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  1. People have posted combat reports in this forum of the P-51 going 15 minutes at full WEP and 30 minutes at full WEP. Having the engine seize and die after 5 minutes of emergency or even after 15 minutes of combat power is ridiculously unrealistic. If you want proper engine modeling your going to need to model pre-detonation.
  2. This was last night so it probably has been fixed since then.
  3. Just an FYI: Allied airfields have their air raid siren going off when no enemies are around.
  4. If you want to discuss something in a civil manner how about not linking to a thread where you insult the developers. Also if FC is a complete waste of resources its pretty dumb of you to be wasting your time here.
  5. Might have to join a German squad just so they have someone to fly against...
  6. Try a winter map. Top speed is affected by air temp and pressure.
  7. I would think it could be solved by making the AI SE5a a separate model from the player controlled one. In the end if that couldn't be done I'd rather it modeled accurately/correctly at the expense of the AI.
  8. Same here looks completely wrong once you notice it. If it was correct you would see better over the nose for high angle deflection shots. They can do amazing things in this sim, but yet somehow the Aldis on two of the planes can't be corrected due to technological limitations.
  9. It has an adjustable horizontal stabilizer controlled by the pilot via a wheel on the left side. Should use the same binding as horizontal stabilizer trim control in the WW2 planes. Works for me.
  10. Then why doesn't the in game one go that fast at 3000m it is currently much slower.
  11. Calling post war testing of clapped out captured planes a reliable data source for obtaining performance values is laughable when the Camel is given factory new performance that was most likely rare among front line in service machines.
  12. The in game Pfalz DIIIa doesn't go that fast at that altitude. This definitely needs to be seen by the devs.
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