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  1. 36 minutes ago, Oliver88 said:


    Yep from the begining I deleted the old folder for your tool and installed new rather than overwrite the files. Only did this because I was installing the new versions of PWCG at the same time and Pat stated to delete the current FC installation so I just decided to stick with the same process for all three tools. I've just gone ahead and deleted and reinstalled your tool again to be sure and indeed continue to see the errors.


    I also am running in administrator mode (always make sure to).



    Desktop Screenshot 2019.11.11 -


    Thanks for the screenshot. I was able to recreate the error warning with these settings...


    It's the " Red last" position that results in the bug. I recently updated these descriptions, but didn't update this one. So try another flight position for now.

    On 11/10/2019 at 2:25 AM, the_dudeWG said:

    Hey, Vander. 
    Thanks for this tool. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go. Unfortunately, I get the error message “Could not generate mission”, yet I did set the IL2 folder to my current, actual folder. This may be a dumb question, but do I need to be in game when I run this? I’m not since I’m using VR and it can be a pain to switch between programs with the headset on. Thanks!




    Same here. The "Red last" position is throwing an error because of a bug I introduced in one of the last versions. I will correct this, thanks.

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  2. On 11/10/2019 at 2:25 AM, the_dudeWG said:

    Hey, Vander. 
    Thanks for this tool. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go. Unfortunately, I get the error message “Could not generate mission”, yet I did set the IL2 folder to my current, actual folder. This may be a dumb question, but do I need to be in game when I run this? I’m not since I’m using VR and it can be a pain to switch between programs with the headset on. Thanks!



    You can run this outside the game and this should work. Perhaps there is an issue with permissions (to write the file)? Can you try with “run as admin” ?

    On 11/10/2019 at 3:16 PM, Oliver88 said:

    I've updated to version 22B from version 20 and am now also getting the same error as @the_dudeWG. I've also set my folder to my game directory. I also tried Rhineland and that produced the error also.

    When you installed new version, are you sure all old files were overwritten? Perhaps try with “clean” install.

  3. 14 hours ago, BlitzPig_EL said:

    Have found a spawn point issue on the Arras map on the German airfield at Bullecourt.  The aircraft spawn on the top of a rise at the end of the field opposite the buildings.  If I have selected the "On Runway" option, the AI of "Red" flight will roll down the slope and foul the field causing crashes and other mayhem.  I went into the editor and switched Red flights Dr. I aircraft to "On Parking" and it seemed to be a work around, but I think they should spawn near the facilities, yes?

    Thanks! Let me check this. I already changed some other spawn points. Unfortunately, the Flying Circus airfields are really tiny!

  4. 5 hours ago, Habu said:

    Vander, there is a problem with the date. When you select Arras and a phase, the date in the mission is not good. You can have a date in 1944.

    It is as intended. The phase determines a specific portion of the map where the missions take place, with a specific front line. 
    The date determines which phase is used if you do not select a specific phase, not the other way around. So now you have all the flexibility to combine any date with any phase. Maybe I should rename phase to situation or front line or something.

  5. 50 minutes ago, AG104 said:

    Yeah, been messing around with this the past few days... the config file is really easy to modify if you're looking to create specific or "historical" missions; i.e. if you don't want Yak-1b's popping up over Stalingrad you can remove them from the available lists, or like I mentioned above, do want 111's on certain maps, you can modify it accordingly.  Just copy + paste the planes as they're listed into the correct list.  When clicking on "Additional AI Flights" the Generator will include or exclude the proper planes now!


    Note: for dogfight servers, as Vander mentioned, since it's Ground Attack make sure your Axis/Allies Attackers has the bombers you want, as well as the Axis/Allies Fighters, per map.



    This is definitely a spoiled request, but is there any possibility, for cooperative missions (though Dogfight would be cool too), to add Dive-Bombing as an attack method.  Just feeling sad when I see Stuka's in that low, shallow dive.  Not at all a big deal if this is too much.  Thank you so much as always!!!


    What is the minimum altitude the Stuka's will start dive bombing?

  6. 6 hours ago, Todt_Von_Oben said:

    I'm advised FC is "complete as originally described" but (like ROF) I figure (and hope) the Devs will keep making tweaks and additions; or, that we'll see improvements in a subsequent version of FC.


    As it stands, I like what we have but think it needs at least this:


    1. FIRMER GROUND  The ground is way too boggy.  We should be able to land, taxi, and take off from most level grassy areas.  Save the flypaper for plowed fields or actual swamps.


    2. AERODROMES.  A tiny beaten spot surrounded by a few tents is NOT an aerodrome even if it does have a windsock.  Again, we need firmer ground in general;  larger takeoff and landing areas (like ROF); and some hangars and support crew / vehicles  / AA would be fine.


    3. BALLOONS.  Yes please.




    ? It has balloons!

  7. 3 hours ago, haltux said:



    I have just tried the mission generator for the first time. I have created a "patrol" mission, for Flying Circus, map Arras, with "high" enemy activity but I flew the complete mission without seeing  any single opponent.


    Was I just (un)lucky or did I miss something? I am sorry if the issue was already discussed before or if I somehow miss something in the documentation.



    could have been unlucky. Did you follow the waypoints? If you cycle between the patrol waypoints you **should** encounter enemy. Unless they were already intercepted by other AI.

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  8. New version! Now supports today's release of BoP and Flying Circus:


    Release Notes v22:
    -Added spring/autumn/winter versions of Rheinland map
    -Added phase (apr-jun 18) to Arras map
    -Added balloons to Arras map
    -Added WW1 vehicles, boats & artillery to Arras map
    -Added boats & train targets to Arras map
    -Added more presets for time of day (choosing random will only choose presets during daylight)
    -Time of Dawn, Dusk etc now calculated correctly based on date
    -Enhanced fuel calculation. Now depends on aircraft type & chosen airfield
    -Waypoint speed now based on predefined cruise speed depending on aircraft type
    -Added repair/refuel stations to Moscow & Stalingrad maps
    -Bombers should not return to home before attacking the target (ie Bristols on Arras map)
    -Improved smoke animation blending


    Download link in first post. Enjoy!


    Tanks Crew support is a little postponed, I haven't managed to easily stick this in the same code base. I need to generalize the functions more... 

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  9. 11 hours ago, JG_deserteagle540 said:

    Hi SYN-Vander,


    Thanks again for this excellent tool!


    May I make a suggestion?


    Would it be possible to make an additional scenario:  Single Mission with Dogfight?


    Some addiotional Ground Attack planes: Bf 109 G-series/K-4 & Fw 190 A-3/D-9?



    could you please explain? A multiplayer “dogfight” mission? Or a “single player” mission?

  10. On 10/30/2019 at 2:20 AM, ShamrockOneFive said:

    Hey Vander. I just started using this utility and it's very cool. I am, however, having trouble with aircraft in the Arras scenario turning back after waypoint 1. No idea why. It's especially bad when you do an air start but it also happens when you do a takeoff.


    I'm guessing it's the Bristol? This aircraft for some reason drops it's bombs and heads home instead of attacking the target. I reported it in the beta forum.


    On 10/27/2019 at 10:05 PM, AKA_Greywolf said:

    Update on the repair/rearm/refuel feature on the Dogfight Servers. Myself and a few AKA squadies tested it out more comprehensively on 2 DF servers last night. On a previous test it worked flawlessly and as you described in one of your informative updates. That time we used the two specific aircraft types when I set up the Dogfight mission. Just the P-38 and just the P-51.


    Last nights mission I set both missions as dogfights, using the first Kuban map and then the Rhineland map. I selected any aircraft for both sides in both missions to get more of a variety of aircraft up during the missions. 


    The issue that occurred was regarding the refueling. Guys that took the P-51 on their 1st flight took only 60% fuel and expected that was what they would receive when they did the repair/rearm/refuel feature but they wound up getting 100% fuel. which became problematic as all that extra fuel throws the 51's balance off. Not sure if it's a bug or not.


    One of the guys actually found that if he did a R CTRL + F that it would stop the refueling process. Not sure if thats an added bonus but you may want to check on it.


    Yes, I found you need to toggle refuel on/off. Refueling is pretty quick!. With the P-51 you have to be very careful an make sure you press CTRL F again as soon as it reaches 45% or so!


    On 11/2/2019 at 11:18 PM, AG104 said:

    Hey SYN_Vander,


    Thanks again for the latest release (v21).  Just wanted to report missing planes in Dogfight.


    With all planes selected for availability (no historical set, etc.), the HE-111's are missing from all the maps.  I believe this is because the mission set is at "Ground Attack" perhaps?  





    That is correct. Ground attack, means low-level attacks on certain objects. I didn't include the He-111 as it will be very vulnerable in that role. If you want, you can manually add it to the config file. Under [Custom], add it to the line that starts with attackers_axis = {... Make sure to use a proper editor like Notepad++ !

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  11. 16 hours ago, Donik said:

    I would certainly hope so, otherwise FC is going to become the runt of the litter very quickly.  It already is in comparison to WW2 fliers.


    I'm pretty sad there's not going to be any balloons.  It's so strange flying up and down the front without any observers.


    Curious: Where was this stated?

  12. I have tested with ASW on and off (using Oculus debug tool) and come to the conclusion I need both! In dogfights you want to turn ASW off to prevent ghosting, but when you attack ground targets you want to turn ASW on to have smooth frames/prevent stutters. 

    I often read about shortcuts like CTRL + numpad keys to do this, but this never worked for me?!? Do I need to run a special tool? Or does this only work for the original Rift?

  13. On 10/25/2019 at 7:11 AM, AKA_Greywolf said:

    S! SYN_Vander, Fantastic add-on to the game. Quite a few guys in the AKA Wardog's squad enjoy flying co-ops again. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this app's development.


    Couple of questions, not sure if anyone asked this before or not. If it was asked and answered before I apologize for bringing it up again.


    1. Is it possible to add more than 1 aircraft type to a single airfield, like mixing P-38's, P-47's or A-20's from the same field used for launching ground attacks. Same as mixing fighters such as P-51's and Spitfires from the escort airfield?


    2. Is it possible to expand the number of operational airfields in a dogfight mission from the current limit of 2 per side to more such as 4 or 5. And again provide for expanding the number and type of aircraft at each airfield?


    Ah, I see you already found the answer to 1). Not very intuitive, but it works.

    2) Maybe in future. Currently the design is to have two " flights". have to make this more generic first. But you can easily copy /paste spawns/airfields in the FMB.

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