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  1. Just to chime in, I don't have the G6 and not planning on getting it because of the G6 late now coming out. And I don't really want to play with the mission editor... But if you happen to make the campaign available with another plane I will certainly try it out
  2. I would love an integrated mod! There are a couple of improvements of the BoBp map floating around but I don't really know how to make it into one nice package... And yeah the lack of pine trees bothers me, since that's mostly what you see in the Ardennes.
  3. Looks awesome! After turning mods off because Oysters cockpit mod was integrated into the game, this will probably make me turn them mods back on again
  4. Yeah, my aunt is a painter and has schizophrenia. It makes her artwork wildly different from one year to the next, but definitely it also makes it better.
  5. Dude, cut it out, not cool. Raaaid: you're making progress! Keep it up.
  6. Hey, thanks for the answer! Yes it would be absolutely awesome if you would update the missions, we love flying them So yes, more descriptive mission names so I actually know what it is. A mission pack with all of the missions combined together with one text file that describes the missions would also suffice. this is really not so important compared to just knowing what mission we’re actually going to get in to, but as a nice to have: perhaps a little back general made up back story just to set the mood? ‘Welcome to operation torching flamelight, today our objective is blabla’. Oh I thought you’d like to know: another one of our favorites is the one where you fly in with all the mustangs, and then you’re intercepted by a huge number of 190s, but your Mustang is fully loaded with bombs so you have to drop those and engage. It’s a small touch but it’s really cool. Cheers, Blue
  7. Awesome work my one request would be to give a bit of attention to the good old Ju-52. That cockpit was still looking pretty rough last time I tried, even with your 4k texture mod.
  8. Wow. If the devs just had saved up a couple of months of improvements and released them in one go, they could have marketed it as a new game Super awesome 4K textures!
  9. Hey Tip, Thanks for these missions! We play them and they're pretty awesome. I love the one with the 262s over Kuban. One thing I would really like is if you could give the missions more descriptive names and mission descriptions. Now I'm always just guessing what we'll end up playing... Cheers,
  10. hmmm interesting stuff raaaid. So how do you propose we model this in IL2?
  11. awesome, more FC content is always welcome!
  12. I'm really enjoying the new sound balance in the couple of planes I've flown since the new patch.
  13. Im thinking upgraded cockpit textures, going by the mod section of this forum
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