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  1. 20 minutes ago, 4./JG26_Onebad said:


    So they do when you strafe an AT gun, or any other object that has crew.

    What I'm asking for, is infantry units (single or in let's say, squad sized units) to be available in STEditor as blocks/entities.


    Also, it is totally possible to see men on the ground as you fly over them during strafing runs. Plenty of footage on YT where you can see dudes on the pointy end of an aircraft.


    Well I mean from a flight sim perspective. I used the RoF existing infantry models and added them to the game as static groups and moving groups (see video above). But when I was flying in my SE5a above enemy trenches trying to find where I had put them in the mission... it was pretty hard to spot them! But sure, it is definitely nice to have as objects in the ME.

  2. 38 minutes ago, InProgress said:


    Should be possible i guess.


    The zombie army! 😆


    Mind you, it is VERY hard to spot infantry in a flight sim, at least from the cockpit. When they are dug in, you’ll see nothing.


    Anyway infantry is already modelled. Strafe a train with passenger cars and you should be able to see a lot of soldiers running away.

  3. 7 hours ago, Mr_Steven said:

    Alright so I didn't realize buying maps was part of it. 


    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I just don't want to throw a lot of money into planes I'm never going to fly, but if the maps are part of it, that definitely changes things. I want Spits, P51's, P40's, P47's, P38's, and Tempests, so I guess what I'm asking is what's the best way to go about this?


    If you can wait some more... only buy Bodenplatte. It's a steal considering the huge amount of content you get!



    Fw 190 D-9



    Spitfire Mk.IX

    Tempest Mk.V

    Bf 109 G-14

    Bf 109 K-4

    Fw 190 A-8

    Me 262


    And a huge map that covers all major battles from sep 1944 to apr 1945. This will keep us busy for a long time I can tell you.


    If you are not into Eastern Front stuff, then the other maps are not relevant since the above (Allied) plane set is not/hardly used there. And in MP you can still fly the other maps anyways.

    If you would want to jump in now then perhaps add some collector planes that are frequently used now on those maps: P-40 or Spit MKVb (if you like Western planes) so you can join MP servers.

    If you want to do SP/campaigns now, then you should buy one of the other "battles": BoM, BoS, BoK.

  4. New version!


    Release notes v17:
    -Added option to start in the air, near the objective
    -Added period for each map. Objective locations now change with lines/date (only 3 periods supported now)
    -Scalable UI - only needed if buttons do not fit in the window
    -Reworked take-off and form-up logic of blue flight
    -Added formation commands to both blue and red flights
    -Reworked algorithm to generate waypoints
    -Removed airfield option between close & far, there wasn't much difference
    -Mission orders now in briefing, not using subtitles
    -Changed flare timer when coming in to land
    -Fixed a number of plane Ids in non-historical plane list

    -Overcast will not occur with random weather
    -Minor bug fixes


    Download link on the first page as usual.

    This is a big update, so I expect some bugs. Please report back if you find anything!


    I will now focus on:

    -MP "Dogfight" support

    -Multiple countries support (preparing for Bodenplatte and Flying Circus) 



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  5. 40 minutes ago, CanadaOne said:


    Nice Big Ass Concrete Runways in DCS. Lots of them. :biggrin: 


    Is that enough to push you over the edge?


    Did you miss last dev update? :). Mind you, I love DCS as well.  However, with the upcoming western front map, British & American planes, the generic improvements and WW1 map I will definitely spend more time with IL2!



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  6. On 8/8/2019 at 10:59 AM, =OT=BAT13 said:

    Thanks for job Vander !

    Works fine here. Easy to install and to use --> Master piece for me and my friends 😉

    Only one question: Do you think it's possible to have the same missions generator for Tanks users (Tank crew of course) ??? 


    Anyway... Thanks again for your great job.




    Tank missions could be made using the same tools. However, I would need time to analyze what makes a good tank mission and translate this to templates. Right now, I'm focusing on aicraft and that takes all my time. Perhaps if someone could help out on this? Someone who has already created some tanking missions/scenario's?

  7. 1 hour ago, Oliver88 said:



    Think he meant did you try editing this tools generated mission using the regular mission editor, and changing the skin through that rather than editing text files.

    I've opened up some of his tools missions in the mission editor and changed the skins through that before with no issues.


    I think I know why it doesn't work. If you have generated a mission in .msbin format than the game will load that one by default. You can change the .mission (text) version, but the game will not load that version.



    1) open the mission in the mission editor and change the skin there, or:

    2) change the skin in the .mission file but delete the .msbin file. The mission will take a lot longer to load....


    But more importantly: I see there is a need for changing skins on the other planes as part of the mission generator? 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Danyfly said:

    A big thanks for this unique and easy to use mission editor !

    I only have an issue regarding "skin" parameter if I try to change skins by editing  mission file with Notepad ++


    Example : Test.mission


     Script = "LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Planes\bf109g6.txt";
     Model = "graphics\planes\bf109g6\bf109g6.mgm";
     Country = 201;
     Desc = "";
     Skin = "Bf109G6\9_54_6_Historic.dds";


    In that case, I can't change the default skin with 9_54_6_Historic.dds skin, any idea how to fix this issue?


    Thanks in advance


    Did you try using the mission editor?

    Which plane's skin are you trying to change?

  9. I see a lot of gameplay opportunity for a Midway map. There are plenty of interesting mission scenarios, even with just a water map: reconnaissance, search & rescue also add variety. I guess the reconnaissance missions will also be great for tactical gameplay in combination with the Air Marshal feature (MP).

    For SP you have a lot of different missions to choose from, just for the Battle alone if you are willing to fly different aircraft types. Pity we won’t get to fly a B-17. How cool would it be to see if you could actually hit a Japanese aircraft carrier? 😃

  10. 1 hour ago, SYN_Mugue said:

    " I can remove the fixed height and width values in the next version so you can extend the window by dragging. "


    I was wondering if you could do this somehow, but not wanting to burden you, I never asked...Because on my 4K monitor with up scaled fonts in Windows, this tools is unusable without resetting my font size(= not optimal). Labels don't fit on the buttons and only half of the page shows in the window etc...


    So, it  would be great if this solves the problem I have. Good luck and Thanks.



    Consider it done. No more work than commenting out one line of code 😉

    Here is a beta version with scalable UI. Please test if the text doesn't seem to fit in the window.


    Download here

  11. 17 hours ago, zeufman said:


    thanks for this work

    unfortunetly, doesn't work for me, i have no button on the bottom

    my ring : win 10 latest version and run with admin rights - res 2560x1440



    Weird, the window seems to be cropped for some reason, both in width and in height. If you click on say the German Cross icon that section should then be minimized. Can you than at least see the extra buttons at the bottom? Did you by any chance change the default font in Windows or the font size??


    20 hours ago, Muskoka said:

    New guy here so go easy.😋


    I'm not seeing my generated mission when in game. The generator is finishing alright, the root folder of the game is set properly, and I see the generated mission files in the games data "Missions" folder. How do I load my generated mission? I've gone through every multiplayer menu/option in the game, and don't see the mission listed anywhere.


    Ok, coop is showing up, but if I create a Single mission, I don't see it?


    Coop you already found (you have to create your own multiplayer game and then add the mission to the rotation). The single player mission should be in the normal mission folder: ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Missions. You can find this mission simply by going to " Missions" from the main menu and it should be in the list (you may have to scroll down). Make sure you choose the "Single Mission" option on top!

  12. Version 16 is out. This is a maintenance release with several fixes and small improvements. The biggest change is "under the hood" which will make it easier for me to add/maintain more maps.


    Version 16 release notes:

    -Corrected all_planes list: Bf-109 G-2 was missing, Bf-110 G-2 was double. Added more "attack" planes 
    -Fixed briefing mentioning "Stalingrad area" for all maps
    -Fixed spacing of fighter aircraft; Me-110 wingtips would touch each other when parked as fighter
    -Changed template structure to simplify changes in generic part of template (lots of code added, please look out for bugs)
    -Extended mission/situation descriptions.
    -Changed AI level of planes so they are not all same
    -Added front lines variants for Moscow and Kuban as well, depending on date
    -Added armor objective variants + improvements (less flak directly near target)


    See first post for the download link.


    Thanks for all the positive feedback from last release!

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  13. On 7/23/2019 at 6:22 PM, JG_deserteagle540 said:

    Thank you much SYN_Vander for this great mission generator.


    May I make a suggestion?


    Would it be possible to add the option : Your airfield is "extremely close to" the front lines for the Single Mission?

    This would create "instant action" after take off.


    Thanks again for this great Mod


    Perhaps it would make more sense than to have an option to airstart near the objective? 

    On 6/29/2019 at 3:20 PM, calitsu said:

    Thanks for this tool! Makes it really easy to just generate a mission and get into action quick!


    A little n00b question, is it possible to add AI to a player flight in co-op? So the players are part of an AI lead flight, or follow the player leader? I tend to play with just one friend, so we're either just 2 planes escorting a flight, or we have to make it a complete dogfight. Alternatively, a +1 to the request of more flights, I read about your issues with adding more but if you do get around to it it would be appreciated!


    Yes, in Co-op the AI will use any slots that are not taken by human players, so indeed you can play with just 2 players (or even alone).

    On 7/2/2019 at 11:36 PM, javelina said:

    Never used this mission generator.  Looks great though! 


    I'm wanting create a mission using the Kanonenvogel.   Do you just select the Stuka D-3, (and then some armor targets).   And then prior to the launch select the 37mm canons?



  14. Hi everyone, a new version has just been released.


    Version 15 release notes:

    -Added tickbox "Historical plane set". If this is selected, the selection of planes depends on the chosen map. If not selected, you can choose from all available planes. Please note that a "Random" scenario will still choose AI planes from the historical plane set.

    -Fixed incorrect character set of some plane names in config.


    Warning: config file has changed, so you can't just use your adapted/existing one (hopefully you shouldn't need to).



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