer server with anything more than 1x AAA gun in it. What about the mid-low end or even entry user who's PC is not gonna run even Kuban above 20fps but desperately wants to try BoBp out cos he loves ETO? Seems to me there's a an over subscription of spoilt brats round these parts.
  9. Thanks Jaeger. Could I make a request? A "generic 402nd" version of vivacious virgin with just the spinners, squadron codes & tail circle would be be very welcome to flesh out some of my flights with; if there were to be an OD version too, well my cup overfloweth… 😉😁
  10. Cloud is also a factor. I check the rear hemisphere much more frequently - whether in solo or formation - if flying near a cloud layer (over- or undercast) or through broken clouds.
  11. Please don't Jaeger! More time I get to spend in my fabulous '38 the better!
  12. Really don't understand the confusion. It has nothing to do with approach speed, speed at touchdown, whatever. It is simply the speed at which the wing will reach critical AoA in that specified configuration. In clean configuration that will be higher than in landing configuration, because in landing configuration you should have flaps fully deployed and one of the primary reasons to deploy flaps is to decrease your stall speed. Re-read and better understood the initial post. Answer: Ground effect. The Landing Configuration stall speed is probably given for dirty config at altitude. Once at an altitude within approx. 1x wingspan of your a/c you will experience Ground Effect, which boosts lift/reduces stall speed.
  13. Ok. Ouky, what part of the Rhineland map would you have focused your Stalingrad sized area on? Focus North and you miss out most of the American sector and you struggle to provide a meaningful, accurate SP career mode for those wishing to fly USAAF. Focus South and now for those wishing to fly for the RAF are short changed instead. Those straight rivers are called "canals" btw. Lot of them in Belgium Holland and Germany. Google is your friend.
  14. I wonder when people are actually going to understand that compromises must be made in order to not require a Cray Supercomuter in order to achieve playability. Compared to Kuban you have a map that, in square kilometerage, may only be ~8% larger, but about 50% of Kuban is water. Object density is a thing ladies and gents; every object on the map = more polygons = more drawing processing = more collison detection processing = more damage model processing. There are many, many more towns and cities on the Rhineland map, and all are more densely packed than any Kuban metropolis. You want a greater scope of operations on larger maps, somethings gotta give.
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