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  1. Thank you guys! Now give Petrovich a cookie...or beer...or whatever he wants!
  2. He said "@303_HOLY During this flight it was likely nearly full on the main but less than 25gal on aux. It's normal to fly to an airshow and burn the aux down to 20 or so and then do the show on the main, usually topped off since the Thunderbolt just doesn't care. Thanks for the interest." So its 230gl (Main tank capacity 205gal+25aux) which is far from Full(370gal)...and we dont know what fuel he used.
  3. Hi guys I was playing career yesterday in Il-2 BoBp in Vr. My system specs are i7 8700, 32gb RAM, and a 2070S which I think is a very good system for Vr with medium settings. So I started a mission with dense activity and I've got 25 to 44 fps... normally I can play MP and SP at 50+ to 89 fps. I minimize the game to find what's wrong, I saw adobe cloud programs running in the background with usage around 3%. I close everything related to adobe from task manager and then BOOM the next mission I played everything was back to normal 50+ to 89 fps with dense activity. I get 50% more fps just by closing everything adobe related... So if you have performance issues make sure that everything not Il-2 related is closed!
  4. Calibrate the axis to only work from 0 to 50% and then use it as a wheel brake for Spitfire and Russian planes.
  5. Any suggetion for VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base I have 20cm extentions and the flight is a bit wobbly and jerky.
  6. I don't know what you 've done guys but my performance gains are phenomenal both MP and SP thank you very much for your work!
  7. @-332FG-Buddy Yeah I made it! 😄 Basically is a Leo Bondar BU0836A with buttons and potentiometers, trim potentiometers are multi turn, they are great for precision and immersion! Also there is a Saitek throttle with an extra slider that I made for P-47 Turbocharger. Everything is 3D designed and printed by me! Cheers mate!
  8. So here is a new additon to my "simchair", VPC Mongoost-50cm2 base and VPC warbrd with some extensions. Of course I'm blown by the new level of immersion that a stick like this is!
  9. So here is my question after playing some hours in MP. How do you plan your mission? Lets say that you are logged in the server map, what are you doin' first. I usually see which is the most crowded airport of my team and spawn there in the hope, I'll find someone to follow... If I fly solo I try to find a target of my team and fly there in hope of finding action, if not I find my self flying for 20 or 30 minutes without finding anyone, even in servers with more than 40 players, then I decide to go to the enemy airport and get ganged banged by the enemy players...So I'd like to hear suggestions from more experienced players on how to plan a free hunt MP mission.Cheers!
  10. Please I want BoK for a friend that he only owns BoBp and BOM so we kan bomb with A20 together! 😄 Anyways Thanks for your generosity!
  11. Thank you very much for your generosity Santa Busdriver! Merry Christmas to all!
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