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  1. 13 hours ago, 361st_Bugsy said:

    Yes we were 8 P-51s escorting B-25s 6 of them I have the mission if you need it. Any way we were on the Rhine map and everything went well until wp2 they never turned towards wp3, they kept straight.




    I managed to reproduce the bug. Did you also use airstart? I have seen this behaviour before and as far as I can till it is a bug in the game. The aircraft completely ignore the first waypoint. I thought I had solved this by delaying the activation of the " Dogfight triggers", but alas here it is again. I'll investigate more...


    Update: Seems to be a new bug. Can't see anything wrong in the mission file. The bombers do radio that they are going to bomb, so they did get the correct command, bu then just drone on. I have never seen AI fly in a straight line forever. Usually, if they have no active waypoint they just fly in a lazy circle.... This is definitely something new.

  2. On 11/27/2019 at 8:15 PM, YoYo said:

    Ok, I'll do Pfalz DIII of Jasta4, is this will be ok (with fuselage numbers or clean version)?






    Well, we need at least a generic version, but one " special" would be nice. I guess not all Jasta 4 planes had a blue tail? Do note that the picture says " 1917". Did Boenigk still fly this plane in March 1918? 

    Well this source says March 1918, so I'm okay with it! :)


  3. 13 hours ago, 361st_Bugsy said:

    Yes we were 8 P-51s escorting B-25s 6 of them I have the mission if you need it. Any way we were on the Rhine map and everything went well until wp2 they never turned towards wp3, they kept straight.


    And they never turned back after that? That’s almost impossible...


    4 hours ago, Craterman said:

    I am getting '#10034 this skin was modified and cannot be loaded in the current game' error on Stalingrad map only :(  Anyone got any ideas?

    Please specify which planes. Alos: was it winter?

  4. 4 hours ago, 361st_Bugsy said:

    Vander my unit just flew a Bomber Escort and the Bombers never turned after WP 2 Im not sure if its a bug or not but thought you should know

    Well yes, that definitely sounds like a bug 😳. Can you share the exact configuration of that mission? It’s possible the aircraft were assigned to attack something, but didn’t have the correct ordnance. Was is WW1/ Central Powers mission by any chance?


    About weather: You are right, you can’t set rain/snow, but you can set overcast clouds manually (it will never be chosen randomly). There will be chance of rain or snow then, butI think I should make that an option as well.

  5. New update!


    This update focuses on increasing the enemy air activity and chance of running into other planes (for single player & coop). I hope you will find a lot more action when setting "enemy air activity" to high!


    Release Notes v24
    -Fixed a bug where enemy AI would not show up when "Enemy air activity" was set to high
    -Fixed a bug where Red flight would not escort after take-off
    -Moved repair/refuel area on airfields where AI would crash into them.
    -Random flights will now also have random number of planes, not always 4
    -Added chance to encounter a lone wulf attacker
    -Increased altitude of last waypoint before returning to airfield
    -Increased detection range for enemy AI to intercept
    -Increased number of AAA sites
    -Added static aircraft to Rheinland airfields
    -Added GMC CCKW fuel truck as static object
    -Many minor bug fixes and optimizations


    You can find the download link on this page: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg


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  6. 24 minutes ago, the_dudeWG said:

    @SYN_Vander I’d be happy to provide any DR1 skins you need. I’ve been putting off making squadron skins long enough, but I can turn them out quickly. The aces probably already exist, but I might need to update a few with the iron cross.  Either way, I’ll provide the links (for the existing skins) or modify those if they have the balkenkreuz. S!

    Cool! Better post here what you are working on, so Skydance can see what is already there.

  7. On 11/24/2019 at 8:02 PM, SYN_Vander said:

    I have laid down some plans for this, with a scheduled release date being this Christmas.

    The mission creation will not be a problem, but I could use some help with:

    -Adding more terrain detail to the combat area

    -Writing good briefings. I would like to use some material from " Winged Victory" (Camel missions) and "Mein Fliegerleben" (Dr1).




    I have created a separate thread to discuss the mini campaign: 


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  8. I decided to create a mini-campaign for Flying Circus so (new) players will have something to do other than fly Quick Missions or generated missions/campaigns. Something to give context to the wonderful crazy world of flying wooden/canvas biplanes over battle scarred no-mans land.

    What do I mean with a mini campaign? Basically it's going to be 5-6 missions set during the height of the "Kaiserschlacht" battle, the German Spring Offensive of March 1918 (thanks J5_HellBender for planting this idea in my head :) ). You will be able to fly these missions for both sides, in the Fokker Dr1 or Sopwith Camel, so essentially they will be 2 campaigns. My aim is to finish this before Christmas (yes, that is 4 weeks from now!)


    I have already done some research for units/locations. It helps that I already started on something similar for RoF, but never finished that, but I least I still have my sources.


    The Campaign is ready!




    Actually, it's two mini campaigns. Both have 6 missions covering the same three days during the German Spring Offensive of 1918 aka " Kaiserschlacht".


    Download the campaign files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11dgbmo_s_34eRuKocWGrr99vFXvS0uGS


    And the skin pack here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1krbqg3vS9idYXOsPhKwif6wWG3hXUe10


    Installation is simple: Just unzip in your main IL2 folder. You can also use a mod manager such as JSMG. Perhaps I'll create a package later, but I want to finish this now :)


    Many, many thanks to my fellow Syndicate friends who helped me create these missions and provided skins: SYN_Haashashin, SYN_Skydance and SYN_Bandy. And of course the_dudeWG and YoYo who created several wonderful skins for this campaign!


    Have fun!

    <this was part of the original post>

    However, I could use some help!


    To complement the missions we need some proper skins! Here is what I'm looking for:


    -Sopwith Camel: 54 Sqn, flying from Bertangles March 26th-30th, 1918 -> Would be nice to have both player and squadron skin

    -Bristol fighter: 48 Sqn, flying from Bertangles March 26th-30th, 1918


    -Fokker Dr1: Jasta 6,10,11, flying from Lechelle March 26th-30th, 1918 -> Squadron skins and would be nice to have a player skin and of course some known aces if possible: Manfred von Richthofen, Ernst Udet etc

    -Pfalz DIIIa: Jasta 4, flying from Lechelle March 26th-30th, 1918 -> Squadron skins


    Please note the German aircraft should not have the straight " Balkenkreuz" yet!

    Btw, if existing RoF paintschemes can be converted, that is fine for now as well.


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  9. 36 minutes ago, HagarTheHorrible said:

    I think including these aircraft would have the reverse effect, it would kill FC, as much as it would be wonderful to fly them.  It would be the same as paying to win and, at a stroke would make just about every other aircraft in FC irrelevant, making any purchase of the original FC plane set pointless when ever the Premium aircraft are let loose. Certainly they would sell, but long term I think the harvest would reap bitter fruit and might even kill off FC altogether, except for the Snipe and SS love in’s,  and that’s from someone who would love to see and fly either of the two aircraft.

    I guess here you are assuming these planes will always be available in multiplayer? I hope mission creators/server admins will choose these planes only for certain specific scenarios.

  10. I have laid down some plans for this, with a scheduled release date being this Christmas.

    The mission creation will not be a problem, but I could use some help with:

    -Adding more terrain detail to the combat area

    -Writing good briefings. I would like to use some material from " Winged Victory" (Camel missions) and "Mein Fliegerleben" (Dr1).



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  11. 13 hours ago, photog95661 said:

    Has anyone encountered problems downloading Version 23?  My Norton application cancels any attempts by me to download it.  It cites the discovery malicious software.  Strange as I can download Version 22.  Any words would be appreciated.

    I moved the zip from google sites to google drive. Not sure why Norton has a problem with that?


    In any case you can scan the zip before actually opening it.

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  12. I guess a JG I mini semi-fictional campaign starting with Dr.I is best to fulfil a short term need. Perhaps 2 in 1: Also looking from Camel perspective sharing same terrain & mission layouts. I’m happy to discuss further plans for a J2 or other campaign after that. I personally love flying the Se5a, so a 60Sqn campaign could also be nice (I have book about that squadron).

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  13. 13 minutes ago, J5_Hellbender said:


    We have the planes and map to simulate Manfred von Richthofen's final months: March-April 1918. It could start out with the player flying the Albatros D.Va (with some Fokker Dr.I missions thrown in) as part of JG I, maybe in a slightly lesser known Jasta, such as Jasta 6. You would get to fly alongside MvR once, and it would end with his death (which happens off-screen), coinciding with the first combat patrol of the (early) Fokker D.VII — the plane that could have saved his life. Main opponent would obviously be the Sopwith Camel and the desperate need for better aircraft to fight against it. You could even go with calling it "The Flying Circus".


    Far more interesting in my opinion, but in no way as popular as MvR, would be to focus on the formation of Schlastas in April 1918, transitioning from the older Schustas. Yes, a Halberstadt CL.II campaign. AI gunners are, as we recently found out, extremely effective in the ground attack role, not to mention fun to use. They are excellent at "painting" ground targets while you, the pilot, destroys them with small bombs. When attacked by Sopwith Camels, formations of Halberstadts were notoriously deadly as well, both thanks to their maneuverability and rear gunners. The obvious choice for a name here would "Schlachtflieger" (battle flyer), after Rick Duiven & Dan-San Abbott's book. I'd be more than willing to help you out with this, but I still think you'd be better off making a scout campaign first.


    Mmm, good ideas. I think a two-seater mini campaign is a good idea as you have more options. What would be typical Bristol missions in mid 1918?

  14. 24 minutes ago, J5_Hellbender said:

    Excellent initiative!


    For late war you can add the Siemens-Schuckert D.IV as well as the Fokker D.VI to the list of aircraft. Both were in (very) early development (plans) back when I was a RoF beta tester, but somehow never materialised.


    In terms of engine variants, the Pfalz D.IIIa would also have had the 200hp by summer 1918, and the hopefully upcoming Pfalz D.XII should come with the 200hp Mercedes standard, and the 235hp BMW as an “f” variant.


    A Sopwith Camel powered with the 110hp Le Rhone would also be welcome. It would perform identically to the current RoF Camel. That is: give it a top speed of 165km/h, same as the present Fokker Dr.I and Nieuport 17. Unless FM reviews happen for all 110hp Le Rhone / Oberursel machines. Another possible engine variant for the Camel would be the 120hp Le Rhone, currently found on the Hanriot HD.1. The Belgians would have used it and the 130hp Clerget interchangeably.



    EDIT: Pfalz D.XIIf is with lowercase f.


    EDIT 2: Note that the 110hp Oberursel Ur.II on the Fokker Dr.I and Fokker E.V/D.VIII likely produced closer to 120hp.


    EDIT 3: Let's also not go down the Voltol-road and just consider factory figures for every engine.


    Ahhh.. what a wonderful addition that would make! (not sure how to model the fact that the engine broke often)...


    Siemens-Schuckert D.III by GT Game de.vision


    1 minute ago, 1PL-Lucas-1Esk said:



    It would be great to have more port-overs from RoF in the game, like PD12, DH4, HP, Gotha, FD8. The Entente needs some regular bomber, just like the CP


    - LVG C.V/VI

    - Hannover Cl.IIIa

    - Rumpler C.VII (or C.IV)

    - Snipe

    - SSW D.IV

    (some new possible planes for the 1918, of course only if there is will and money to create something new from scratch)




    - Spring/Winter/Summer variations for the Arras map

    - Maybe some front variation for the Arras sector?



    - career mode for the Arras sector

    - more official default squadron skins for the FC planes


    Yes, there are many interesting German two-seaters that are more than welcome. The Rumpler being one of my favourites (for late war). 

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  15. Making coops work should not be a goal in itself. For me it’s about flying missions together in a flight with a single objective -adhoc/on demand. I usually fly together with friends but that’s only once or twice a week. On any other day I don’t feel inclined to hop onto a Dogfight server on my own as just don’t like the experience.


    Reading through the posts I see a couple of things that need to be addressed:


    1) Matchmaking

    -Teamspeak or Discord provide the basics: the ability to communicate.

    -Hyperlobby helps in negotiations, it adds the possibility to propose a mission/how many slots etc and let other players show their interest without the need for 1:1 communication

    -A true matchmaking app would reverse this process: A player states preferences (map/ planetype) and the matchmaking algorithm will put those players together and start a mission. If this is done right it could potentially be more popular than current Dogfight mp.


    2) Hosting

    -Although you can host a coop from your own PC the network settings required is still a hurdle for most players.

    -In order for a matchmaking algorithm to work you need multiple dedicated servers, that can scale automatically. Not easy to setup/maintain/pay for


    3) Mission making

    -Yes, it’s not easy. There are mission generators now available though, but to have a truly personalized mission this remains a hurdle.

    -Not enough coop missions available: This is more a supply/demand thing and could be easily solved with current mission builders & generators we already have. 

    I have spoken. 😉


  16. I think the challenge with coops is timing. It works well if you fly with friends and you set a day/time so everyone starts at the same time. If you just put up a coop server someone will join, start the mission and when the mission is underway someone else may join who than has to wait 20 min or politely ask for a restart and after that, rinse & repeat...


    So yes, the only thing that can make coop work is a lobby or better a matchmaking system. There are plenty examples in other games where this works well.

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  17. Every mission is by definition fantasy, unless you have zero freedom of movement, but then we should call it ‘reenactment’.

    The question is how plausible you want a mission to be. Could it have happened like this?

    For some this is about super accurate skins/units/locations etc. For me it’s more about what sort of situation I encounter in the air and if the other pilots (AI or human player) behave in a plausible way.


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