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  1. mmmm. seems to work now. Not sure what I changed? Anyway, maybe we have a working solution in next version.
  2. Thanks. The bat file works in that it produces a .list file. Unfortunately, it still deletes a number of lines in the description files (.eng etc). This means you don't get to see the proper labels and subtitles in the game. I can overwrite these again with my generated versions, but then the checksum in the .list file doesn't match anymore...sigh. I still think there is a bug in the program itself.
  3. One question though for those that have connection problems: You did save the mission first (before hosting) from the mission editor right?
  4. Can you share that batch file? I'm still not sure why my script doesn't produce correct results... Maybe I can use the batch-file instead
  5. Did you see the "Multiplayer server overload. Erratic Plane Behavior may Occur" message? Because what you describe seems to me a network issue more than game performance. Please check the upload bandwith of the host (ADSL can have good download bandwith, but poor upload speed). That is probably the bottleneck here.
  6. How did you configure the mission? I have no problems with running with a maximum of 8 planes per side on my own PC. EDIT: I should read better :). 6 players and no extra AI except for the default ones (see my remark below) should really not be a problem. I would check the network/bandwith settings on the host. Besides the configured flights there will be 2 AI flights per side flying about with 3 or 4 planes per flight. Perhaps I can make these configurable or only activate them when a certain number of planes have been killed already.... I did optimise already by making AAA sites spawn, so try latest v5 (re-download), which I gave a little hotfix last night.
  7. The mission is called "SYN_Generated_Coop" and can be found in your \data\Multiplayer\Cooperative folder If you want to host the mission for others: First open the Mission editor, open the mission and save it. Close the mission editor. (because of a bug in resaver) Start IL2. From the main menu select " Multiplayer", then "Cooperative", then "Create" Select the generated mission "SYN_Generated_Coop" and add it to the rotation. Move it up if you want it to load first. Hit "Continue"
  8. I have added some changes (minor release). Please re-download v5 if you want to use these: Release notes v5.1: -Extended date options to cover summer, autumn, winter. Season textures will automatically change based on month. -Optimized random AAA positions: only spawn when planes are near -Replaced light at airstrip with fire because of searchlight bug during dawn period -Added siren to airfield
  9. Yes. The seasons I can change already in the script. I will add that based on mission date.
  10. Adding a new map doesn't have to be a major undertaking; I just have to create a new template for that. But as long as I am adding features to the basic template, it means I will also have to keep changing the other templates. So I want to have the first Stalingrad template more or less " feature complete" before moving on.
  11. Weekend starts early: Already a new update! Release notes v5: -Added Date option -Added more train & artillery target locations -Added garrison target type -Separated taxi paths for Blue and Red flights -Increased max planes to 8 for all flights (Use at own risk!!!) -Red flight can have 0 planes, thus deleting the flight from the mission -Added AAA level option (always for both sides, active airfield AAA remains "high") -Added searchlights -Added landing light -Added flares on arrival at airfield -Small UI change: differentiate radio buttons from option buttons -Fixed various small bugs Thanks for all the feedback so far! I have managed to put in a number of your requests already.
  12. It shouldn't be too hard to create a template file that has all buildings destroyed in certain areas. If the team doesn't supply it then we can make it ourselves, with the help of a little script. Awesome update by the way!
  13. Ah yes, there is always one isn’t there? 😁 after 3 retries it’s “you can fly as my gunner”. It’s always good to have some bomber boys in the mission!
  14. It’s the password you have created yourself when setting up the server 😁. There is no password in a mission file.
  15. Thanks. Yes I think "Defence level" or something would make a nice configuration option. Some players don't like too realistic AAA levels Certainly. One of my items on the backlog is to add a "Date" option. You can then create missions in a chronological order. For the Stalingrad map I have already defined 3 (Sep, Oct, Nov) different front line situations and these will change (also season) with the date.
  16. Impact on Performance? Yes, see others’ posts about “mission overload” warning at the mission start. Of course, this also depends on your hardware. the current limit of 4 and 6 is because I place them together in one parking area and this is what I could fit in that area AND have the AI taxi out correctly. Need to think of a way to place them so more can fit ( on any of the airfields ). AAA etc has indeed less impact so I can crank that numbers up more I guess.
  17. New version! Version 4 release notes: -Added scenario "Patrol the Front" -Added variations of "supply dump" objective type -Added "fuel dump" objective type -Increased max planes in Red flight to 6: (Use at own risk! Too many planes can decrease performance) See first post for download link.
  18. Then, like Gambit said, this may be an issue aka bug
  19. Check zones can only be used for AI or pre-defined players as in single missions/coop. This is by design. In the early days of RoF there was only single player & coop game modes. Complex triggers should be used for spawned entities as in "Dogfight" multiplayer. Note that nowadays you can also use complex triggers to detect AI planes: Use " Check planes" tick box.
  20. Overload message is usually only temporary at startup, but this depends on your hardware setup. With all flights having 4 planes, you end up with a maximum of 32 AI planes minus your own if you fly single. For a dedicated server this is very doable, but when you run this on your own PC while also flying it is on the "edge". You can of course lower the number of planes per flight, or fly with more real players . Btw, even if you only configure one side, the other one will still be there, but then the plane types etc are randomly chosen. Ah, no. For now this only generates the mission files. If having a GUI to set server options will be very helpful than I can put it on the backlog.
  21. Server settings are stored in the *.sds file, not in the mission file itself. What do you have in mind exactly? Can you give examples?
  22. Generated 15 new missions. These should be "two-sided" again!
  23. Oh dear, must have goofed something up because of my mission generator update. Unfortunately, I can’t fix this until this evening! So, for now Axis only!
  24. And again, today we'll run 15 freshly generated missions for the Stalingrad 1942 Coop Campaign (sep-nov).
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