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  1. 4 hours ago, Azdack said:

    Hi. Thanks for your work SYN_Vander. Yesterday I wanted to fly an Airfield attack with Tempest and I burst out laughing because all the AI pilots starting their engines beside my plane were sat outside the cockpit as Ben Hur on his roman chariot...But I guess this is a bug from the game himself since the last yesterday night Hot fix. Has anyone else these cowboys sitting on their flying horses?


    Yes, this has been reported multiple times. I guess it’s hard for the devs to pinpoint.

    4 hours ago, =DBC=BADRAP086 said:

    Wondering what kind of processor I need in order to stop getting dserver overload messages?  I’ve got an fx8350 and 16 GB of Ram running at 4 GHZ.  Except for rare exceptions, any maps I generate end up having overload messages.  The wierd thing is that total cpu useage always seems to hang around 25 to 30%.


    I also downloaded Vander’s Kuban series of SYN coop missions and those seem to run fine with no overload ever.


    Im hoping someone can point out what I might be doing wrong with the mission generator.


    i can run quick mission builder in the main game with max planes and everything runs fine.


    it seems like a beefy enough rig for dserver use, but maybe AMD is just not as well suited for this purpose?


    any help is appreciated... wasted several weeks scratching my head on this.




    It’s strange. I run my missions on a cheap i3 dual core, also around 4 GHz clock speed I guess. I can run a standard coop mission with 8 planes on both sides plus the additional AI planes, also 8 planes per side, so in total 32 planes, without any problems.


    Perhaps there is another problem, related to memory or disk access???


    btw, I am talking about a dedicated server here, not my game PC.

  2. 3 hours ago, jeanba said:



    I would also enable the P47 for most "bombing scenarii" as HQs for instance were often targeted by 9th AF P47s


    Good suggestion!

    10 hours ago, Bisch said:

    Awesome tool! My suggestions would be (if welcome)


    - distance betwen airfields option

    - support to add slots for Tank Clash Players

    - air start option 


    I’m struggling with how to let player choose an airfield in a very simple way, without having to show map locations etc.


    -Tank support will come

    -Air start is already an option (next to ramp/runway)

  3. 2 hours ago, 1./KG4_EKat said:

    Just tried adding the updated config.ini to EMG ver 20, but it didn't fix the problem with COOP server not being able to choose a flyable slot.  


    No that is a bug that was introduced with the latest release and I can't fix that ;) . The new config.ini makes sure you can select the new BoP planes on any map.


    BTW: Hotfix has been released that fixes coop bug!


    13 hours ago, Oliver88 said:

    These are small niggles to be honest that noticed when trying to setup some missions. Are the following changes to aircraft assignments possible. The aircraft mentioned ought to be suitable for the roles.

    • Enable Bristol Fighter to be chosen in the Patrol scenario.
    • Enable Bristol Fighter to be chosen for Red Flight in the Bombing scenario
    • Enable Bristol Fighter to be chosen for Red Flight in the Ground Attack scenario.
    • Enable Sopwith Camel to be chosen for Blue Flight in the Ground Attack scenario.
    • Enable Spitfire IX to be chosen for Blue Flight in the Ground Attack scenario.


    Thanks, yes can change that.

    However Blue flight is either bomber, attacker or patrol. Red flight is always escort, thus of fighter type. If you need more bombers you can increase Blue flight up to 8 planes and reduce red flight to 0.


    I have also added the Halberstadt as fighter as it was designed to escort other two-seaters (hope we'll get those some time!)

  4. This is just the default template guys. You can destroy all buildings if you want to and create a new template. You can also add destroyed villages in no mans land etc. (I will do this for the mission generator template).


    Early days still.

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  5. 8 hours ago, 56RAF_Talisman said:

    As a VR user too, visibility, particularly spotting air-to-air contacts, is now total pants!

    Very disappointed with this at the moment.




    What exactly is "pants"? You can't spot any aircraft or ????? 

  6. From wikipedia:


    In den Niederlanden wurde nach der Einsetzung eines Reichskommissars im Mai 1940 die Stellung eines Wehrmachtbefehlshabers geschaffen. Dieser erhielt mit Verfügung vom 17. Mai 1942 die Dienststellung und Befugnisse eines Armeeoberbefehlshabers. Im November 1944 wurde aus dem Stab des Wehrmachtbefehlshabers die 25. Armee gebildet.

    Wehrmachtbefehlshaber in den Niederlanden war:


    so it’s not a unit, but a command(er), comparable with an Army supreme commander/general. It existed side by side with a “civilian” counterpart. This article also states that in nov 1944 from Stab the 25th army was created.

    But yes, it existed since May 1940 (occupation of the Netherlands).

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    New update!


    Version 20 release notes:

    -Support for Rheinland/"Bodenplatte" map!
    -Support for Arras map!
    -Added new objective type "HQ" (only in Arras/Bodenplatte for now)
    -Fixed scoring logic for Patrol missions
    -Deletes scenery outside of mission area (might become option later)
    -"Under the hood" Support for multiple factions / areas
    -Show when generating mission and when re-saving.
    -Added start location when airstart on map



    1. There are no WW1 vehicles or static objects in the game yet, so although you can use the Arras map, WW2 vehicles and objects will be used!!!
    2. There will be more periods supported for both Rheinland and Arras, but for now only one timeframe.
    3. Due to Rheinland map size/objects amount the generation/re-saving of a mission takes more time.

    See first post for download link.


    2 minutes ago, =SFF=_cercataa said:

    Do the missions work with version 3.201 ?

    I was just trying with a Friend, and just the update arrived, and now when I choose a plane inside the game, it stays "loading forever".


    Coop? I think I had this bug once while beta testing. Try again. In any case, I uploaded a new version of the tool.

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  8. On 9/24/2019 at 2:23 PM, Dawg35 said:

    I'm having a bit of an issue with version 18. I'll download 19 and try it later tonight but I'll throw this out there just in case it's something others have experienced or if it persists into 19.


    I usually set up 6-10 missions for myself and my buddy to fly in rotation. Various fighter sweeps, escort bombers, intercept bombers etc. In the past these type missions resulted in the generated waypoints leading us into easy visual range of enemy aircraft. But recently,  more often than not, we have to go hunting for the enemy well off the path of generated waypoints. I usually have to resort to cheating by using "control F2" to view the enemy aircraft and figure out where they are. For instance last night we were escorting bombers that were never intercepted by enemy fighters. Once they came off target and headed home I located the enemy fighter group well to the southwest of the target area.


    Thanks for this great tool, hope the above makes sense and helps improve the tool.


    There may have been a bug and as far as I know it has been fixed. But be aware that "enemy air activity" has an impact on this. If set to "low" the enemy AI will not hunt you. If set to "med" there is a 50% chance the enemy AI will hunt you while over the target and with "high" this is 100%. However,  chances of actually meeting the AI also depends on where the AI is when you are spotted over the target and how long you stay there....


    EDIT: Just realized... is this in "Dogfight MP" mode? Because there this logic doesn't work at the moment...


    On 9/24/2019 at 4:44 PM, Beebop said:

    I take it it is beyond the capability of this Generator to produce AI flights in specific areas when making Dogfight missions.  I checked 'Additional AI flights' and they do generate but kind of like Dawg35's experience no where near either sides airbase or what would be a direct flight line to targets for either side.  I guess that's expecting a lot of an "automatic mission generator".  I guess that's the kind of thing I should learn the ME for to add for myself.  Still, this is a great utility.  I will be testing the results tonight.


    See previous post how the logic now works. It's indeed beyond scope to place objects flights etc. What I could do is add another mission type such as " scramble" or  "Dogfight"  where you will always face enemies? 


    On 9/25/2019 at 9:52 PM, skunk160 said:

    Anyway to include "collector planes"? ....or just the Spit Vb


    Yes. Just untick "Historical plane set" and you can choose any plane you want.

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