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  1. Ahhhh this widens the possibilities a lot! Thanks! Awesome work! My remaining requests would be to add this awesome new intercept logic to dogfight, and make it possible to fly on both the winter and summer versions of Velikieluki Oh and question: what happens if you set the enemy to 'any plane'? If you have historical planes selected it probably works out fine. But I'm wondering: if you have historical planes unticked, do you have a chance of running into f.e. a flight of SPAD XIIIs ?
  2. Keep up the good work raaaid! I always appreciate your posts!
  3. Yeah don't feel pressured, you're doing this in your own time. Super appreciated!
  4. Any chance of updating this to the latest patch? Cheers!
  5. I got the Reverb G2 on pre-order, super excited for it!
  6. Same here, I expect that it'll get fixed if it hasn't yet, so many people getting the G2, they'll get a shitstorm if they don't haha
  7. Dogfight would be awesome. Or a more complex set up where you can choose how many fighters and/or bombers, and what they're going to do! Like one group of stuka's attacking ships and a group of heinkels attacking the airfields.
  8. Hey! I tried a couple of dogfighting missions on the veluki map, with the 'any' setting for planes. I really like the map and I'd like to have some massive dogfights over the city. But the missions aren't very interesting unfortunately. Three times now we quite quickly intercept the first bomber flight, and that's it. No fighters. That's not correct right? So the use case is, me and a buddy spawn into one side and we go hunt for enemy AI fighters. Two more general requests: Veluki in the winter, and the option to restrict for plane sets. So, early war, mid war, late war, something like that. Then I'd be dogfighting roughly equal planes, but it would be a surprise which ones exactly. Cheers, Benji
  9. New video looks great! Really great! Is it too soon(TM) to ask about improved labels? Use case: In a furball I want to be able to quickly turn labels on and off that show names from quite a distance so I know who I'm shooting at, or who I'm running to/from. Helps a lot with the trash talking. And let's be honest, trash talking is the best part about playing online with friends. Cheers!
  10. I wouldn't mind just having one combined skin pack...
  11. I was in the camp of making the g-limit higher, but after reading this thread I changed my mind. Although I wouldn't mind it being a bit higher, indeed my main problem (as described by others here) is the really rapid onset of a blackout, so that I have no chance of recovering or calibrating. That seems unrealistic. In the real world I'd feel something, so I would know how far I can pull my stick before I black out. In the sim it's just, BAM you're out. It would be better to have a more gradual onset (or some other solution) so that we can fly closer to the edge of the g-force envelope. Thanks for the discussion everyone, I learned a lot!
  12. Awesome how fast the team has responded to the discussion thread! Thanks for the sneak peak and looking forward to the patch!
  13. I'd really want an 'ace' option, halfway the two options now. And I feel like the current realistic seeing is a tad too agressive in blacking you out with a turn at high speed. Thanks to the devs for putting this poll up!
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