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  1. Recently switched to joystick control for the turret and have been very impressed with it and think its a huge improvement over the mouse.
  2. Think they did the Syria map that was recently released.
  3. The third party that did the FC planes and map recently was making content for Eagle Dynamics. So I'm guessing their availability is probably a big factor on when or if FC2 gets developed.
  4. Spend most of my time killing AI in TC. Hope both FC2 and TC2 get green lit.
  5. Brief description: Tank Crew main gun HE tracers when having another player join as a gunner Detailed description, conditions: When playing as the tank commander with another player in the gunner position HE rounds show up as a tracer for the person sitting in the commanders position. Also tracers do not burn out when the gunner uses AP. The HE rounds do not show up as a tracer for the person in the gunner position.
  6. Thanks for hosting had fun with the early planes. Also thanks for clearing the E.III off my Fe2b's six.
  7. If you are using the Sherman make sure you aren't in control of the .50 cal mg when you hit the binocular button. Took me a bit to figure that one out.
  8. Does anyone know if Russian lend lease shermans received any supplies of white phosphorus shells for their 75mm cannons? It would be nice to have in game if they did.
  9. But then there were people complaining about the FM's. For what its worth he has a wart and he turned me into a Newt.
  10. I never said it was. Just commenting on the long range sniping and the suggestion to increase dispersion which I agree is not needed. If you are fine with the current turbulence levels then leave them there. As far as the separate issue of borked DM goes I don't really have anything to add to what has been already said.
  11. Probably all it would take is more turbulence in missions to reduce the super long range sniping.
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