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  1. Just now, SYN_Vander said:

    -the formation system appears completely broken.  Following the linking system instructions in the editor manual for wingmen to flight leaders results in them ignoring orders.


    I'm assuming you are not trying this with spawned planes? This has never worked as you no doubt already know...

  2. 2 minutes ago, J5_Matthias said:

    Well based on some of the absolutely dumbfounding ai combat I just watched yesterday putting ai on the arras map I kind of have to agree...


    -ai two seaters not manning rear gun positions when under fire

    -the formation system appears completely broken.  Following the linking system instructions in the editor manual for wingmen to flight leaders results in them ignoring orders.

    -ai planes chasing an enemy throttling back to slowly approach when chasing a target

    -dragging planes in a dogfight dragging so far they lose contact with their pursuer.

    -the ai landing system that requires an active airfield now to even work and then the ai gets itself stuck in a loop because of player/ai traffic in the pattern and then it can threaten to jam up the entire server.


    Strange, I had some fun encounters with AI yesterday on the MP mission I was testing. I was happy to see they did not immediately go into a rapidly descending circle and were trying to keep their altitude. Perhaps AI has only been optimized for WW2 as of now?

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  3. On 10/8/2019 at 5:47 PM, US103_Talbot said:

    Already been stated by SYN guys that it is the basic map and that they are currently working on making it more betterer.


    I only said that a mission maker can destroy objects (vilages, towns) and thus create a more realistic environment.


    42 minutes ago, haltux said:


    I hate to say it but I could not agree more.

    I have bought FC and I would do it again because I have a VR headset, but without VR, I really can't see the point. RoF had nice missions, better AI, more planes with similar graphic quality and honestly the landscape looked better to me. And that was 10 years ago. That's sad.


    We are close to the official release so I don't think there is really hope for major improvements.


    Better AI in RoF???? Please elaborate...

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  4. 8 hours ago, onlyforbrian said:

    Thanks for your help. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. I thought you picked allies or axis, and I was only filling in the information for one side but as soon as I put in the information for both sides. It worked. Have a look, this one worked



    Ah, yes of course! I thought the game wouldn’t load/couldn’t find the missio!

    9 hours ago, sevenless said:


    Hi Vander, thanks for looking into it. Would it as a "workaround" be possible that you integrate 2 waves of bombers into your tool? You currently have set it to 1 flight bomber and 1 flight escort. What about 2 flights bombers and 1 flight escort?


    Sure, extending flights is possible. It has quite some impact as I have to add more parking places for the aircraft on all maps/templates. I’m currently working on adding bomber flights to Dogfight mode, perhaps it will be possible to re-use that logic so planes can spawn using the same slot.

  5. 10 hours ago, sevenless said:

    Hi Vander,


    Do you think you can integrate a 12 plane bomber flight (representing a combat box) into your tool like I roughly sketched in my post cited below? That would be great.




    I’m afraid not. There are only simple formation commands: echelon and V. Even then, the aircraft are not good at holding formation with the lead plane always flying ahead of the rest. Let’s hope this will be addressed. Perhaps if you let 4 bombers escort 4 other bombers it may look better, at least this used to work in RoF.


    19 minutes ago, onlyforbrian said:

    Yes..I see them in the missions folder but not in the game. Huh???  Now I'm using the PWCG Campaign/mission creator, works pretty good. http://www.pwcampaignmanager.com/pwcgbos/downloads/  And here's a video how to use it. The only confusing thing he forgot to tell you in his video, with later versions, you have to click on "next" in order to enter info like your name, squadron etc.  And you can't pick your planes, for instance you have to know the squadron. For instance the 36th fighter group is P47s, 352nd Fighter group is P51s etc.




    You sure you didn’t manually move files or something? The only reason I know that the game doesn’t “see” your mission is if you have a mission of the wrong type in the folder ie cooperative mission in single mission folder etc.

    You might want to try generating a mission again under default name.

  6. 22 hours ago, J5_Hellbender said:

    Thank you, I’ve just read up on it and I had no idea this existed. I guess you can add it to the list of reasons I’m holding off on VR for now.


    Oooooohh, don’t do that Bender! VR was made for WW1 flying! Bought a Rift S this summer and have not reverted back to monitor/TrackIR once!

  7. Just finished flying on our server with Arras map. Wow! Forgot how great it is to fly these biplanes. With the new map, updated effects and objects together with the VR goggles I bought this summer WW1 flying has got my full attention again! Let’s hope we get the rest of the WW1 objects/vehicles soon so we can create some great missions again.

    Btw, we decided to go for the “realistic” viewing system. This is definitely an improvement over the old system as aircraft won’t “pop” in. The enhanced view system is just not right for WW1 conditions. So very good decision to make this a server setting!

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  8. 1 hour ago, 15[Span.]/JG51Spartan said:


    You really rock! :drink2:

    I wonder how you would make it to locate and find the Maintenace Areas (visual clues). I think some taxiing is necessary for game playability.


    Yes, right now I created this group with the NDB next to it, so you can find it by looking for the antenna. The Service area will be closer to the start of the runway/spawn point, because otherwise I expect players to land, refuel and then take-off in the opposite direction...creating chaos (what's new!  :) )


    3 hours ago, J3Hetzer said:

    Tried a workaround, opened the SP mission in the editor and then saved it into the MP folder, thinking it would give it the correct MP format but no joy, it doesn't work (boots it out back to the co-op/dogfight choice screen). :(


    Coop mode is there for a reason. You can't have AI planes in Dogfight mode that spawn next to you and follow you or something. They will never be part of your flight and vice versa.

    I tried to simulate this with RoF and what you CAN do is have AI flight spawn at the airfield after the first player spawns, but they will then do their own thing. Then the following player spawns 5 min later and also expects to have AI, but they have already gone... So the best you can do is have AI taking off and land regularly on the airfield at certain intervals, but it also means that in > 75% of the time there is no AI at the airfield.


    Anyway, for now I chose the easy way and simply did not include AI at the airfields, only the "Ambient" AI that you can run into. 


    The logic now selects the closest and medium distance airfields for "Red"  and "Blue" spawns. Indeed, selecting other airfields doesn;t change this. I may change this later. For now, Dogfight mode is very much WIP. 

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  9. 4 hours ago, Azdack said:

    Hi. Thanks for your work SYN_Vander. Yesterday I wanted to fly an Airfield attack with Tempest and I burst out laughing because all the AI pilots starting their engines beside my plane were sat outside the cockpit as Ben Hur on his roman chariot...But I guess this is a bug from the game himself since the last yesterday night Hot fix. Has anyone else these cowboys sitting on their flying horses?


    Yes, this has been reported multiple times. I guess it’s hard for the devs to pinpoint.

    4 hours ago, =DBC=BADRAP086 said:

    Wondering what kind of processor I need in order to stop getting dserver overload messages?  I’ve got an fx8350 and 16 GB of Ram running at 4 GHZ.  Except for rare exceptions, any maps I generate end up having overload messages.  The wierd thing is that total cpu useage always seems to hang around 25 to 30%.


    I also downloaded Vander’s Kuban series of SYN coop missions and those seem to run fine with no overload ever.


    Im hoping someone can point out what I might be doing wrong with the mission generator.


    i can run quick mission builder in the main game with max planes and everything runs fine.


    it seems like a beefy enough rig for dserver use, but maybe AMD is just not as well suited for this purpose?


    any help is appreciated... wasted several weeks scratching my head on this.




    It’s strange. I run my missions on a cheap i3 dual core, also around 4 GHz clock speed I guess. I can run a standard coop mission with 8 planes on both sides plus the additional AI planes, also 8 planes per side, so in total 32 planes, without any problems.


    Perhaps there is another problem, related to memory or disk access???


    btw, I am talking about a dedicated server here, not my game PC.

  10. 3 hours ago, jeanba said:



    I would also enable the P47 for most "bombing scenarii" as HQs for instance were often targeted by 9th AF P47s


    Good suggestion!

    10 hours ago, Bisch said:

    Awesome tool! My suggestions would be (if welcome)


    - distance betwen airfields option

    - support to add slots for Tank Clash Players

    - air start option 


    I’m struggling with how to let player choose an airfield in a very simple way, without having to show map locations etc.


    -Tank support will come

    -Air start is already an option (next to ramp/runway)

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