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  1. Maybe if we just keep this thread alive, someone will see it eventually The devs probably think they need to keep making new things to bring in the $$$, but me and my friends bought a whole bunch of modules just to play a couple of hours, but I don't think we'll continue splurging if they don't improve the basics of low entry barrier MP a bit.
  2. Hear hear blitzpig! It's a small change but it would make all the difference for me and my group of friends.
  3. cool, I'll go try that next time. Thanks!
  4. Ah too bad. I understand that the more hardcore players would prefer it that way, but us dirty casuals just want to find each other asap It would really be best if the devs just add an option for label distance pop-up. Can't be too complicated code wise.
  5. Ah great advice, thanks! And what about the label naming distance thing? Cheers, Benjamin
  6. Hello everyone, Longtime lurker here. I've finally convinced my friends to buy a copy of il-2 so we can dogfight a bit for fun (we used to do it a lot with the original il-2 when we were still much much younger and had much much more time). So the basic objective is to get into the air, find each other asap, and spend as much time as possible dogfighting without much down-time. Unfortunately, I ran into some trouble... hopefully someone can help me figure this out: - the labels are only show when you're quite nearby (still ok) and the name of your opponent only shows when you're super nearby. That's no fun. I don't want to spend 10 minutes chasing a plane only to discover it was a random AI and not my friend I've been taunting. Is there a way to make it so that you can see from much farther away who is who? This is super critical to our enjoyment tbh, partially because of the second point: - there are hardly any missions available for MP! And because there is quite a lot of AI activity in the one example dogfight mission, this leads to the problem above. - the example co-op mission does not allow respawns believe me, we need respawns. - I tried to download some missions, but they all seem to involve pretty long transit times, which isn't really something my goldfish-attention-span friends are up for. I understand we could probably fix some of these issues by designing our own missions, but we are all super busy, so that's not going to happen unfortunately. Suggestions for existing missions are more than welcome Cheers! Benjamin
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