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  1. Yes please! Right now it’s my only serious problem with the game... I have build a trim box for that reason and I can’t use it...
  2. You can 3d print if you have access to a printer https://www.yeggi.com/q/saitek+throttle/
  3. I think that was yesterday in WOL? Awfully unbalanced game...anyway it's always fun fly in this game
  4. I'd prefer a more realistic approach in that matter...no zoom for everyone...If you want to Identify an aircraft go closer, with all the risks you have to take, like in real life. Saburo Sakai for example, almost get himself killed beacause he misidentified a formation SBD Dauntlesses. In my opinion is a big aspect of the "airwarfair game" and the unrealistic zoom spoils it for me.
  5. I would prefer that rather than the sudden death of the engine after the timer period... just sayin'
  6. I'm thinking July 4th would be an appropriate for a good Mustang Dev blog the least...
  7. A copy of BoM would be great to gift to a friend so he can experience the greatness of Great Battles!
  8. Great DD guys! Next DD Mustang near completion and new engine system without timers😝
  9. I'm not a very skillfull player online but i really enjoy flying P-39 (oh god that cannon) and p-47!
  10. If I understand right, 100%in hud is 3000rpm 2550 85% 2400 80%. In p-39 is indicated in the propeller control in other US aircraft where is indicated?
  11. I think...replace facebook cover with 262 at Monday, Thursday the release...
  12. Hope the missions in carrer start with you in the jeep with other pilots going to your planes! 😄
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