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  1. Albatrosses with Lewis guns were only a minor annoyance in RoF and not much of a threat. Individual field mods can be locked out in the IL-2 BoX series by mission makers.
  2. Its not something specific to certain aircraft. Its that way across the board even with the ww2 planes.
  3. In the mean time you can also mix super low RPM and max continuous Manifold pressure with no ill effects
  4. Kind of hard to keep shooting from the ground when Applin was in a SPAD VII
  5. "I suppose I had smashed his engine. At any rate, he made up his mind to land. I no longer give pardon to anyone. Therefore, I attacked him a second time and the consequence was that his whole machine fell to pieces...." ~Richtofen's account of shooting down and killing No.19 squadrons 2nd lt. Richard Applin.
  6. Hope someone comes up with a WW1 version of something like TAW (24/7 dynamic campaign). Such campaigns make for a more immersive multiplayer experience (in my opinion) as what is done in one map rotation affects what happens in the next, and seems to make ground attack and staying alive/preserving aircraft more important. Also hoping that syndicate starts hosting multiplayer missions again as I always enjoyed their missions. In the mean time I would definitely second the recommendation of flying on the J5 server even when no one is around as there are AI at the rear spawns which are good for quick repetitive gunnery practice.
  7. Looks like nobody told them how to properly insert ear plugs.
  8. The Flying Circus two seaters look fantastic.
  9. Bet Pikestance is still waiting for his Christmas themed Albatross he wanted you to make.
  10. Most definitely if they are full of napalm.
  11. Its quite a bit less tinted than it was in RoF
  12. This guy was killing friendly targets. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=300spart These two sorties: https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=84368&name=300spart https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=84366&name=300spart
  13. Are we getting a surprise map 9 with Bodenplatte planes? On a more serious note it would be cool to utilize some of the far south east coastal airfields and the far west peninsula with Ship Convoys in place of tank convoys.
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