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  1. Don't spill the beans! This could have been a 10 pager for sure! 🤣
  2. I use this as well. So you're sure you can then change ASW while the game is running?
  3. I have tested with ASW on and off (using Oculus debug tool) and come to the conclusion I need both! In dogfights you want to turn ASW off to prevent ghosting, but when you attack ground targets you want to turn ASW on to have smooth frames/prevent stutters. I often read about shortcuts like CTRL + numpad keys to do this, but this never worked for me?!? Do I need to run a special tool? Or does this only work for the original Rift?
  4. Ah, I see you already found the answer to 1). Not very intuitive, but it works. 2) Maybe in future. Currently the design is to have two " flights". have to make this more generic first. But you can easily copy /paste spawns/airfields in the FMB.
  5. That's in Difficulty settings (before you start the game). It's not controlled by the mission.
  6. Yes, started working on that, but it's an entirely different beast. I am now testing some hand-made missions just to find out what works. Then I'll try to translate that to templates and logic in the code.
  7. It's a bug in this release. The 109K doesn't start and I think the 190D never taxies. The FW190A8 seems to be okay. To be on the safe side, just use the "start from runway" option. Hi thanks for your feedback. Only tested this with AI and they seem to be okay. I have increased the separation (from 60m to 100m) between the planes, should be okay in next release.
  8. This may help. It supports Dogfight mode (where you can respawn).
  9. Ships are selectable on Kuban. Choose phase may 43- aug 43 or sep 43-nov 43 Located on starting base in Single/Coop (not even sure if it works there?) and on all active airfields in Dogfight MP. This is how it looks like:
  10. New version! Release Notes v21: -Option to choose a phase. This determines the front lines, airfield and objective locations. Either choose a phase or let date determine the period -Added new phase to Rhineland map -Bombing missions and Ground attack missions now have mostly same targets -Assigned more aircraft types to ground attack / bombing role -Repair/Re-arm and refuel sites have been added to airfields on Rheinland and Kuban. Look for the dugout with antenna. -Besides the main objective, 2 additional objectives will be generated for Dogfight MP mode -Added option for an AI bomber flight in Dogfight MP mode. These will repeatedly air-spawn and attack one of the three targets. Settings taken from Blue flight. Download link in first post. Also read known issues.
  11. 1. Yes. They are available on the Arras map as default. To use them on other maps untick "historical plane set", but beware that AI will still use historical plane set for that map! 2. What Beebop said. It depends on what sort of mission you want to edit (SP/Coop or Dogfight). For SP/Coop look for groups called "Blue_flight_ ... / Red_flight_..." . Set that as working group, then you can select and move the airfield stuff around.
  12. Nice work! Can I use it to enhance the Rhineland template for my mission generator?
  13. Yeah, no 7 will nicely complement my Virpil T50 throttle. Will then have enough levers for rpm, mixture and turbo boost (P-47)
  14. Yes, I have plans and prepared the code for totally different scenarios for tank missions, but getting Rheinland @ Arras support takes more time than I thought.
  15. Has this to do with the fact that the whole Rheinland map was raised 1 m in one of the updates? I had to realign all my effects.
  16. It gets destroyed! The major buildings in towns (town hall) now also have damage models. Still not all objects though....
  17. I'm assuming you are not trying this with spawned planes? This has never worked as you no doubt already know...
  18. Strange, I had some fun encounters with AI yesterday on the MP mission I was testing. I was happy to see they did not immediately go into a rapidly descending circle and were trying to keep their altitude. Perhaps AI has only been optimized for WW2 as of now?
  19. I only said that a mission maker can destroy objects (vilages, towns) and thus create a more realistic environment. Better AI in RoF???? Please elaborate...
  20. Ah, yes of course! I thought the game wouldn’t load/couldn’t find the missio! Sure, extending flights is possible. It has quite some impact as I have to add more parking places for the aircraft on all maps/templates. I’m currently working on adding bomber flights to Dogfight mode, perhaps it will be possible to re-use that logic so planes can spawn using the same slot.
  21. I’m afraid not. There are only simple formation commands: echelon and V. Even then, the aircraft are not good at holding formation with the lead plane always flying ahead of the rest. Let’s hope this will be addressed. Perhaps if you let 4 bombers escort 4 other bombers it may look better, at least this used to work in RoF. You sure you didn’t manually move files or something? The only reason I know that the game doesn’t “see” your mission is if you have a mission of the wrong type in the folder ie cooperative mission in single mission folder etc. You might want to try generating a mission again under default name.
  22. Very sorry to hear this! Have always enjoyed flying with the 1PL pilots. My condolences to friends and family.
  23. I found the problem. Had been editing my own sds file, but I guess I missed some changes/additions. So I edited it through the dserver application and saved again and now it works as expected.
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