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  1. He isn't making excuses he is stating a fact that red players pretty much spammed the map with pe-2's as it is the only good allied plane in map 1. It can also be said that there wasn't much effort on the part of blue to hit ground targets as out of the 25 top ground killers after map 1 only 4 were German. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people predominately flying Pe-2 sorties rose massively on map one this TAW compared to the previous two. Now had blue countered with equal amounts of 110 spam map one would still be hanging in balance. If you want a realistic mix of aircraft types flown the total number of aircraft available should broken down to number of specific types. Keep in mind this would also result in limited numbers of 109's available so that could result in more prey for allied fighter pilots and less infinite 109 spam to contend with. It would be cool to implement a supply system where airfields had to be replenished by aircraft ferried from the airfield next to the depot.
  2. I would like to fly the Il-2 more, but don't want to risk it unless I can get good fighter cover. Flew it once this campaign so far and got gang banged by 109's even with I-16's in the area.
  3. I don't know about you, but I don't spend nights at the airbase I land at.
  4. Meh. not necessary IMO. Your not clumped together with a bunch of others in a predetermined spot on landing and you can hit the gas if you see a bomber bearing down on you.
  5. Make any deaths before take off not count towards your life counter sounds pretty reasonable.
  6. Siddy you traitorous scum. You shot up my Pe-2.
  7. Artillery and Defensive positions have had almost non existent flak during the last few sorties and they were untouched before our runs.
  8. I'm not seeing any fast shooting aaa over German Tank column even though I destroyed one; also seen none over German train station but we took heavy AA. Is something wrong?
  9. Makes sense as your only partly alive.
  10. This is because people would just belly land at high speed just to get back up in the air quicker. Rarely are you able to RTB with 30 percent combat damage.
  11. No wonder he doesn't have FC yet.
  12. I've shot down F's that high while in a SPAD.
  13. Noticed that the Aldis sight doesn't look like its mounted at the same angle as the Vickers MG. Does this mean that the line of fire of the guns will not line up with the 3d model of where the guns are pointed? I remember this was the case in RoF and I was hoping it would get fixed in FC. By the way thanks for getting rid of the annoying windscreen tint.
  14. In this situation he pretty much committed to nose low if you pointed your nose at him once he did that then it wouldn't have been a true head to head pass. If he did try to go head on with you and you really didn't want to roll the dice split S and dive out before he gets close. Had he gone head on with you and you went vertical like you did in the video he would have a low 12 shot at you.
  15. Wieghs less than Albatross DVa, Fokker DVII, Dolphin, SE5a, and Pfalz D3a.
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