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  1. Check zones can only be used for AI or pre-defined players as in single missions/coop. This is by design. In the early days of RoF there was only single player & coop game modes.


    Complex triggers should be used for spawned entities as in "Dogfight" multiplayer. Note that nowadays you can also use complex triggers to detect AI planes: Use " Check planes" tick box.

  2. 41 minutes ago, TP_Jacko said:


    I tried this out and having 2 slides. I did get a server overload message but maybe because I was testing out the AI with only 1 human


    Overload message is usually only temporary at startup, but this depends on your hardware setup.


    With all flights having 4 planes, you end up with a maximum of 32 AI planes minus your own if you fly single. For a dedicated server this is very doable, but when you run this on your own PC while also flying it is on the "edge". You can of course lower the number of planes per flight, or fly with more real players :) .


    Btw, even if you only configure one side, the other one will still be there, but then the plane types etc are randomly chosen.

    38 minutes ago, 56RAF_klem said:


    I may be misunderstanding but I meant the custom settings in  the DServer such as icons, padlock, etc. I don't see the sds file for the Coop generated by your utility (looks good btw) so perhaps I am not understanding. I am used to setings these up for Dogfigbt servers and assumed your utility was generating one.... somewhere :)


    Ah, no. For now this only generates the mission files. If having a GUI to set server options will be very helpful than I can put it on the backlog. 

  3. New version up!


    Version 2 release notes:

    -Changed "Set IL2 mission path" to “Set IL2 game folder”

    -Added extra option "Enemy air activity". For now this translates to the chance that enemy patrols will try to intercept you.

    -Mission resaver now started from resaver path (alas no fix). Also changed that no console is visible when mission is created.

    -Completely rewritten GUI code so I can change it easier (object oriented)


    See link in first post.



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  4. 3 minutes ago, AtomicP said:

    Excellent work, thanks for this. 


    Seems to function as intended as far as I can tell.


    One thing I'd suggest changing is in the GUI, the "Set IL2 mission path" initially confused me because I thought it was looking for the mission directory, when actually it just wants the root of the game directory. Maybe change the text to "IL-2 main directory" or something like that.


    Yes, I noticed this as well and already corrected this. Thanks!

  5. 3 hours ago, DD-FT- said:


    The missionresaver command appears to be working fine if you use its .exe path as the default folder when running it, like use cd \Bos\Bin\Resaver command before you run the executable. Tested this a bit, and if I leave the cd\ out, I get the result you are describing here, if I put it in (using a batch file) then it works fine.


    Oh and thanks for the Generator!



    Thanks! I'll try that

    Tested... in a cmd shell it does indeed write a .list file, but the desc files are still  getting corrupted. A lot of lines are missing someheow.

    Even then... I can't get it to run like that from within Python.

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  6. Today again 15 fresh coop missions on our server. The missions are in chronological order, spanning sep-nov 1942 in the Stalingrad area.



    -less frequent overcast (was 1:5)

    -Lines move with date

    -Airfields change depending on date


    Later today I hope to release a coop mission generator with simple GUI.

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  7. I updated the mission generator. Now 15 missions on the server, running in chronological order. I'll try to run the server on every Sunday.



    Known issue: Due to a bug in the IL2 missionresaver the briefings are corrupted/not shown. Workaround: look on the map and hover over the " Attack" waypoint. A pop-up will appear showing the objective.

  8. Hi everyone. After creating a number of Coop missions/campaigns I again realized how much work it is to create (bug free!) missions. So the last 2 weeks I spent working on a dynamic/random mission generator using a Python script. I have to say the results are encouraging and I might do a lot more with my newly acquired programming skills :) (a simplified mission creator perhaps?).

    In any case, I put up 12 randomly generated coop missions on our server. If you like this sort of thing, please check them out and post any feedback in this thread.

    Remember, you can play on your own, together with friends or even player vs player. Everything is possible.


    I will continue to work on the mission generator, adding features and scenarios.


    Have fun!

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  9. 6 hours ago, NETSCAPE said:


    Actually there is a need for steam. Many developers realize this, so did 1C - that's why their game is on Steam also. It should be pretty obvious why... to boost player amount and sales. Pretty simple. 


    Of course there is a need/use for steam. 90% of my games are on Steam. I'm saying for this particular title you don't HAVE to use steam as the update mechanism is very good (has been since RoF) and other reasons mentioned.

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