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  1. I'm hoping we get a scoring/logging system for recon so servers don't have to make everything centered around bombing as. Would also be nice to have somewhat realistic artillery spotting in MP that doesn't rely solely on flying over a designated area for a specified amount of time. I hope the HP400 and Gotha are some of the last RoF aircraft that make it into FC as both aren't nearly as important to the daylight air-war as the other aircraft in RoF and would take longer than other aircraft to develop.
  2. Didn't the Finns use a French fighter of some type?
  3. Pretty darn sure those loss numbers include all aircraft lost to flak during ground attack and are not only losses to air combat given that ~3500 total were lost in all theatres combined due to all combat causes (not just Europe like your numbers probably are). If your going to include losses to flak you should also mention how much the German lost in ground assets.
  4. On the D-Day map before the allies capture ground I accidently hit friendly bunkers that were unmarked in 508-8 in enemy territory just east of German artillery. Could friendly ground units be more clearly marked especially when they are located in enemy territory.
  5. American pilots were not required to fly in combat until they died. They flew a set amount of time and then were transferred home to help train new pilots and share combat experience. I doubt the Finns would have had similar success against Zeke's and Oscars piloted by the Japanese.
  6. Isn't that with only a set amount of force on the stick? Read something last night the P-47C model had a better roll than P-40 or P-51. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47c-afdu.html
  7. If I recall correctly those rules were written while he was flying nieuports.
  8. My wild guess is that with a higher fidelity flight model flying coordinated with the ball centered is going to be much more important in FC than RoF and plays a bigger factor in energy retention than before; though having the higher compression engine wouldn't hurt.
  9. Gonna be saltier than Sodom and Gomorrah.
  10. Then maybe you shouldn't jump when the guys you're fighting can't :^). DiD tournaments/campaigns are going to be fun.... I remember getting strafed with a broken prop while flipped over on the ground during FiF and I don't see how this is different.
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