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  1. Yes, I was thinking about this as well. I’m currently busy with some code restructuring (to simplify adding stuff to all maps), but after that I’ll see if I can add such an option.
  2. Yeah, I used a standard call for the select folder function, also find it a bit “non intuitive” to know what you have to click. But this is more of a Windows issue! 😊
  3. Actually, the mission generation takes seconds; it's the re-saving to binary format (and no-doubt re-indexing etc) that takes some time. What happens exactly?
  4. Of course! There is a dedicated server you can use (\bin\game\Dserver.exe), so no need for good graphics card or anything.
  5. High CPU clock, because the AI cycles are running on one core it seems. IL2 AI are using the same FM as humans, which is good, but it does mean higher load. I selected a cheap i3 (only dual core), but with high CPU clock for my dedi box and it runs great.
  6. If you add the Me262 to the fighter list for Kuban, then right now, yes there is a chance that the random AI flies a Me262.
  7. Not in SP or COOP. I'm thinking about adding Dogfight mode as well; then you could easily respawn. Do note that as soon as you go for this mode and fly with friends, pretty soon everyone is flying alone unless you have very good discipline in your team! 😉
  8. For coop this is a bit of a problem since I need to define parking spots/runway locations for all these flights, which also depends on the size of the aircraft. Perhaps if I figure out a routine to determine spots more dynamically.
  9. All I can think of now is some windows permission issue, but I tested the same procedure myself (extracted in a new folder under IL2 which resides in Program FIles folder) and for me this also works fine. Did you try to run it as admin? Although the error message suggests you are missing one of the files...
  10. Where did you unzip it...in program files folder or just any folder?
  11. mmmm, no, it should work out of the box. You did unpack all files/folders in that zip?
  12. Well all these quotes seem to paint a pretty consistent picture... My quotes were specifically about the handling of the Albatros, not it's top speed.
  13. Maybe not entirely consistent with this report from Patrick Gordon Taylor who flew a captured Albatros Dva, I grant you: And this one by James McCudden: Although he admits the Germans could maneuver them well
  14. I’ll try to think of a way tune your plane list in the utility.
  15. Are you using Notepad++? Or the ordinary Notepad that comes with Windows? The last one won’t work.
  16. Small update: Version 14 release notes: -Fixed waypoints at airfields so Ju-88's will take-off after taxiing. -Added Me262A to global plane config so it can be added to individual plane list per map. See first post for download link. In case you want to add all planes to a map, use this to replace the lines in the config file. Make sure you use a proper editor such as Notepad++ : all_planes.txt
  17. Well I need to add the me262 to the global list first, which is not in the config file (yet). Something on my backlog. Also thinking about making it so that you can always choose from all planes, but the (generated) AI will stick to the plane set that is defined for the map.
  18. LOL. Indeed, it doesn't need to be updated. I tested it and still works. However, I’ll have to add the Me262 to the plane list. I will try to add some more features/changes soon.
  19. ...and it is actually very useful when flying in VR as I can now actually aim that angled gun!
  20. Something I started back then as we may never get accurate absolute data, at least consider the relative performance characteristics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N3uVPKS38BwZ4hufXgSuekn26NiPytZeMAshIqXAflY/edit#gid=0 However, when it comes to Albatros DV(a) it is always very difficult which engine variant they were talking about.
  21. True! That link gives me: $ 229 99 I guess it depends on region.....
  22. Funny, accurate replica yet not very ergonomic! I'm curious about Virpil's new f-14 " inspired" stick!
  23. I have the same issue. Sometimes had to plug out/in the USB cable to get a picture...weird
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