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  1. Pity, I spend ages trying to make all bombers behave when taxiing; but I'll have a look. The workaround of course is to use "start from runway".
  2. The airfields are not chosen at random. There is an option to choose "close to", "not far behind" and "far from" and I think whatever was set will be used even if the rest is random. Do you know which particular airfield so I can investigate (AI are a bitch!!!!!) ? Normally there are 3 airfields per side per map, but Kuban poses a problem for the Axis side since there are no 3 airfields in the mission area, so 2 of the "your airfield is ... not far behind" etc options map to the same airfield.
  3. Added to backlog the option to have more low AI AAA. Perhaps easy fix could be to add some low AI AAA in any case. switching to " medium" or "high" will then change some of the AAA (70/88 mm) to higher AI level.
  4. -Resave in mission editor is not necessary anymore, that was fixed a number of releases ago. -Are you flying for the same side? If so, then you should start at the same airfield and be able to see each other. Perhaps post your mission configuration (screenshot) -Server overload message means your PC can't handle all the AI activity. Perhaps make the flights smaller. If it's only at mission startup and then the message disappears it's probably okay. When FC and BoBP (maps) have been released I will add them as well. Not sure about tanks, I don't know what kind of missions are typical etc.
  5. New version released today. Version 13 release notes: -Added windsocks to Moscow airfields -Fixed static object (T-shape/windsock) faction at airfields -Fw190 A3 now has proper attack loadout. -Changed ship types on Stalingrad map to Russian types -Ships will not move through ice See first post for download link.
  6. Thanks for the kind words! Motivates me to keep working on this after I get back from my holiday 😀
  7. These planes should work as they are already in the Stalingrad list. Maybe check: a) no double entries (no need to add p-40 to Stalingrad), b) exact spelling/ used characters etc Yes, you can add the Ju-52 as bomber to the list in the config file
  8. It should be possible; I added all plane types to the master list as far as I know except the WW1 planes. Which plane did you add?
  9. Thanks! Ship attack should already be in there, for the Kuban map. I think you’ll find it under “Escort Bombers” mission.
  10. Be aware: I forgot to set "create_msbin = 1" in the conf.ini. I have corrected this in the zip file, but if you downloaded before this post's timestamp you may want to correct this in the conf.ini file or the utility will not generate proper .msbin and .list files and loading of missions will be very slow.
  11. Small update today. I have been asked to add a scrollbar so users with low resolution screens or when using big fonts can use the utility. I made this work, but not in a reliable way. This has to do with the very simple python UI framework I'm using, but I will not bore you with details. Instead I made changes so that now it is possible to minimize each section by clicking on the icon on the left: Version 12 release notes: -Each section can now be minimized by clicking on the icon on the left. This to make the utility usable for smaller resolution screens. -Fixed minor bugs Please find the download link in the first post.
  12. Curious no-one remarked on the inspiration of my mission generator!
  13. New version, 11 is out. Only minor changes. See first page for download link. Version 11 release notes: -Changed name to IL2 Great Battles Easy Mission Creator -> The actual executable is called "EasyMissionGenerator.exe". Please delete old .exe -White skins will be chosen on all planes during winter -Added extra option for airfield selection, in between "close to" and "far behind" the lines -Added Yak 1b to Stalingrad plane set
  14. I understand. One work-around would be to login to your dedi box from another machine using Remote Desktop. I’ll see what I can do with scrollbars.
  15. I wanted to at least have the 3 maps supported... I'll lower the pace a bit now 😃
  16. New version out! Version 10 release notes: -Added Moscow map and associated plane set -Added option to change the name of the mission -Adjusted Stalingrad plane set -Fixed bug: One of the airfield targets would not trigger success message -Changed waypoints near Gelendzhik airfield to avoid hill collision (have to test) Download link in first post. It's not as easy I thought it would be. Will look into this in the future. Btw, I also have a dserver box I access remotely, but not sure why res is a problem??? Hopefully fixed now as I moved the "assemble" waypoint more to the south. But who knows...AI are very unpredictable!
  17. Good suggestion. I will change this, but you can already do this yourself in the config file. Reminds me though: I have to implement a "weight" per aircraft for random selection. I think they now all have equal chance of showing up. Was th I-16 really in use in 1942? In what role?
  18. Well, you just summed it up nicely... 😃
  19. And yes, another version! Version 9 release notes: -Added option to create single player missions -Fixed bug: Red flight would not cover Blue flight when doing ground attack mission -Changed default mission name to "SYN_Generated" (same for both single & coop) -Added 'no_mission' parameter in config.ini that automatically deletes .mission files after generation (for dserver) -Tuned form-up timer over airfield to avoid AI turning back too soon and crash in a hill -Renamed to 'Easy Mission Generator' -Changed artwork See first post for download link. I will now try to focus on some qualitative changes like better waypoint generation, descriptions, random events etc. instead of more features.
  20. Weird, I was under the impression that the .msbin file is used instead of the .mission for multiplay ???
  21. Look in the config. Is the msbin = 0? Set it to 1 and it will generate a full mission. If so, then bug from my side. Will upload new version. EDIT: Indeed, must have forgotten to set it back to 1 (I use it for testing). You can change the config.ini yourself for now. ** I have updated the original download link **
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