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  1. The #1 modification should be engine mods, same as what we have with many WW2 aircraft. It would stop endless complaints about performance: -110 HP Le Rhone for the Camel -200 HP overcompressed Mercedes DIII engine for Fokker DVII and Albatros DVa
  2. I moved the zip from google sites to google drive. Not sure why Norton has a problem with that? In any case you can scan the zip before actually opening it.
  3. I guess a JG I mini semi-fictional campaign starting with Dr.I is best to fulfil a short term need. Perhaps 2 in 1: Also looking from Camel perspective sharing same terrain & mission layouts. I’m happy to discuss further plans for a J2 or other campaign after that. I personally love flying the Se5a, so a 60Sqn campaign could also be nice (I have book about that squadron).
  4. Mmm, good ideas. I think a two-seater mini campaign is a good idea as you have more options. What would be typical Bristol missions in mid 1918?
  5. So what would make an interesting campaign? I could start with a mini-campaign, but looking for a good period/battle.
  6. Ahhh.. what a wonderful addition that would make! (not sure how to model the fact that the engine broke often)... Yes, there are many interesting German two-seaters that are more than welcome. The Rumpler being one of my favourites (for late war).
  7. Always have this when switching from external back to cockpit or from gunner to cockpit. It's irritating as it takes a couple of seconds to settle. -Rift S.
  8. Making coops work should not be a goal in itself. For me it’s about flying missions together in a flight with a single objective -adhoc/on demand. I usually fly together with friends but that’s only once or twice a week. On any other day I don’t feel inclined to hop onto a Dogfight server on my own as just don’t like the experience. Reading through the posts I see a couple of things that need to be addressed: 1) Matchmaking -Teamspeak or Discord provide the basics: the ability to communicate. -Hyperlobby helps in negotiations, it adds the possibility to propose a mission/how many slots etc and let other players show their interest without the need for 1:1 communication -A true matchmaking app would reverse this process: A player states preferences (map/ planetype) and the matchmaking algorithm will put those players together and start a mission. If this is done right it could potentially be more popular than current Dogfight mp. 2) Hosting -Although you can host a coop from your own PC the network settings required is still a hurdle for most players. -In order for a matchmaking algorithm to work you need multiple dedicated servers, that can scale automatically. Not easy to setup/maintain/pay for 3) Mission making -Yes, it’s not easy. There are mission generators now available though, but to have a truly personalized mission this remains a hurdle. -Not enough coop missions available: This is more a supply/demand thing and could be easily solved with current mission builders & generators we already have. I have spoken. 😉
  9. I think the challenge with coops is timing. It works well if you fly with friends and you set a day/time so everyone starts at the same time. If you just put up a coop server someone will join, start the mission and when the mission is underway someone else may join who than has to wait 20 min or politely ask for a restart and after that, rinse & repeat... So yes, the only thing that can make coop work is a lobby or better a matchmaking system. There are plenty examples in other games where this works well.
  10. Every mission is by definition fantasy, unless you have zero freedom of movement, but then we should call it ‘reenactment’. The question is how plausible you want a mission to be. Could it have happened like this? For some this is about super accurate skins/units/locations etc. For me it’s more about what sort of situation I encounter in the air and if the other pilots (AI or human player) behave in a plausible way.
  11. It can turn out differently since it uses a random timer to determine if the AI should find you or not. However, I think I found a bug when you use " Random" as scenario it overwrites the "enemy air activity" setting you selected. Will investigate further. EDIT: Found and fixed it. This probably explains why sometimes no enemy shows up, even when "enemy air activity" is set to high.
  12. This has been asked more than once, so time to give it some thought 😎. It is hard to cram more than the current 2x8 planes on one airfield/airstrip so I need to think how to support multiple airfields per side in coop (already in dogfight mode). Probably split fighters/bombers and have escorts rendez-vous somewhere or let them follow their own (synced) flight plan.
  13. Thanks for the feedback! The bombers should land at the end of the mission. It could be a bug on my end, or the AI is acting up. It is hard sometimes to find out what is a " feature" and what is actually a bug in IL2 AI . Could you provide details on that mission? which airfield and which scenario (bomb or attack)? Maybe I need to have multiple sizes of targets yes. I'm using the same ones for WW1 and WW2 now, but that will not hold. Or I always use the same big targets, but with different "win" conditions (percentage of destruction needed for an attack to be successful). Didn't know about buymecoffee. Will have a look at that!
  14. Just uploaded v23b (again!). There was a small bug that caused not all German ships (as a target) to show up on the Arras map. It should be okay now. See the website for the download link.
  15. Some "quick" missions for Flying Circus. All missions start in the air. -Dawn Patrol - Fokker DVIIF -Artillery Attack - Halberstadt CLII -Dawn Patrol - Se5a -Barge Attack - Bristol F2b Have fun! Flying Circus.zip
  16. Ah yes, what I can probably do is limit planes to the same "theatre". I have now defined: WW1, WW2-West and WW2-East theatres.
  17. Mmmm, I’m reading a couple of incorrect statements in this thread. Just to be clear: When you start a single mission in-flight you are NOT on auto-pilot, but on auto-level. Auto-level is engaged by pressing Shift-A (default) and disengaged by pressing Shift-A again or by moving the controls far enough from the center position. Auto-pilot is engaged by pressing A (default) and disengaged by pressing A again, but only when you are in 1st person/ cockpit view! Perhaps you were frantically pressing A whilst looking at your plane in exterior view? 😁
  18. New version! Release Notes v23: -Added balloons as target for Arras map -Fixed waypoint issue where AI planes would return to base -AI fighters will start closer to the objectives so higher chance of meeting -Bombers do not loiter anymore after primary target has been destroyed -Fixed bug for "Red last" position in flight -Fixed HQ target triggered victory for other side -Fixed Arras map height change for all spawn locations -Fixed location of mission objective status on map, now at correct location -Changed service area so it fits better in both WW1 and WW2 scenery -Fixed various small bugs Getting the Ju-87 to dive bomb is not so easy. It only does that when attacking a very specific target, ie a vehicle. This means more work as current targets are always of "attack area" type.
  19. I see big improvement in “extreme” clouds: no moving cloud parts, far less pixelating effects when you look at planes in front of them and they seem more “solid”. In any case, yesterday I was flying in VR above Arras with what I think were medium or heavy clouds and it was really cool how I could climb up an dive through clouds without artefacts and it gave a great sense of speed & height.
  20. Hi Pat, I ran into the same issue with resaver. Please check these posts (third post and also page before ) Here is the code if this helps: mission_path = il2_path + {"dogfight": "\\data\\Multiplayer\\Dogfight\\", "single": "\\data\\Missions\\", "cooperative": "\\data\\Multiplayer\\Cooperative\\"}[self.parent.map_frame.game_type.get()] resaver_path = il2_path + "\\bin\\resaver" command_line = "MissionResaver.exe -t -d \"" + il2_path + "\\data" + "\" -f \"" + mission_path + mission_name + ".mission\"\n" print (command_line) subprocess.run(command_line, cwd=resaver_path, shell=True)
  21. Will there be a Mk13 reliability slider in Settings?
  22. LOL, this could describe PWCG as well! I guess it all comes down to taste...😀 Best feature of PWCG for me is the ability to do a coop campaign, which we are in fact doing with Syndicate as well, besides flying on public MP servers.
  23. Mustang Alley ? 😉
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