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  1. Lol, no. I don't think I've seen any major WW2 server other than the air-quake only Berloga server lock fuel loads. TAW doesn't, WoL doesn't, and Combat Box doesn't.
  2. I'm starting to think that changes were incorporated based on reading part two of the report more closely. Certainly doesn't sound like a mere suggestion.
  3. I was looking at the report you linked to in regard to the SE5 and noticed it was from April 1917 which was around the time the type entered service and also noticed that at the end of the report in May 1917 that cutting down the wing tips increase the max G to more than 6.5 up to 200mph. Were these changes incorporated into the SE5a along with the more powerful engine? Was doing some quick searching on google and came across this: "The first production batch of SE5s did not make a promising impression on their pilots, who complained of poor lateral control – a shortcoming that was alleviated somewhat, but never entirely, by shortening the wingspan and reducing the rake of the wingtips in later production SE5s and SE5as. Engine reduction and gun synchronisation problems also afflicted early SE5s." So it does seem the wings of production aircraft were modified at one point. Source: https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2017/10/30/royal-aircraft-factory-se55a/
  4. I knew about this but will not use it.
  5. Memorial flights web page mentions the Spad being able to withstand dive speeds near the numbers Larners source calculates and I've often seen 400km/hr being mentioned as attainable with no mention of issues. @US93_Larner Does Biddle's account mention anything of control surface loss of that SPAD XIII? http://memorial.flight.free.fr/SpadXIIIuk.html
  6. Once crash landed a Hanriot without wings. Seen a Video of I Got Shot doing the same in a camel in RoF.
  7. You can rip all the wings completely off an Albatross and make a controlled descent in game, with the extra power in RoF you could maintain level flight
  8. Remember reading somewhere the Tripe-hound was a pain to work on/repair.
  9. Is that Rearden metal?
  10. I used to use a left hand joystick with a mouse in the right hand to look around. Switched to right hand joystick due to the lack of throttles set up to be used in the right hand. Took me about a month to get comfortable with it, but I was also learning rudder peddles and TrackIR at the same time IIRC.
  11. AA only shoots when there are enemy planes around to shoot at. Once seen flak shooting at nothing on WoL only to have an enemy plane suddenly appear out of thin air.
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