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  1. Hi all!, im sorry for not reading the entire post, this program works only with steam vr? , i use open composite with a Rift S, and the program simply dont open. Thanks!!.
  2. 190When you see the trailer about the battle of Stalingrad, it only shows 109 G-2. @GOA_Karaya_CRI*VR* know what i'm talking about. The 190 entered late 1942, at Velieki Luki, which is why this map (of the Moscow region) is included in the BOS. The WOL does not include the 190 A-3 on missions in the summer of 1942, but it is possible to fly the 190 in relatively high numbers on the "South42saut" map. The cannons that the 190 can add are those with 60 howitzers per wing, which makes sense since they were the first cannons available for that 190. The 190 is faster and better armed than any Allied fighter, it is incomparably the best and it is not historic to be flying over Stalingrad. 🤣 Continue defendendo o indefensável @LUZITANO
  3. Just look this beauty ! these are the people who enjoy most this server! ( dont even ask why blue team losses always , this people are the owners of the joy ) I guess if some day these mens can fly for the blue side, and make some balance. Just saying. S
  4. Guys, this method for check my 6 can be used with Oculus Rift CV1? Thanks -S-
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