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  1. 19 hours ago, 1PL-Husar-1Esk said:

    3rd mission, Camel attack on enemy aerodrome, my Camels flight did not droped the bombs nor did strafed hostile targets on the aerodrome, they were just circling under heavy AA. I was hit and landed, they just went back with bombs.


    Thanks. Must have set the waypoint too low or something. Could you order the AI to attack ground targets?

    12 hours ago, Dornil said:

    Thank you very much for these campaigns! Finally, something to play with in FC (considering lack of career and people on the servers).

    Just one request: please think about setting all or most AI to Ace level - even with recent changes they are still too easy to bring down. It kinda ruins the immersion, when player shoots down six airplanes in the very first mission (others survive just because player's ammo runs out).


    I agree with AI being too easy. They are more entertaining now, but not very good. I avoided AI on "low" as they were too dumb to even run their (rotary) engine :).

    Now it's a mix of regular, high and some ace. I can change everything to ace, but what if the next AI update suddenly makes all ace AI super sharp shooters? I guess best to go for a mix of high and ace for now.

  2. 18 hours ago, horsky said:



    First of all I want to thank you for this wonderful piece of software.


    I dont know what im doing wrong I just cant generate a snow map/mission/dogfight whichever really, do I need to own Bodenplatte for it to work?

    I got the rest except Boden and Flying Circus. I choose overcast and rain/snow and choose a front during the winter months.


    Nvm, I got it to work, seems I had to specify a date as well beyond only choosing nov-jan so I chose christmas, theres gotta be snow in Stalingrad come christmas right 😄




    Yes, not all maps have snow, but Mosow and Stalingrad definitely have snow! It is automatically chosen based on date; the months december, january and february will always be with snow.

  3. 3 hours ago, Dawg35 said:

    I've seen it happen when I was flying as Red or Blue leader.


    I've taken off as Blue leader, my friend (ie real, not AI) has taken off as Red leader and then the remaining Red flight aircraft have "gone nuts", except maybe for Red 2.


    I'll try to get a flight record and then post a video (or would you prefer the flight record file?)




    Don't necessary need a track. But I would like to understand if there indeed was a human player as Red (leader), because I think that is where things go wrong now. And thanks for helping me find the problem.


    EDIT: I think it indeed has to do with timing. If AI of Red flight is about to take/off or is taking off and then they get the "Cover Blue flight" command (which is scripted) they get confused... I will fix this by first letting them climb to a waypoint. In fact, I will probably also do the change that Red flight will take off first, so then it won't be a problem anyway.....

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  4. 10 hours ago, Dawg35 said:


    WW2. Airfield was at St Trond, takeoff to the west.


    I have seen this behaviour when testing the Flying Circus campaign missions and I think it is related to the time-out until the "Cover" command is given.

    However, I am not able to reproduce this behaviour at St Trond. I tested both with take off from runway and from the ramp. I tested with flying as Blue flight on autopilot and without autopilot. All works fine for me.

    Are you flying Red flight? Which period? Which plane type?


    EDIT: I see it happening now if I fly as leader of Red flight. I took off immediately after Blue flight and only after the timer kicked in did the other Red planes take off. Two of them then took off across the field. Perhaps because the "command Cover" was already given and they tried to follow the Blue planes or something.


    I will look into this.


    Tip/workaround to avoid this (I think): Wait a little bit (a minute or so) before taking off as Red flight leader.

  5. 38 minutes ago, Zeev said:

    Hi guys,

    I have uploaded the campaign with the skins to Content Downloader (You can find it in the third party tools).
    Let me know the author list for the skin pack so I will add the credits in the download description.

    Thanks for yet another scripted campaign. I am sure I will enjoy playing it :)

    Thanks. There is a readme file in the skins zip file with full credits.

    27 minutes ago, robeweise said:

    Apologies if this is a dumb question, I have IL2 BOS downloaded from Steam and Flying Circus downloaded from the website.  Would my main folder be the steam IL2 folder or the 1C folder under program files?


    I can only launch Flying Circus from the Il2 launcher that was downloaded when I bought it, it doesn't show up when I launch from Steam, if that matters.

    I’m assuming it is in Steam/steamapps/common/<IL 2 directory> or something???

  6. The Campaign is ready!




    Actually, it's two mini campaigns. Both have 6 missions covering the same three days during the German Spring Offensive of 1918 aka " Kaiserschlacht". The campaign where you fly the Fokker DrI is called "Kaiserschlacht" and the one where you fly the Sopwith Camel is called "Spring Offensive".


    Download the campaign files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11dgbmo_s_34eRuKocWGrr99vFXvS0uGS


    And the skin pack here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1krbqg3vS9idYXOsPhKwif6wWG3hXUe10


    Installation is simple: Just unzip in your main IL2 folder. You can also use a mod manager such as JSMG if you know how to. Perhaps I'll create a package later, but I want to finish this now :).


    Many, many thanks to my fellow Syndicate friends who helped me create these missions and provided skins: @SYN_Haashashin ,  @SYN_Skydance and @SYN_Bandy. Special thanks to @the_dudeWG and @YoYo who created several wonderful skins for this campaign! And of course thanks to the Il2 team who created Flying Circus in the first place and released a last quick patch that fixed some FC issues which would otherwise have affected this campaign.


    Have fun!


    Almost forgot:


    🎄 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  🎄 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Dawg35 said:

    I've been experiencing an issue that is probably an IL2 problem rather than the mission generator, but I'll throw it out for discussion anyway.


    When I have two flights of aircraft operating from an airfield with multiple hard surface runways both flights will be lined up on one runway. The first flight (which I usually lead) will take off with no problem. Then the lead of the second flight will usually take off successfully, but the remaining second flight aircraft will act erratically. I've seen them try to take off across the grass at 30-45 degrees off from the runway heading, colliding with buildings/AAA emplacements etc. But probably most often they start taxing around trying to get to a different runway, rather than the one they are lined up on. When they do this they invariably collide with one another and end up scattered about missing tail surfaces and/or wings.


    Anyone else seeing this? 


    Could you give a little more information? WW2, WW1? what kind of runway, or which specific runway?

  8. A known bug is that the editor will crash if you open a new mission while you have a (sub) group set as active. Always set highest level as active before opening a new mission. Sticking to this, I do not get any crashes anymore ( unless I’m importing some huge group or something).

  9. New version out!


    On this day,  75 years ago, the "Third Reich" started the Ardennes Offensive. Since we now have the Rheinland map, I added a special period "Battle of the Bulge" to the mission generator. This is a template with some extra scenery and most of the tactical targets in or near the Ardennes area. Since there is now also the option to let it snow, nothing is holding you back to generate some atmospheric missions!


    Another cool feature is an automatic version checker. When you start the utility, it will always check if a new version is available. If so, it will show a special banner. The banner can be clicked and it will open the download page in your browser. An automated update of the tool is bit too complicated for now, but this should help.


    Release Notes v25
    -Added new version warning plus button to download page
    -Added period "Battle of the Bulge" for the Rheinland map (dec 1944 - jan 1945)
    -Improved formation handling for Blue flight
    -Fixed a bug where AI would not correctly cycle between patrol waypoints


    Latest download is here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg


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  10. 8 minutes ago, [SRH]Festa_VR_Noob said:

    @SYN_Vander dude, have a week off, it`s nearly Xmas!!! :)


    I`m sure we can cope with the mission gen as it is for a little while. It`s been awesome as it is for ages now.


    Don`t wanna see you burn out and walk away from this gem lol.


    Thanks, but I actually do have a new update tomorrow, which has something to do with that specific date...and I fixed some small bugs

    ...then next weekend the FC mini campaign and then  I'll enjoy my holidays! :) 

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  11. 7 hours ago, TP_Jacko said:

    When I try to download the text in the drop box looks Arabic or like it is this correct. Normally its in english


    I'm sorry, what drop box? and what do you mean with "download the text"?


    EDIT: Perhaps you have trouble downloading the utility from the Google Drive download page. Click on this symbol in the top right corner: image.png.6c6fc2f97e998c2d49996d8d3d903571.png

  12. On 12/1/2019 at 1:57 PM, SYN_Skydance said:

    Image result for b5423 white 6




    Here is the first skin for a Sopwith Camel B5423 white 6 of the 54th squadron


    I'll post a link, at the end, that contains all the Camel skins together

    This skin is B7407 of the 54th squadron. This is the only picture that I could find of it. I've assumed that it was number 8






    This is B5417 number 11 of the 54th squdron

    Here is the download link for the 3 skins above and a generic skin for the 54th sqd.




    @SYN_Skydance I had to rename the skin names so there are no spaces or dots. I replaced them all with an underscore character so I could assign them in the mission editor.

  13. On 12/10/2019 at 1:34 PM, jollyjack said:

    Experimenting with Ju88 bombing not working i created an 'easy' mission, and tried to add some descriptive Trans icons i couldn't open the created mission (just downloaded the latest 24b ). To see what happens tried to open a creation it in the FMB, but could not edit or ungroup anything . . Probably an integrity error? Blue line i never saw before (posted about this elsewhere too).


    PS there is no Blocks folder in my 4.002 LuaScripts-WorldObjects folder BTW, must be in some gtp file, but i coul not find it sofar.

    Also not present in an older 4.001 IL2 backup installation.


    easy mission generation integrity errors.jpg


    easy mission generation.jpg


    I just generated a mission, loaded it in the editor and can edit it just fine. I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but the "no script file!" you are seeing is because of a bug in the game (I think it has been reported) as indeed this .txt file is missing in the gtp. In any case, it is a warning  and shouldn't be the cause why you can't edit anything.


    The empty groups you see in the lower corner is because I delete all objects outside the mission area, which results in a number of empty groups within the cities group.


    About the level bombing issue (if that is what you are testing): The devs are aware of it and are trying to fix it...

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