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  1. Not really, AI Camels shed wings left and right in QMB.
  2. Hopefully hand pumps for FC planes that had them for when you get a fuel tank leak.
  3. Did notice having a hard time in the one fight flying in the camel, figured it was my lack of time in the plane. Se5a felt normal.
  4. I haven't been able to kill them with guns either when I've tried in QMB. Probably best to just bomb them and not even bother trying to strafe them.
  5. You don't need to arm the bombs just select 5 second fuses in the hanger. Also you can usually stop shooting at vehicles when they start smoking no need to shoot them until they explode like in RoF in order to get the kill.
  6. It helps to aim specifically for the engine compartment of cars and trucks. Use 5 second fuses on bombs.
  7. That's up there with the time they had a mix up and swapped the engines between the La-5F and the La-5FN.
  8. I think most people play open Beta. I only have that one installed.
  9. I'm more of a bumbling Inspector Clouseau
  10. Talbot, sock-puppet forum accounts are against forum rules.
  11. Should be noted that the Spandau's in game fire at 650 rpm which is the maximum setting for the gun where as they in real life they were normally set to about 450 rpm due to the use of cloth belts. Allied Vickers mg's used muzzle boosters and disintegrating metallic belts to boost the rate of fire up to 850 rpm (think it is 750 in game not sure). Theoretically the boosted vickers could be set to 1000rpm.
  12. It would be an extremely rare encounter only one XIII was being operated by the RFC starting in June. Not sure when the French started issuing them. Think Guynemer got his in September.
  13. Don't know. Could be a typo by the Authors. Unarmed prototype maybe?
  14. @Chill31 I found what looks to be the max load factor for the SPAD VII in the book "French Aircraft of the First World War". Irrelevant for the current aircraft in game but thought it might interest you. "An STAe memo noted that there had been criticism of Bleriot's method of construction. To evaluate these complaints, a spad 7 built by Bleriot was given a static test in which it supported 4,870kg with a coefficient of 7.9. As the required coefficient for fighters was 6.0 this was more than enough to enable the bleriot-built SPAD 7's to enter service."
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