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  1. Plank the next Ted's Holdover? If extreme accuracy and silence is what you are after PCP air rifles are the way to go, but a spring gun is a good starting point. Definitely recommend trying out different types/weights/manufacturers of pellets to find which one your gun likes the most.
  2. Things will pickup more as content is released and once we can start having proper missions with objectives. In the mean time WW2 is where the action is at 24/7 and basic fundamental air combat tactics in WW1 still apply in WW2 if you want to improve your skillz especially since WW2 is (in my opinion) more demanding of situational awareness, fast reaction times, and split second decision making.
  3. =AVG77=Garven

    Allied Kill Markings

    Oh, George not the livestock.
  4. =AVG77=Garven

    Jasta 2 Skinpack for FC

    Trupobaw in his Dr1
  5. =AVG77=Garven

    Tactical Air War

    In game specs for the Mig 3 say the combat debut was July 1941.
  6. =AVG77=Garven

    Spad XIII photoscope

    It was to help cool the engine. Was also done on the VII. I suspect it isn't as common in period photographs as flights were normally at altitudes where the air was cold enough to not need to remove them on most days.
  7. =AVG77=Garven

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    B-29 loaded with mines.
  8. =AVG77=Garven

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    I think the high altitude performance of the Albatrosses was screwed up back when they did the camel nerf patch as I have experienced that before. Would be something worth testing for the hell of it.
  9. =AVG77=Garven

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Lots of pictures of camels without Aldis On an off topic side note I relatively recently noticed Eddie Rickenbacker seems to have an optical sight and iron sight.
  10. =AVG77=Garven

    When the P51 will be available?

    I never said anything against that. That being said You'll likely come across way more Luftwaffe aircraft in the air in single player than a real allied pilot did. If you fly a German career you will always have fuel available.
  11. =AVG77=Garven

    When the P51 will be available?

    MP will almost be a Wehraboo's wet dream come true without any of these allied advantages factoring in...almost only because it still isn't what really happened.
  12. =AVG77=Garven

    When the P51 will be available?

    Looked at one of the charts forgot manifold pressure drops as altitude increases, but still they had no problem staying at 67 for at the very least 6.2 minutes.
  13. =AVG77=Garven

    Flanders in Flames Winter campaign 2019

    No squad affiliation is needed,you can join in as a loner and get assigned to a flight. Just follow these instructions to register. http://forum.jg1.org/topic/6441-fif-2019-registration/
  14. =AVG77=Garven


  15. =AVG77=Garven

    Tactical Air War

    +1 Week