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  1. If that is the case go to your Nvidia control panel and turn off the anti-aliasing transparency option. This is the setting that applies super-sampling and turning it off should help fix the issue.
  2. Are you using Nvidia super-sampling? I ask because I got weird lighting affects with explosions when I tried using Nvidia super-sampling.
  3. A 8Ba engined SPAD XIII simply isn't a good representative of a USAS SPAD XIII simply due to the fact that likely all of the 893 SPAD XIII's ordered by the United States had the more powerful 8Be or 8BeC engines. I would say that both the 200hp DVII and a 235hp SPAD are equally important in a more fleshed out 1918 scenario if we get one.
  4. Yep the 8Ba is listed in the book Hispano Suiza in Aeronautics as being rated 200hp at 2000rpm and having a max of 215hp at 2100rpm. The Hispano Suiza 8Be variants have nominally 223hp at 2000rpm and a max of 238hp at 2240rpm.
  5. It happens on the WW2 servers also.
  6. Skins likely have nothing to do with it as Wings of Liberty has custom skins blocked and it still happens.
  7. US103.enjinvoice.com, and jasta5.teamspeak3.com are two teamspeak servers with room for visiting pilots.
  8. Why, so you don't shoot them to save weight?
  9. Never said there was absolutely no advantage to having better equipment in general I'm just saying that ones success in mp is not dependent on it like you think it is. You're the one perpetuating the myth success in multiplayer is solely dependent on having the best equipment and having buddies on coms. Next time I won't bother to present a contrary argument if your response toward me is to insinuate that I'm trying to be arrogant as that was not my intention. PS: Knock it off with the stupid patronizing "S!" BS. I never was an officer or even in the military and likely never will be.
  10. WOW!! Not only did we get balloons we got observers jumping from them. You guys are awsome.
  11. Still the fact is you can't blame your lack of success on people having spent boat loads of money on better equipment. I think one is better off with a 1080p moniter because I saved 100's of dollars and I don't notice being at a disadvantage; plus I've read in the forums some of the top guys like Riksen and Chimango are running at 1080p resolution.
  12. Compared to the fact I can spot just as well or better than people I've been on coms with that have 4k screens. I cut my teeth in flight sims lone wolfing and still have success when flying alone.
  13. Actually my experience your better off with a run of the mill 1080p 27in monitor (I got mine for $99 on ebay). Also the Thrustmaster T16000m FCS set is far from top of the line, but is still a very good set up for the money and that is a what I use. This idea one needs to spend a boat load of money on gear to be competitive needs to die.
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