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  1. Hurricane! My favorite plane is the FW190 A5. Thank you !
  2. Hi, im having now that problem with the PPT button and 270° POV , but they still working fine. S
  3. Hi Navarro , my sincere apologies for whats happend, i saw that so quickly when we were going down from 4000 meters to 1000 meters then i open fire directly to your plane until they blow and during your bail out this happend. Im sorry for this incident , after this happend i feel like Sh%t.. believe me, but was a trully reflect of my finger in the trigger. ( If you ask to the ppl who knows me, they will confirm that i trully hate parachute killers ). I'm not avoiding the fact of what happend, and im really sorry for screw up your score/stats. S-
  4. Thanks!! we really need those snaps for save our neck and be more competivive agains TIR players. Back then i use TIR, actually as VR player i dont support any restriction agains the method of playing for both systems, in general what we ask is for been on equal terms ( TIR and VR ) and have the chance for check our 6 without any thirdparty tool as TIR players do by default in the game. S
  5. Many times in VR you have to turn your entire body while hanging the Hotas ( and your legs in the rudder at the same time ) , its more complex that turning your head like and owl as TIR, we dont have the methods to alterate the cockpit limits. ( Its ironic that even TIR users have and use custom snaps for gunsight view, and checking 6 assigned to one button.) What we are asking for is the same that TIR users actually have, and more that this is for our neck health 😁. S
  6. Well, at last i get my Rift S on the last christmas.. Now what matters is take care of it, and hope that works many many years. S.
  7. I feel glad for those who can enjoy this program and saves his neck, i cant use it because SteamVR drinks my memory and my game run at low FPS ( i had to use opencomposite). S.
  8. Amazing work, any time that you see news from the developers you get a big surprise! S!.
  9. Hi , unfortunate for me , i still not have the jetseat, but i made a pair of bass shakers ( tactile transducers ) mount them in my chair and voila! , I feel the ground bumps, cockpit vibration, firing the weapons, G force , etc.. I simply cant fly in vr without this program. S!
  10. With very much respect folks, i think that what matters is the pilot and not the plane, ( i agreed with the issue of the .50s ) , but i personally see virtual pilots fliying p39s agains any axis planes and always survive even in a numeric disadvantage. Its good to read about the plane that you fly, know some technical data, and plan some tactic when you fly. Every plane is a diferent world, but its the person who fly It correctly who determine victory or defeat.
  11. Greetings VR pilots, I was making several flights with both models of the Spit, and I noticed the front view towards the windshield was too opaque, it is almost impossible to see contacts or anything, since not only the windshield gets in the way but also the disk of the Propeller, I am using a Rift S at 1.3 SS and it is with this only plane that I have this problem. I appreciate if someone can give me a recommendation, either making a graphic adjustment or any comment. Thanks.
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