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  1. Ah, the million dollar question! I have been thinking about this as well, but not so easy to arrange. Perhaps I can choose the mission objective location of one side that is closest to the objective location of the other. But where to start? Allied and then adjust Axis? Or the other way around or iterate a couple of times before a good solution has been found? I'll try to see what I can do. Absolutely! In fact, it's already in the missions Look for the following structure and park your plane close. Follow the hud messages.
  2. Yes, I remember! That’s why I created this: 😃
  3. Sorry, it's my fault. Normally the IL2 path in the config is empty. I accidently left mine in, which is "C:\Program Files\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles". When the path is empty it will prompt the user to set a path, now it generates an error. So for all (new) users: Make sure to set the IL2 path first for v26! I have corrected the config file in the zip file by now.
  4. Thanks. I checked a test mission and didn't see anything wrong, so I guess it's a timing issue. If you would loiter longer over the main target some enemy planes should appear. But I already made some changes that should guarantee some action when activity is set to " high" and isn't dependant on a specific area :).
  5. Hi Bugsy, Will look into this. If you have set enemy air activity to "high" than two enemy AI flights should be hunting for you near the target area, but if they reach you in time depends how far away they are. I'll check if there is some bug, but in any case will think about a better mission logic. EDIT: It's important though that "Additional AI flights" is ticked as the enemy's Blue and Red flight will not necessarily meet you!
  6. Well, for one, the distance between UK and France is quite different. I have flown DCS missions where I took off from UK and escorted B-17's to Caen and it does take a lot more time than I thought to cross the Channel. It shouldn't be a problem for SP missions, but for MP I predict a Channel Map focusing around Dover / Calais will be a lot more popular than the current DCS Normandy map! It's good that the proposed map for IL2 covers more area to the North East of Normandy for this very reason.
  7. The flights that you configure are 8 planes per flight max, giving 32 planes in total. With Additional AI planes ticked you'll get another 8 AI planes per side (selected randomly) so in total there will be 32 + 16 = 48 planes in the air.
  8. The secondary is picked at random. Look closely at the map and you should see another target icon somewhere.
  9. Actually, I just added that to the wishlist. I’m thinking about a transport/deliver package/drop spy etc mission with various landing spots in challenging terrain 😃
  10. I tried to add it to the current tool, but it’s quite different so I may have to make a separate tool. Which I don’t like because it means twice the maintenance.
  11. New version out. Release Notes v26 -Reversed Blue & Red flight for take-off order -Added 2nd objective for single/coop missions -Increased fuel loads to avoid "bingo fuel bug" situation for Flying Circus planes -Plane positioning on ramp/runway based on plane size & number in flight -Tuned cruise speeds of all planes so they cruise a little faster -Added HQ target to Kuban map -Bodenplatte planes have default skins again -Fixed bug where Red flight would not land after Patrol mission -Fixed Tempest payload bug: No bombs on bomber missions Download here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/ or click on the banner in the utility.
  12. Good to hear! New update which will fix the fuel issue amongst other things will be released soon (tomorrow).
  13. Thanks for uploading! I was able to reproduce the issue. What happens is that the tool calculates the fuel load for each aircraft based on a default, minus 30% or so when the aircraft starts in the air and the airfield is close to the front line. In this case this means the Albatros DVa starts with 59% fuel and after 2 minutes or so it reaches a level where the AI decides this is too low and it has to turn home, so they land at the closest airfield. If I increase the fuel amount to 75% they drone on past the first waypoint. I say it's an IL2 game bug as 59% should be more than enough for this mission, so I will report it to the beta forum. Not sure if this is a problem for all FC aircraft or only the Albatros. But I did see similar behaviour with the Bristol F2b, so now I know what caused the issue. EDIT: I tested with the Pfalz and it's even worse: They peel off directly after airstart, so I think it's a generic FC problem. In any case, as a workaround I will increase fuel loads for the next version. In the mean time: Start from the ground or select a distant airfield as this will also give the AI more fuel.
  14. Strange. I can't reproduce this. Are you flying as Blue or Red flight? If it happens, could you zip and post the mission here?
  15. Must be winter because the generator then chooses the default winter skin. However, this logic only works with the Russian planes as the BoP planes have no default winter skin (and for P-51 it apparently chooses a Yeager skin). I could try to replace all skins with normal defaults again.
  16. actually it's 2 x 6 missions! 3 days -2 missions per day.
  17. Thanks. Must have set the waypoint too low or something. Could you order the AI to attack ground targets? I agree with AI being too easy. They are more entertaining now, but not very good. I avoided AI on "low" as they were too dumb to even run their (rotary) engine :). Now it's a mix of regular, high and some ace. I can change everything to ace, but what if the next AI update suddenly makes all ace AI super sharp shooters? I guess best to go for a mix of high and ace for now.
  18. Yes, not all maps have snow, but Mosow and Stalingrad definitely have snow! It is automatically chosen based on date; the months december, january and february will always be with snow.
  19. Don't necessary need a track. But I would like to understand if there indeed was a human player as Red (leader), because I think that is where things go wrong now. And thanks for helping me find the problem. EDIT: I think it indeed has to do with timing. If AI of Red flight is about to take/off or is taking off and then they get the "Cover Blue flight" command (which is scripted) they get confused... I will fix this by first letting them climb to a waypoint. In fact, I will probably also do the change that Red flight will take off first, so then it won't be a problem anyway.....
  20. I have seen this behaviour when testing the Flying Circus campaign missions and I think it is related to the time-out until the "Cover" command is given. However, I am not able to reproduce this behaviour at St Trond. I tested both with take off from runway and from the ramp. I tested with flying as Blue flight on autopilot and without autopilot. All works fine for me. Are you flying Red flight? Which period? Which plane type? EDIT: I see it happening now if I fly as leader of Red flight. I took off immediately after Blue flight and only after the timer kicked in did the other Red planes take off. Two of them then took off across the field. Perhaps because the "command Cover" was already given and they tried to follow the Blue planes or something. I will look into this. Tip/workaround to avoid this (I think): Wait a little bit (a minute or so) before taking off as Red flight leader.
  21. Thanks. There is a readme file in the skins zip file with full credits. I’m assuming it is in Steam/steamapps/common/<IL 2 directory> or something???
  22. The Campaign is ready! Actually, it's two mini campaigns. Both have 6 missions covering the same three days during the German Spring Offensive of 1918 aka " Kaiserschlacht". The campaign where you fly the Fokker DrI is called "Kaiserschlacht" and the one where you fly the Sopwith Camel is called "Spring Offensive". Download the campaign files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11dgbmo_s_34eRuKocWGrr99vFXvS0uGS And the skin pack here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1krbqg3vS9idYXOsPhKwif6wWG3hXUe10 Installation is simple: Just unzip in your main IL2 folder. You can also use a mod manager such as JSMG if you know how to. Perhaps I'll create a package later, but I want to finish this now . Many, many thanks to my fellow Syndicate friends who helped me create these missions and provided skins: @SYN_Haashashin , @SYN_Skydance and @SYN_Bandy. Special thanks to @the_dudeWG and @YoYo who created several wonderful skins for this campaign! And of course thanks to the Il2 team who created Flying Circus in the first place and released a last quick patch that fixed some FC issues which would otherwise have affected this campaign. Have fun! Almost forgot: 🎄 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! 🎄
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