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  1. +1 for fixing the damn tail gunners. I absolutely love attacking large bomber formations in VR, it's so cool. For about 15 seconds.
  2. haha raaaid, this is my favourite movie scene ever!
  3. Hey! We just tried to play fight for veluki PVE and my teammates could not load the mission file. Same goes for the other Leon mission we tried.... other missions work just fine. Why would this be? Do we need to load these missions via dserve.exe?
  4. This is really awesome! Looking forward to it
  5. Awesome! Thanks a lot for picking this up again after your recent hard times. Very much appreciated.
  6. Looks really nice! Would it be an idea to bundle in some of the fixes proposed by @LizLemon, together with the cloud mod?
  7. Thanks a lot for all the work! 10k dowloads is a pretty high interest
  8. Awesome! The tanks look amazing with this damage, really cool!
  9. Nice post! I had both. Had to give my G2 away to a friend because my eyes are too narrow (minimum IPD of 60 with the G2 versus 58 with the Q2 makes all the difference). But I certainly still thought that the G2 had a clear edge in image quality. More like 80% to me, rather than 95%. And the sound of the G2 is infinitely better. But regardless, the Q2 is pretty impressive for the price!
  10. I have exactly the same problem! We like to just spawn a couple of times and fight until everything is dead, but nowadays the mission timer prevents that. What exactly did you do to fix it?
  11. Looking forward to the map a lot now I've seen the first screen shots! Even pre-ordered it yesterday :)
  12. Thanks for the update! I just bought the campaign, looking forward to flying it this weekend.
  13. Awesome work! Through the quick mission generator, I will be seeing it a lot
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