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  1. Hi Oyster, amazing work overall, but what exactly changes if you adjust the alpha layer? Just out of curiosity
  2. Something similar happened to me as well! I got a a friendly fire warning for attacking an enemy ground target. Version 9.2 Forgot about that, but reading this makes me recall it.
  3. I just had a bit of an ill defined problem (version 9.2). I was trying to add a new pilot to a campaign, and it just wouldn’t proceed past the screen where I put in all the info. Meaning, the create pilot button didn’t work. Then I tried to make a new campaign. That didn’t work either anymore. Then I just deleted PWCG all together and reinstalled it. Now it works again.
  4. I would love to see a Ju52 every now and then! to be honest, I care less about absolute historical accuracy and more about variation and fun (Also, I just got the Ju52 and it would be cool to fly it somewhere and have my friends escort me in a coop mission)
  5. Great, I really appreciate that in the sea dragon campaign. I'm halfway now, great fun. I remember there was a campaign with really long flying times (maybe not yours), so that's why I made the comment Regarding a Me-262 campaign: I would really like a fictional campaign! Just a greatest hits of everything you could conceivably do with the machine. A bit of bombing, a bit of high-altitude A-20 hunting, a bit of factory defense, dogfighting. Switching airfields so its a grass runway first, and later concrete one. Just let us live the fantasy of how it could have been to be the first fighter jet pilot in history, rather than the rather drab reality of how they were used.
  6. For multiplayer I prefer flying the 109. Same if I just want to do a bit of flying. But in campaigns, I basically want a campaign for every air plane. So I voted and I'll buy the 190 campaign! Small request from someone with too much work and too little time: keep the mission times reasonable (like an hour or less), thanks!
  7. I was just going to say, I really enjoy taking off from grass runways with a 262, it's a challenge. But I never tried it fully loaded with fuel and bombs haha. Perhaps a warning would be better? I still like the option of grass runways. It should just give me a warning not to take bombs.
  8. He means reduce the settings to as low as you need to go. Apparently Alonzo does not think potatoes are beautiful 😛
  9. I might join the Finnish virtual pilots server then... once I get a handle on the rather strange flap system haha
  10. I just bought the Ju-52 ya'll! I'm super excited to start flying slow slow slow circuits around an airport and then landing again haha. And I'll definitely check out operation buffel.
  11. This is exactly true! I'm here to live my WW2 fighter pilot fantasy, which does not revolve around BnZ
  12. yes, you can use the dogfight server mode and respawn. My favourite feature of the quick mission generator haha
  13. The 109-F4 is by far my favorite airplane on the axis side. Don’t know why exactly, it just seems to fly nicer. Although if you fly it against late war bombers it becomes hard to catch up with them :’(
  14. Thanks for these tips! For me it is also a bit too much. Maybe a bit more variability? I like turbulence in let’s say 1/4 of the missions as a change of pace. But it seems to be there every mission. Edit: actually, I just had a mission with no turbulence. Maybe just got unlucky before!
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