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  1. Probably the best online campaign experience is when it's manually organized, as described above by Stenka69GIAP. But this takes quite a bit of time and dedication so may not be suitable for every squad.


    A 24x7 online war is outside the scope of what you can do with the mission editor. However, I think it is something that can be developed by the community and it is also something the Syndicate squadron is really keen on investigating.


    The following is already available for RoF:

    -a mission log that shows when units have been destroyed ( or landed ) - =FB=Vaal has successfully used this to create a stats parser and database/webpage

    -a way to control the server ( start/ stop missions ) - The devs have provided an interafce to control/read the dedicated server (and provided Rcon utility as example) 

    -a structured mission file format that can be generated. - Pat Wilson has already created a mission generator for a single player campaign


    What is still needed is "campaign management" software (such as ADW) and it has to integrate the above functionaliy.

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  2. Isn´t this a little early? This is very much based on speculation. Facts will be most likely first

    available when the premium version is out. Till then it will be just a comparision with ROF, COD, original IL2

    and any other older flight sim.


    It is a little early, yes, but all comments by the devs indicate that BoS Mission editor and MP will be based on RoF and we shouldn't expect a lot of new features at release. I'm trying to shed some light on how things currently work for RoF.

  3. Thanks for quick response,


    So you have more options then in typical DF scenario IL2 guys are used to, this can somehow simulate most co-op situations but can not recreat some of them exactly like we have them in co-op, if i understod it correctly.


    Why this human spawning in with his 3 AI (or 2 humans, one in no1 other no3 in flight, each controling one element with AI wingman) in selected flight is important to me (cant speek for other coop players) is , because in case i dont have enough humans to fill all slots i can split humans in my team to have under control flights of 4 airplanes and still with small amount of players do mission with lot of airplanes with good comand and control of them. That dosent work if i plan AI flight in DF way and then have spawn point/airbase next to them, i can not control thouse AIs in any situation, like i would if they are part of my Flight (like in co-op, campaign or single mission) even though with this good triger option recognise i spawned and insted of 4 there is now me and 3 AI, or 2 of us and 2AIs.


    At first glance it may seam easy to just say co-ops can be replaced by new DF systems and i believe guys complaining about lack of co-op have good reson why they wont co-op mode in games.

    Yes, for smaller numbers of players, co-op mission work very well.


    My hope is that the devs will add more features over time to the current MP so we can have slots again that can be filled in by AI. Or better, players can spawn in existing AI planes during a mission.



    Key points;

    1. all humans starts in air at correct places in formations at same time, so time is not lost on geting in formations as if it is DF map with 2-3 airstart bases at set altitudes with limited airplanes and payloads

    2. even if in human avilable flights is no humans they start at same places i planed them as if there is humans in them 

    3, number of airplanes is limited 16 bombers and 4 fighters on blue and 12 fighters on red


    Okay, let's see. 


    1. No, this is only possible in co-op. Since in Dogfight players spawn individually, they have to form up first, before they continue as formation. This is obviously a draw-back, because it takes more time and you may need to co-ordinate more in TS/chat. You can however define multiple aircraft of the same type and give them different names "Flight A -1", "Flight A-2" etc. so players know what place they have in formation.

    If you want to fly in formation with AI planes then you have to find them and form up. I would suggest to spawn the AI some distance "behind" the player spawn point the moment the first human spawns in the air.


    2. No, not as simple as that. This is where co-op excels in its simplicity. Even with only one player you still have all the necessary aircraft in the air. However, it is possible to spawn AI aircraft depending on the number of humans that spawned (within a certain time frame) but it will be more complex to do. Something like: Everyone spawns within 3-5 minutes, form up/rendez-vous. The number of players actually spawned is counted. Then, when the spawn-time window has closed (to simulate co-op), depending on the number of players, the AI will spawn, filling up what is missing. I'm thinking this up as I type btw, but it should be possible.


    3. Yes, number of AI planes can be pre-defined or dependent on actual player spawns (see previous point).

  5. Hello thanks for post.


    I think the Coop is a A Players(whit Ai or not) Vs Ai B


    For example:


    A Must Atack a Convoy and B will defend it.


    A Follow his route, and near Airfields B has some Fighters patrolling.


    So A FIghters engage B Fighters and A Bombers attack Convoy


    also whit some Fighters Patrols and Ground troops of A and B on the map for some mood.

    Hi Manu,


    Yes this is possible. You can create multiple AI units in the ME and have them fly predefined waypoints and / or guard an area. You can also spawn enemy fighters when they needed, say the human players trigger them when they arrive in an area, or when a percentage of the AI planes has be destroyed. Triggers can also be used to start the AI only when players have actually spawned, so in effect you'll "pause" the mission until everyone is ready to spawn. Both human fighters and bombers can have the same spawn point or they can be separate.


    Now one thing that is awkward in (RoF) Dogfight mode ( I said I was not going to down play): you can spawn multiple AI fighters, but you can't have them fly in a formation. So you have to simulate this by giving them the same waypoints. I hope this can be fixed for BoS?

  6. I have just returned from a weekend cycling in the Ardennes and read through all the reactions on the latest dev update. A major concern I see is the omission of Co-op when the game launches. I also see that a lot of ( potential ) players make ( quick ! ) conclusions based on wrong assumptions, because they think of multiplayer in IL2, modded IL2 and CloD. We know that BoS MP will be based on RoF MP. I have, over the last 3 -4 years, made hundreds of missions for RoF; singleplayer, campaigns, co-ops and dogfight missions, so I might be able to straighten out some issues and answer questions ppl have about what IS possible in RoF/BoS MP.

    I will not try to play down the fact that we don't get Co-ops initially; there are a couple of features in ( RoF) co-op mission style that simply do not work in Dogfight mode. But I think there are also some advantages of Dogfight mode over ( Rof) Co-op that shouldn't be ignored.


    So fire away if you have any questions! Please let's not try to compare the RoF/ BoS mission editor with previous titles all the time, but instead focus on what your requirements are for an online mission and how to realize them with RoF/BoS MP.


    Example: I want to be able to quickly start an MP mission with my squad mates to practise dive bombing in the Stuka. I want to able to have several targets on the map and we should start close to each of the targets.

    Answer: Yes, this is possible with (RoF / BoS) Dogfight server. 1. Anyone can start an MP mission from within the game. It will show in the global mission list and can have a password. 2. You can create multiple targets and multiple spawn points in the air in the ME. 3. You can define which planes are available, in what number and how quickly they become available again.

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  7. LOL, everyone's favourite topic! :) as it should be!


    Favorite Planes (in random order):


    1. Focke Wulf 190 A (great modern design)

    2. P-51 D (for it's lovely looks and stellar performance)

    3. P-40 B /Tomahawk (best looking P-40, think Desert Air force and Flying Tigers)

    4. Spitfire V (it's a classic, nuf said)

    5. F4F Wildcat (very Grumman, very US Navy, very tough)


    Favorite Theater:


    North Africa 1941-1943. Thinking as a mission designer, this theater offers a lot of diversity in types of missions: Air superiority, Ground attack, Bombing, Naval warfare, Special ops (SAS) and more. Lots of plane types: British, American, German, Italian and even French. And a lot of action (going back and forth) in one region so a lot of different historical scenarios to be researched and played out!

  8. I'd like to see a North Africa map. For 1942/early 1943, most of the German fighters and vehicles are already available? So only need to work on Allied and Italian planes. If a lend-lease Hurri or P-40 is in the works, it will fit in nicely as well!

  9. ??? the reticule is not shrinking, it's the gunsight that is getting bigger as you get closer. This is how it should be. The reticule is projected in the distance, so you don't need to focus your eyes when looking at a bogey. That's the whole point of the reflector sight? Maybe I don't see it right in the youtube movie....


    This will explain better than I do:



  10. Although I have created 3d crater objects for RoF, this is not what you are requesting. So I should put this in the suggestions thread.


    There is already a "fire" object and (static) objects can be destroyed before the mission starts. So in a way it's possible, but not automatically distributed like you propose.


    Btw, there is already an 3d modeling SDK for static objects for RoF, so I'm sure this will work for BoS as well. Maybe they have to release a new 3dsmax plugin though.

  11. Since IL2 BoS will use the RoF engine, we can make some assumptions. In RoF, when you destroy a bridge, a train will still try to cross, fall of the bridge and explode :). However, with the mission editor you can create a trigger that goes off when the bridge is destroyed and then stop the train when it gets to the bridge.

    Some goes for when you destroy a train. It will block other trains coming over the same track as they will run into it. Some mission logic is needed to do this more realistically.


    Destroying roads is not possible afaik in RoF, but is it really IRL? trucks can bypass a crater and in RoF they will also bypass a destroyed truck on the road.


    But yes, destroying entrenched positions and crossroads with Stukas will be great objectives! There are bunker objects in RoF, so no doubt they will be in BoS as well.

  12. I think several things get mixed up when talking about 'realism" or 'immersion". When trying to define the different servers and the missions they are hosting (in RoF, but this goes for IL2 as well) I once came up with this:



    No quadrant in this diagram is better than the other, it's just a different style of gaming. 'World of Warplanes" for instance would fall in quadrant III.

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  13. I asked Loft about this, and he said they're still deciding how to go about this. In other words, it's not yet decided if the game will use a decal system like the original IL2.


    My guess (based totally on my own supposition and no hints from 1CGS) is that we'll have default skins with national insignia only, upon which tactical markings will be applied.

    I hope so Luke! Now is the time to implement such a feature as there aren't that many aircraft in the game. But it will be difficult to retrofit a decal system when a lot of aircraft models have already been developed. When making the 3d model you have to account for the decals unless it's possible to implement a system where decals are added as a filter layer to the aircraft texture upon loading of the model in the game?

  14. Great read Req!


    Looking forward to the game and make some missions for it! ( I have of course pre-ordered the premium edition). I'm also glad you were able to answer my question if it's necessary to achieve the main objective to progress in the campaign :)

  15. OK, so I watched the video. You enter altitude and speed and then drop the bombs. The essentials are there. Could be the simple bombsights of WW1, or the simple modelling. So the question still is how the 25 years of technical advances in bomb aiming from altitude will be modelled in the He 111 and Pe-2, and I'll still be trying them out first flight. I have lowered my expectations, though - now expecting that windsocks at the airfield will still be the way to go to determine winds at the target area 5000m up and 300km away.

    In RoF ( and no doubt in BoS as well ) the mission designer can set different wind speeds at different altitudes. With the bomb sight you can correct for wind direction as well. I don't know what the 25 years of technical advances meant for He 111 / Pe-2 bomber sights ( I only know a bit about the Norden bomb sight), but I'm sure they will not help you much to hit a target if there is 10 km/ hr wind speed at 1000 m from the East and a 20 km/ hr wind speed from the SW at 3000 m :)

  16. Type of improvement: AAA barrage
    Explanation of proposal: To protect strategic targets, a AAA barrage object can be placed over a target. In a volume of space of 1x1x1 km (or configurable) random AAA explosions occur (not dummy, but real explosions!). The number of explosions/minute should be adjustable. The AAA barrage can be triggered (switched on/off) by an event. The altitude of the AAA barrage can also be adjusted.
    Benefits: No need to place a lot of AAA units in the area, thus reducing cpu load. Also, unrealistic AAA "sniping" is also avoided.

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  17. Type of improvement: Gameplay/ Multiplayer


    Explanation of proposal: The ability to take the slot of an AI aircraft while a mission is already running.


    This can be:

    1) During an offline, single mission (single, career or campaign), you have the option to change planes by "spawning" in an existing AI plane. This is also possible if you get shot down so you can continue your mission in another plane. The availability of the option depends on the difficulty level you are playing.


    2) During a multiplayer co-op mission a player can join the mission when it is already running and spawn in an existing AI plane. A player logs in, checks the multiplayer list with (co-op) games and picks an interesting scenario. He reads the mission brief, checks how long the mission has been running, chooses a plane and drops right in the mission. If the player leaves the mission before it has ended, the AI will take over again (optional feature). During the mission, the number of real players may vary, but there is always a chance you meet a real player. Players that finish/get shot down can do the same (depending on difficulty level). An extra feature would be to be able to be gunner of an AI plane.

    Other necessary features: a) Multiplayer game list shows how long a mission has been running, b) plane slot shows status (on ground/in air/inactive)


    Note that this relates to the improvement request by gavagai, which sort of a combination of 1) and 2).




    1) This will increase replay value of missions by a huge amount, because you can try out the same mission in different planes, plus you can continue a mission after a mishap (think flak!). It may be possible to introduce unreliability with this feature so a plane in a flight might encounter a problem and have to turn home. If this happens to the player he can change planes. I always liked this feature in older sims.


    2) This is the holy grail of realistic multi player and multiplayer campaigns. There is no need to have people to meet up exactly at the same time to start a scenario. Players can choose how much time they will spend on a mission. Realistic mission scenarios with long duration can be played , but the player does not necessarily have to be there from beginning to end. Players could even opt to take over each others planes.

    Popular missions may have a full house, while others will have only one player, but there will be many more (interesting) multiplayer games to choose from than the now common dogfight servers.

    For new players, multiplayer will be more accessible.

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