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  1. I haven't been playing the flying side of the game much for a while simply due to the invisible plane bug. Been playing with the tanks while I wait for it to be fixed.
  2. Encountered some invulnerable mg nests. Drove right up to them and lit them up with mg's with no effect.
  3. Wings were shot off way too often in RoF.
  4. My PC has a wifi card in it that has been pretty reliable, though I do have fiber connected to the router.
  5. Yes, they have recently posted screen shots of a B-17's interior and and 109's cockpit.
  6. Probably the same factory that makes Remington 22lr. Thought of the most technically correct term: Stoppage
  7. How are we supposed to know its not simply a jam that is cleared simply by cycling the bolt? (at least that is sometimes the case with semi autos)
  8. So far the Finnish Virtual Pilots Dynamic War server has been my go to for tank combat. Most of the time due to the time I play its empty so I have to fight AI but on the weekends when there is 40 plus people on you get some good tank vs tank action.
  9. Speaking of Sherman variants did the ones received by Russia under the lend lease program have the gun stabilizer removed because it doesn't seem to be modeled in game?
  10. You should be fine since J5 is located in the US. WoL is located somewhere in Russia.
  11. I too noticed Alt Vis like effect last night when looking at tracks for the first time in a while. Think its a bug from the latest update as I don't remember this happening. I did try flying QMB with Alt Vis off and went back and looked at the tracks which then showed up normal, but then when I shut down the game, restart and go straight to the tracks its back again.
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