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  1. 1 hour ago, I/KG1_Chattytumbler said:

    Hi Vander,


    Wow, years of playing iL2 and I have only just found this tool - it's absolutely amazing! The developers should throw some money at you and add it to the core of the game instead of the standard Quick Battle feature. Couple of questions:


    1. Is there a way to make bombers land after a mission? I was escorting a flight of 111s and at the end of the mission they just kept orbiting over the airbase. For ages.

    2. Feature request - would it be possible for an extra button to create small, medium and large targets for bombers? I send out the 111 fleet and the target was just a single oil tank 'block'. Something a fighter could have cleared with cannons. 

    3. I'd love send you a virtual coffee, can you set up a buymeacoffee account (or something similar) so we can keep fuelling your amazing work on this project?  :)


    Thanks for the feedback!


    The bombers should land at the end of the mission. It could be a bug on my end, or the AI is acting up. It is hard sometimes to find out what is a " feature"  and what is actually a bug in IL2 AI ;) . Could you provide details on that mission? which airfield and which scenario (bomb or attack)?

    Maybe I need to have multiple sizes of targets yes. I'm using the same ones for WW1 and WW2 now, but that will not hold. Or I always use the same big targets, but with different "win" conditions (percentage of destruction needed for an attack to be successful).


    Didn't know about buymecoffee. Will have a look at that! :)


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  2. 7 minutes ago, Dawg35 said:

    This has become my number one indispensable mod for IL2, thanks!


    One change I would like to request if possible: could you add check box(es) to select or disable aircraft of different eras? IE I would prefer that WWI aircraft not show up when I am working on a WWII scenario, or vice a versa. I know "Historical Plane Set" will do this but sometimes I do want to play with aircraft a year or so outside of a given time-frame but not a decade or two out! 




    Ah yes, what I can probably do is limit planes to the same "theatre". I have now defined: WW1, WW2-West and WW2-East theatres.

  3. Mmmm, I’m reading a couple of incorrect statements in this thread. Just to be clear:


    When you start a single mission in-flight you are NOT on auto-pilot, but on auto-level.

    Auto-level is engaged by pressing Shift-A (default) and disengaged by pressing Shift-A again or by moving the controls far enough from the center position. 
    Auto-pilot is engaged by pressing A (default) and disengaged by pressing A again, but only when you are in 1st person/ cockpit view!

    Perhaps you were frantically pressing A whilst looking at your plane in exterior view? 😁

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  4. New version!


    Release Notes v23:

    -Added balloons as target for Arras map
    -Fixed waypoint issue where AI planes would return to base
    -AI fighters will start closer to the objectives so higher chance of meeting
    -Bombers do not loiter anymore after primary target has been destroyed
    -Fixed bug for "Red last" position in flight
    -Fixed HQ target triggered victory for other side
    -Fixed Arras map height change for all spawn locations
    -Fixed location of mission objective status on map, now at correct location
    -Changed service area so it fits  better in both WW1 and WW2 scenery
    -Fixed various small bugs




    Getting the Ju-87 to dive bomb is not so easy. It only does that when attacking a very specific target, ie a vehicle. This means more work as current targets are always of "attack area" type.

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  5. 7 hours ago, chiliwili69 said:


    Yes IL2-VR is awesome from first day they implemented VR. More than two and half years ago and after a loong and worth wait. New VR devices are gaining the former skeptics.


    But, what do you see better in the new clouds?  The clouds tech is the same than before, they have just tweaked the edges and added the new extreme level.

    IMHO the clouds are as before, maybe less GPU demanding, but visually as before (so not great at all, noted I don´t use the cloud mods).


    If you want to see better clouds look this post:



    I see big improvement in “extreme” clouds: no moving cloud parts, far less pixelating effects when you look at planes in front of them and they seem more “solid”. In any case, yesterday I was flying in VR above Arras with what I think were medium or heavy clouds and it was really cool how I could climb up an dive through clouds without artefacts and it gave a great sense of speed & height.

  6. 6 hours ago, PatrickAWlson said:

    I posted a bug in the bugs section.  Resaver should be properly populating the .list file.  it is a little disconcerting that resaver is not behaving the same way as the ME save code.  I imagine this is not going to be a burning item on1C's to do list.


    In the meantime I will add another post processing job to delete the .list file.  Until that happens people can ust delete the .list file before running the mission.  I don't think PWCG is really making use of it anyway.


    Thanks for testing.


    Hi Pat, I ran into the same issue with resaver. Please check these posts (third post and also page before )



    Here is the code if this helps:


                            mission_path = il2_path + {"dogfight""\\data\\Multiplayer\\Dogfight\\""single""\\data\\Missions\\""cooperative""\\data\\Multiplayer\\Cooperative\\"}[self.parent.map_frame.game_type.get()]
                            resaver_path = il2_path + "\\bin\\resaver"
                            command_line = "MissionResaver.exe -t -d \"" + il2_path + "\\data" + "\" -f \"" + mission_path + mission_name + ".mission\"\n"
                            print (command_line)
                            subprocess.run(command_line, cwd=resaver_path, shell=True)

  7. On 11/10/2019 at 2:08 PM, Amiral_Crapaud said:

    I thought you gents might enjoy a little bit of TBD action - feel welcome to dip that Mk13 in your Sunday morning coffee :)

    Here's a small update about our torpedo shenanigans. Soon enough in motion thanks to Magz.


    Too bad the whole weapon system (that is TBD + early Mk13) looked much, much better and fearsome in photo than in operations... Oh well, the mk13's reliability was fearsome indeed, from a certain point of view.





    Will there be a Mk13 reliability slider in Settings? :) 

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  8. 8 hours ago, J2-Oelmann said:

    The whole map is more alive then the rather antiseptic il2/RoF map. The scenery (in my eyes) Shows a more convoncing Battlefield. All weather is historic.

    You are more involved in the squadron. Having to claim each kill and get it rejected is a nice feature.The whole Game is made for the singleplayer-experience, rather then a Multiplayer with a (good) campaign in the top.


    LOL, this could describe PWCG as well! I guess it all comes down to taste...😀


    Best feature of PWCG for me is the ability to do a coop campaign, which we are in fact doing with Syndicate as well, besides flying on public MP servers.

  9. 3 hours ago, Oliver88 said:

    Another thought Vander. Possible to swap Blue Flight to be the first to taxi rather than Red Flight? Alternatively possible to make Red Flight circle the airfields until Blue Flight are airborne. As a number of times I've found that the escort are having to play catchup with the main force and are not actually escorting them.

    Ah, yes this has already been suggested. It can also be an issue if your airfield gets attacked and all the fighters are still waiting. 😉

    I added it to the backlog.

  10. 36 minutes ago, Oliver88 said:


    Yep from the begining I deleted the old folder for your tool and installed new rather than overwrite the files. Only did this because I was installing the new versions of PWCG at the same time and Pat stated to delete the current FC installation so I just decided to stick with the same process for all three tools. I've just gone ahead and deleted and reinstalled your tool again to be sure and indeed continue to see the errors.


    I also am running in administrator mode (always make sure to).



    Desktop Screenshot 2019.11.11 -


    Thanks for the screenshot. I was able to recreate the error warning with these settings...


    It's the " Red last" position that results in the bug. I recently updated these descriptions, but didn't update this one. So try another flight position for now.

    On 11/10/2019 at 2:25 AM, the_dudeWG said:

    Hey, Vander. 
    Thanks for this tool. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go. Unfortunately, I get the error message “Could not generate mission”, yet I did set the IL2 folder to my current, actual folder. This may be a dumb question, but do I need to be in game when I run this? I’m not since I’m using VR and it can be a pain to switch between programs with the headset on. Thanks!




    Same here. The "Red last" position is throwing an error because of a bug I introduced in one of the last versions. I will correct this, thanks.

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  11. On 11/10/2019 at 2:25 AM, the_dudeWG said:

    Hey, Vander. 
    Thanks for this tool. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go. Unfortunately, I get the error message “Could not generate mission”, yet I did set the IL2 folder to my current, actual folder. This may be a dumb question, but do I need to be in game when I run this? I’m not since I’m using VR and it can be a pain to switch between programs with the headset on. Thanks!



    You can run this outside the game and this should work. Perhaps there is an issue with permissions (to write the file)? Can you try with “run as admin” ?

    On 11/10/2019 at 3:16 PM, Oliver88 said:

    I've updated to version 22B from version 20 and am now also getting the same error as @the_dudeWG. I've also set my folder to my game directory. I also tried Rhineland and that produced the error also.

    When you installed new version, are you sure all old files were overwritten? Perhaps try with “clean” install.

  12. 14 hours ago, BlitzPig_EL said:

    Have found a spawn point issue on the Arras map on the German airfield at Bullecourt.  The aircraft spawn on the top of a rise at the end of the field opposite the buildings.  If I have selected the "On Runway" option, the AI of "Red" flight will roll down the slope and foul the field causing crashes and other mayhem.  I went into the editor and switched Red flights Dr. I aircraft to "On Parking" and it seemed to be a work around, but I think they should spawn near the facilities, yes?

    Thanks! Let me check this. I already changed some other spawn points. Unfortunately, the Flying Circus airfields are really tiny!

  13. 5 hours ago, Habu said:

    Vander, there is a problem with the date. When you select Arras and a phase, the date in the mission is not good. You can have a date in 1944.

    It is as intended. The phase determines a specific portion of the map where the missions take place, with a specific front line. 
    The date determines which phase is used if you do not select a specific phase, not the other way around. So now you have all the flexibility to combine any date with any phase. Maybe I should rename phase to situation or front line or something.

  14. 50 minutes ago, AG104 said:

    Yeah, been messing around with this the past few days... the config file is really easy to modify if you're looking to create specific or "historical" missions; i.e. if you don't want Yak-1b's popping up over Stalingrad you can remove them from the available lists, or like I mentioned above, do want 111's on certain maps, you can modify it accordingly.  Just copy + paste the planes as they're listed into the correct list.  When clicking on "Additional AI Flights" the Generator will include or exclude the proper planes now!


    Note: for dogfight servers, as Vander mentioned, since it's Ground Attack make sure your Axis/Allies Attackers has the bombers you want, as well as the Axis/Allies Fighters, per map.



    This is definitely a spoiled request, but is there any possibility, for cooperative missions (though Dogfight would be cool too), to add Dive-Bombing as an attack method.  Just feeling sad when I see Stuka's in that low, shallow dive.  Not at all a big deal if this is too much.  Thank you so much as always!!!


    What is the minimum altitude the Stuka's will start dive bombing?

  15. 6 hours ago, Todt_Von_Oben said:

    I'm advised FC is "complete as originally described" but (like ROF) I figure (and hope) the Devs will keep making tweaks and additions; or, that we'll see improvements in a subsequent version of FC.


    As it stands, I like what we have but think it needs at least this:


    1. FIRMER GROUND  The ground is way too boggy.  We should be able to land, taxi, and take off from most level grassy areas.  Save the flypaper for plowed fields or actual swamps.


    2. AERODROMES.  A tiny beaten spot surrounded by a few tents is NOT an aerodrome even if it does have a windsock.  Again, we need firmer ground in general;  larger takeoff and landing areas (like ROF); and some hangars and support crew / vehicles  / AA would be fine.


    3. BALLOONS.  Yes please.




    ? It has balloons!

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