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  1. Tanks are already quite good in IL2. In a coop with realistic objectives the action is spectaculair. It is great to see your teammates bomb or strafe an enemy tank That is trying to shoot you!
  2. Fantastic news! Although I did look forward to the Pacific scenario, this is even better I think. Parallel development, RoF revisited, Map including Netherlands (!), tanks and all this in one sim is something I didn't dare dream. Lot's of mission making to be done!
  3. Some more missions. IL2 with the Kuban map is such a great flight sim and I'm really having fun with building some scenario's. The first one (#12) has several objectives you can try to achieve (with some surprises). The second one (#14a) is about defending the port/city of Kabardinka. Enemy bomber forces and tanks will come in waves, see if you can repel the attacks! Map: Kuban Player side: Russian, with some slots for German planes. Mission type: MP Dogfight, but to be used as PvE. I will build further on this one as I haven't really created good win/loose conditions. I also noticed a lot more AI planes can be used simultaneously, so I will increase the # of planes. SYN - Coop 12.zip SYN - Coop 14a.zip
  4. Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Love the clouds! Best of any flightsim I know...
  6. Had this happen to RoF missions. Perhaps a special character in the text caused this? If memory serves me right.....
  7. I think it's up to the mission designer to decide when a mission is a "success". So it can be getting to a waypoint or surviving the first x minutes + landing etc.
  8. I tried this once, using the 3d converters for RoF, but the objects didn't show in BoS...?
  9. I play ED Jason (backed kickstarter). Also backed SC, but I'm waiting for it being an actual game before putting a lot of hours in. You know where to find me!
  10. Great looking aircraft! Hope to see it fly someday...
  11. I'm still sitting on an unfinished "Kaiserschlacht" campaign for RoF, in co-operation with SYN_Haashashin
  12. Yes, you can create a campaign by yourself -and I have done so for RoF and the old IL2- but I would like to see the quality take it up a notch with better story writing, animations / cut scenes. The devs have already created a nice campaign framework where you can choose between a story-based mission or a generated/generic mission, selectable from the map.
  13. "Flying Tigers"/Burma would be awesome, provided they seriously invest in a story-telling campaign. Preferably one with a co-op option. I love having a new map & planes, but without a fitting "story" you'll just be doing the exact same thing, but with different planes. WIth "Flying Tigers" you already have a great starting point: small unit/underdog defends against overwhelming odds.
  14. What do you mean with " gamma"? If you set view distance to max in config, the planes should be visible around 7 km or further away. Usually, they are only a dot then, unless you are zoomed in all the way. EDIT: sorry, I thought I was in RoF forum! Please ignore my post....
  15. For proximity: Yes, for CheckZone it's not needed to connect to an object, so it will trigger on any object entering/leaving the area.
  16. No, Checkzone now also works in MP! The difference is that with Complex trigger it is possible to filter on specific aircraft (name, country, type) whilst Checkzone you can only trigger on Allied or Axis, but it uses less CPU cycles, so you can use more in a mission.
  17. Thanks! very informative links about the sights.
  18. I'll do some in-game tests to see how the random timers now behave...
  19. Agree with this selection. I have used BT-7 as AI tank in a mission and it's a better match for the Panzer III. The Panzer IV can fight the T34....
  20. Also, please disable radar function around tank spawn point!
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