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  1. On 4/15/2020 at 2:17 PM, Hamaha15 said:

    Operation Oyster - the RAF’s daring foray deep into occupied Europe


    Hello all, I hope that you and your families are all doing well in those days of disease and isolation and that we all around the globe will come back to a relatively normal life again soon with the current danger reduced to a risk our health systems can cope with.


    Please find attached another historic mission recreated with the means available in the Il-2 Sturmovik game. Time required for playing the mission is 45 minutes. I spent a couple of home office hours more to write the script.




    Thanks for this detailed, historical mission! I am a fan of the A-20 so will definitely give it a try :)


    May I suggest you create a JSGME compatible file? So it will be easier to install and /deinstall since you add extra media files.

    EDIT: I have created one (using it my self now)


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  2. New version after latest user feedback:


    Release Notes v30
    -Added flight altitude option (applies for all flights)
    -In Dogfight mode airfield(spawn) location preference is now taken into account
    -Added Transport (rescue/resupply) objectives to Kuban
    -Tuned waypoint position & altitude calculations
    -Chosen scenario will be retained when changing maps
    -Removed obsolete code for tanks (will be based on new code base)


    Download here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/

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  3. 3 hours ago, Eclipse4349 said:

    First, a question -  what is the "enemy targets visible" option?  I searched for the term in this thread but it came up with no results.  It is checked by default.  What does it do?


    Second, @SYN_Vander , the tool is incredible, and it is, in my opinion, something that 1C should license/purchase from you and incorporate it into their MP server creation screen as an option, along with the option to load a mission created from scratch in the ME.  This is exactly what I have said here in the past is missing for multiplayer - a simple (preferably in-game) UI to generate a mission that players can hop in and just play the game together.  I tried it for the first time last week for a mission with a friend who is just getting going in IL-2.  I then played the same mission I had generated to play with him solo as I was testing some things, and... it was different (varied, different enemy flights and encounters)!   You have done fantastic work!!! 




    I have added the option "Enemy targets visible" to the Tips&Tricks section on my website. See here for the explanation: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/tips-tricks

  4. On 4/13/2020 at 12:55 PM, blue_max said:

    Hey Vander! We used your generator a couple of times now, it’s awesome.  By far our favorite tool. Thanks a lot! One question: we found that in the bodenplatte map the spawnpoints were quite far away from each other and we had to fly too long (for our taste) to find each other, even with the close airfields option selected. In the Stalingrad map things are much closer. But Stalingrad is also quite a boring map compared to the new ones... do you have any recommendations for particular map / front combinations where everything spawns quite close to each other? (Does not have to be historically correct, for a bit of online playing around that doesn’t matter to us).


    Oh and one detail: we like to play co-op PvE, but because in the official co-op mode you can’t respawn (and we desperately need the ability to respawn haha), we are forced to use dogfight mode.


    Cheers and thanks again!





    I think I know what you mean. For "Dogfight" mode it currently isn't possible to select "close to front" for the airfields. It always picks the far one for bombers and the middle one for fighters. Perhaps I can make this option. Another option if you want a quick fight is to use the air start :).


  5. 20 minutes ago, Beebop said:

    Yes you can.



    You create a Single mission under the name My First Mission.

    Once the saving process completes start the ME, click File > Open and navigate to data > Missions and look for My First Mission.Mission

    Double click on it to open it and it will open in the View Port ready to edit.




    Indeed. The groups with aircraft in it will usually be on top: Blue_flight, Red_flight (player planes), fighters_, bombers_ (ai only)


  6. 1 hour ago, Dutch2 said:


    Dit gebeurde al direct na het opstijgen als ik op hoogte ben met de eerste missie. Ik vlieg dan nog niet over het front. 

    Met de Camel ook weer de eerste missie, had ik de iconen en map aanstaan en kon direct zien dat er rode vierkantjes onder zaten en die knalde mij en een Bristol uit de lucht. 

    Als mod heb ik enkel: de scripted campaigns, gras mod met bloemen en de mods die de historische hakenkruizen geven. 

    Mod swapper gebruik ik OvGME. 




    Raar. Ik kan het niet verklaren. Ik kijk nu in de mission editor en zie geen enkel vijandelijke unit staan aan geallieerde zijde in de Camel missie. Ik zal ook eens met icons aan gaan vliegen en kijken of ik het kan reproduceren.

  7. 6 hours ago, Dutch2 said:

    Maybe I did miss something but my first mission was flying in a Fokker and noticed that after take off and being on level, I was being shot by AA and I’m 100% sure I was still on friendly terrain.

    Now the other campaign, flying the Camel, icons on, and here the same, only now because icons on noticed lots of red square icons that indicate appearance of enemy ground objects. Indeed after a short burst I went down by AA. 

    Is this normal or an failure. 



    Do you know the location? I just checked the first mission of Kaiserschlacht and there isn't any AAA near the first waypoint, enemy or friendly???

    Other explanation (when further to the west): An enemy plane jumped you and friendly AAA shooting at the enemy plane hit you instead.


    And which mission with the Camel? Also the first one?

  8. On 3/27/2020 at 1:52 AM, DD_Mobius_One said:

    Any way to make these Co-op?   I have all the PWCG things,  but would like this Coop if poosible.   Total lack of good coop stuff out there.


    Yes, that would be quite simple to do. Open the mission in the editor and then look for groups that are called "Blue flight" and "Red flight". Select the planes in these groups, then open Advanced Properties and tick "Cooperative start". Then make sure you save the mission with mission type " Cooperative" in the correct folder: "... \data\multiplayer\cooperative\

    Be aware the mission description is only for one side (either allied or axis) so you may only want to change those planes to cooperative starts.

  9. 3 hours ago, Dawg35 said:

    Is it possible to, in some way, insure that if the Me-262 is selected that it is placed on a concrete runway, or at least a large grass field?

    In my latest Me-262 coop mission that I created my friend was leading red flight (4 x Me-262) and I was leading blue flight (4 x Me-262). He tries to take off and at around 150 kph his nose gear collapses due to the rough field. All his flight suffer the same or crash into the treeline without having gained enough speed to takeoff. Then the same happens to me and my flight.


    Try the distant airfield option. There are not many airfields on Bodenplatte that work for the Me-262. I tried to have as much run-off space as possible for each airfield, but for some it's difficult.

  10. 2 hours ago, Dawg35 said:

    A question has occurred to me:


     in each section (allied/axis) after picking the country it states "Enemy air activity is [choice]" then "The AAA is [choice]".


    If I'm in the axis section and I select an "enemy air activity" setting am I basically determining how many additional AI for the allies will be generated?

    And the AAA selection in the axis section determines the effectiveness of the allies AAA, right?




    Sort of. With activity set to low, fewer enemies will spawn, but mainly they will probably not hunting for you. 

    Correct: It determines the AI level of the AAA. This will affect how early they will detect you and ( I guess) how accurate their aim.


    See also here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/tips-tricks

    On 3/18/2020 at 12:52 AM, 216th_Nocke said:

    How about a possibility to generate completely random missions? To give the possibility to choose randomly even country, map, and time?

    I would love that.


    A " I'm feeling lucky" button? Complete roll of the dice? I'd like that too, shouldn't be hard to do either.


    Be aware I'm spending some time on scripted missions, hopefully I can make some changes to the generator in the meantime.

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  11. 47 minutes ago, Roberbond said:

    If try to play the campaign with the language selector with my native language (Spanish) I cannot see any text in the briefing and the name of the missions are wrong. If I change the language to English everything is ok. Can you fix this issue?


    I don't expect you translate the briefing but something must be wrong in the spanish files.


    Anyway, thanks for this campaign!


    Hi, thanks for reporting. Indeed all other language files except English are incorrect. We'll add it to our bug list and fix this (meaning all other languages will also see English description, but at least better than nothing).

    On 3/13/2020 at 11:13 AM, J2_Jakob said:

    Half-way through. On the 2nd mission, we were supposed to be covering a group of three volunteers, while they destroy an observation baloon. We got into a dogfight over the NML on our way there. The fight took about 5 minutes, while the Pfalzes continued on their way. Then my Dr1s re-grouped and headed after the trio. We found them close to the baloon, but only saw them flying around it in wide circles at about 1000m, the baloon dragged down to about 500m. After 5 more minutes or so, they decided to RTB, without even trying to attack it. So I dove in and destroyed the bloody baloon myself. When we were approaching the baloon, I saw flak and AA shooting at the Pfalzes, but suddenly it stopped, while they were still circling. When I dove in, there was no gunfire to fend me off at all.


    Otherwise it's very good, the sunrise in 3rd mission was epic. 🙂


    Thanks. I'll check, but this could be a generic IL2 issue. Is it perhaps possible that the Pfalz's destroyed the machine guns?

  12. Hi Spit,


    I’m glad you enjoy the utility!

    About AI: That is not something I can control (easily). It’s up to the devs to improve on this behaviour. Usually they will fight to the death or until there is enough damage to make a “return to home base” decision. Unfortunately this is done on a individual basis, not as a flight.


    The colours used is also a known problem. Somehow the WW1 factions do not get a colour assigned. The front lines on the map also shows black/grey instead of blue/red. I’ll notify the devs.


    Generating multiple missions is interesting idea. I already built a small tool that does that from the command line. I need to think if this can be transferred over to the main program.

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  13. 1 hour ago, gad11 said:


    Did another mission with the Pfalz last night and same thing. They do a 180 about halfway across no man's land. Did another with the Albatross with no issues and it worked fine.


    I tested your mission and noticed the behaviour. The leader turned right near WP2 and headed straight for Cappy airfield where they landed. The planes had 80% fuel. I changed that to 100% and the plane did not go to Cappy. Interestingly it turned for the nearest enemy balloon, but since that one was hoisted down quickly the leader continued to WP3.

    So I think it’s the same “fuel” bug. What I could do as stop gap measure is to turn off “AI return to base decision”, but then AI will always fight to their deaths. 
    Let’s hope the devs fix this quickly.

  14. 20 minutes ago, gad11 said:



    Great tool! Been using it every night! Much fun.


    Noticed an issue last night where on a patrol (both from air start or runway) where sometimes the flight lead will just go crazy and fly to the other side of the map. One minute he is following the flight plan, then he turns hard left and heads back across the lines. Figured it was that bingo fuel issue but he doesn't land, just circles around a part of the map with nothing there. Noticed this with the Fokker D.VII and the Pfalz. No issue with the Albatross. 

    A common thing I noticed is when red planes show up on map, usually your wingmen fly towards them, but with the two missions I tried with the Pfalz, they turn away from them. 


    Anyways, figured i'd post to see if others notice the same.



    It would be very helpful if you could post a mission file when you encounter the first issue so I can investigate.


  15. 9 minutes ago, kendo said:


    Not sure if this is relevant, or connected in any way, but it sounds very similar to an issue i reported when using Syn_Vander's Easy Mission Generator. Link below




    So I did report this in the test forum, but it seems this bug hasn't been addressed? Let me check with the devs....

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  16. 17 hours ago, AKA_Greywolf said:



    I have been using your utility to create dogfight servers that myself and a few squadmates so we can collectively work on teamwork and other wingman aspects. Great utility and I love the updates that V29 brings to the table.


    A couple of questions about the file saving features. I have a number of missions that I created using the older versions, and now that the latest version is out, I would like to open them up within the new version of the utility. Make minor changes and adjustments, rename and then re-save them within the utility. Is this a possibility or a feature than can be added?




    Alas, it's not possible yet. I already added it to the wishlist (see webpage). It may actually not be very hard to do; let me think about it.

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  17. Version 29 with some user feedback changes (see above posts):


    -Increased start position distance of all WW1 planes to avoid hitting each other during take-off
    -Disabled mission objective logic for side that has no players (so you win when you complete your own objective)
    -Improved logic for making sure Patrol waypoints will be closer to enemy objective, ie bomber flight
    -Patrol waypoints now have priority "low" so AI should attack anything in the vicinity
    -Fixed a bug where incorrect template was used for January on Bodenplatte map
    -Moved random vehicles/trains to proper front situation in Kuban and Arras (closer to player)


    So no separate " intercept" scenario, but if you choose "Patrol" as you scenario and "Bombing" as the other side scenario (perhaps with random objective) then your first patrol waypoint *should* be in the vicinity of the enemy bomber flight and the AI will engage quicker since I changed the patrol waypoint priority. It will not be an ideal intercept course, so you still have to search!


    Download here:



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