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  1. Thanks for switching back to expert. Had no trouble seeing aircraft, but wished my flying wasn't complete crap, though I at least ended the night on a positive note.
  2. I was making a general response based not solely on your reply but a general statement based on what I've seen with what is happening with all the servers including the WW2 ones.
  3. I do not understand how my post contradicts my PM to you. Alternative visibility is unrealistic I was asking you to turn it off. Do you really need to drag PM's out into the public.
  4. Yeah, but unfortunately all the servers are trying to cater to the War Thunder types. +1
  5. It is only broken if Alternate visibility is turned on. Basically icons lite.
  6. Nothing in the discord change log regarding a change in difficulty settings so I'm assuming it is still alternate visibility easy mode.
  7. Wasn't sure. Point is you can still see beyond 10km so one does no longer have to worry about having someone pop into existence inside your bubble and be in a merge with you in less than 40 seconds which is what classic spotting was before the patch.
  8. The 10km bubble no longer exists at all in this game and I've seen no one ask for it to return.
  9. Looks like Tactical Air War is our only hope.
  10. Currently using a 27 inch 1080p monitor that I picked up for around $100 bucks on Ebay that was being sold as scratch and dent. I do not feel like I'm at a disadvantage to those with a fancy high speed low drag gaming monitor.
  11. A lot more people are now using the unrealistic alternate visibility system as a crutch.
  12. Stats page isn't working for me. Flew a ground attack mission, really thought that the close air support objectives were nicely done.
  13. ^^^ This right here. I'm going to take a break from Il-2 if the current server trend continues as I don't want to form bad habits and get lazy using the easy setting. The wait for the next TAW is going to be even more agonizing.
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