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  1. If the option to form flights (as in the co-op lobby) would somehow become available to MP Dogfight mode, then maybe the devs need only to support one MP game mode? From a MP campaign perspective what you typically would like to have is: -The ability to start an MP game at a certain time (now you can already do this in ROF with scripts and Dserver or Server manager interface rcon) -Pre-define flights. Limit the number of available aircraft (and re-spawns). -Let people join later and spawn any of the pre-defined planes (this is already possible in RoF) -Ideally: LET PLAYERS TAKE CONTROL OF AN AI AICRAFT after the mission has started. -Let scoring and mission outcome (win/loose) be dependent on real objectives, not just most destroyed planes or anything. -Let the outcome of the previous mission determine the next mission. In theory, this functionality is already in RoF, but it seems it is bugged now -More randomization options: Random placement of AI objects in a given area etc. Random weather etc.
  2. Sure, for single player in RoF this is already possible, but I was thinking of MP and maybe online campaigns.
  3. "in historical missions reward system will be very different and will be based primarily on performance of tasks and orders. " This is very good news! Right now in RoF, the fact that you only get points for destroying objects really limits the gameplay possibilities when building missions. I hope this gets transferred to Rise of Flight as well???
  4. Thanks Andy, I liked the weather too. I created the mission, but not the weather. I think SYN_Kollwitz added some variants, including this one. Finding ships to bomb was also a bit more difficult, which made it more fun. I have a special "vintage mission" in the works that will focus on D.H.4s bombing distant targets around Bruges...should be fun!
  5. I still love the simple, but very effective, mission builder from red Baron! Something like this with some more options (location) and a save option and I think most players will be happy
  6. Good suggestions. FWIW: in RoF there is a Damage command that you can use to damage or destroy objects. Total destruction is usually acompanied by an explosion. There is also a dummy explosive object you can trigger. These two together give the mission designer a lot of options.
  7. So many concerns already! I woud let the devs worry about how to create a Stalingrad that will not cause stutters. From what I know, they will not accept anything less. It's good to point out where the main area of interest is for the aerial battles though.
  8. Since BoS will share or be built upon RoF technology, I'm assuming that it will also have a co-op game mode. For Rise of Flight I have created numerous missions, both for Dogfight and Co-op mode. After discussing with a lot of MP players I have 3 suggested changes that will greatly improve Co-op gameplay. These are: 1) A single player should be able to start a co-op mission on a public server. As of now, in RoF, a player can't start a mission by itself. When there are few players around this means he has to wait for someone else to join and this can take some time. So he leaves and 5 min later someone joins, see that nothing happens and leaves. And so on. If the first player could start the co-op the 2nd would see him still in the server and join so a snow-ball effect can happen. When the 2nd mission starts, there will be more players still in the server. 2) In the Mission Editor there should be an option for an aircraft that it will not spawn in the game if no player took it's slot. So a plane type: "Human" besides "AI", "Cooperative" and " Player" (for single player) Currently, co-op doesn't properly support a large number of planes. If you create 75 co-op planes in a mission and when starting the mission only 2 players have joined, 73 AI planes will take-off and normally the game server can't handle this. There is a work-around for this (deleting planes that do not take-off) but it's very user unfriendly and also not fool proof. 3) The ability to have players jump in AI aircraft when the mission is running. I think Loft already mentioned somewhere that this will not be in scope. For me it's the holy grail of Multiplayer since it will allow for a much more casual approach to multiplayer but you can still have realistic and diverse missions, unlike dogfight mode which is more rinse & repeat. I genuinely think it will attract a lot more player to Multiplayer which is also interesting from a marketing perspective
  9. In RoF, kill messages are a server side option. So let's hope they will keep it that way.
  10. No, or I wouldn't be asking for it In RoF you can define groups, save them as separate files and import them in other missions, but that is something different.
  11. Yes, this is exactly what what I mean. Of course, I don't really care if it's C# or Javascript or something else.
  12. How about Burma / Flying Tigers????
  13. Errr, isn't that the same thing? At least, this is how I see it as well...
  14. Yup, that is actually a great feature. You'll notice it specially when the bomber is climbing and using full throttle. Here the effect is demonstrated: Here is also an old video showing damage model as well:
  15. Oh yes, that would be great! WIll make a great campaign as well.
  16. Strange choices so I didn't vote. The great thing about a pacific map is that you can have both a huge map AND detailed cities and airfields because they are all concentrated on (small) islands. That's also what makes a North Africa/Desert map so appealing. There is not as much infrastructure/ many cities to model so you can make it look very realistic (I hope!).
  17. Maybe a good compromise would be to have a "subroutine" or user script option in the Mission Editor (as in ArmA, CloD ?). Then such logic can be created and easily inserted in any mission if you need it. Example: For our RoF server I have created a small group for MP missions that consists of one balloon and an AAA gun. When an enemy player gets within a certain distance, the balloon will be winched down (using waypoints). The event will also spawn two machine gunners on the ground so if the enemy player persists in attacking the balloon he will be greeted by heavy machine gun fire (as was in RL). A timer will make sure that after some time the balloon will rise again and the MG's will disappear again (to save resources). All this is placed in a group file and in RoF I can easily drop such a group anywhere on the map and copy it a couple of times. So far so good. But if I used this group in 10 missions and then I find I had made some kind of mistake in this logic, I then have to change all 10 missions and look for all those groups in the missions and fix it everywhere. If, instead of a group that I have to copy, this would have been a pointer to a "subroutine" I would only need to fix the bug in that subroutine and all missions would be okay.
  18. In that case I'm pretty sure it will not be in the game. The reason? You need to create not just plane FM, but also a WM, ie a 'World Model' which has all these rules and logic in it. Takes enormous amount of resources to create and still more resources to maintain (because just as with FM you need to bug-fix and people will always complain it's somehow wrong). And all that while you can do the same thing in a mission script? Just trying to think from a developer's perspective....
  19. WIth the current RoF mission designer, most of this is already possible. You can let events (such as an onject being damaged or destroyed) trigger an action or spawn other objects. As an example it is already possible to detect when a building gets destroyed and then turn-off a number of searchlights. So I'm pretty sure this will be possible in BoS as well.
  20. Although I agree on having support for a large number of players and AI objects, I'm much more interested in the functional aspects of Multiplayer: Can we have coops where you can jump in while the mission is in progress? Will there be support for MP campaigns, maybe generating missions? How to communicate to players in a mission, ie giving orders, change icons in-game, change objectives etc. Which event can be used to trigger new actions? On a simple dogfight server, I don't care if there are 25, 50 or a 100 players if it's only about furballing low on the deck...
  21. CLoD Sun. I like how it blinds you CLoD decals and weathering on planes CLoD system of using custome scripts in missions. Maybe even better, look at what Bohemia software did for Operation Flashpoint (and I guess now Armaa?). Having scripts mean you can debug them without the need to change all mission files that use them. RoF visibilty distance, zoom etc RoF Flight & damage model RoF Gui, QMB ...
  22. Good one. I'm also hoping that some kind of decal system will be used for BoS. In multiplayer, having lots of different/custom skins can eat up a lot of memory, but decals with squad markings or codes don't have that problem and will be very useful for identification.
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