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  1. 56 minutes ago, 41Sqn_Teflon said:


    Thats awesome news! Can you give an example how to generator needs to be call with a given config file?


    I'll see if I can change it so it will accept command line arguments as it now is being called with two parameters internally. Should be easy to fix.

    56 minutes ago, 41Sqn_Teflon said:


    Thats awesome news! Can you give an example how to generator needs to be call with a given config file?


    I have made an executable with just the generator part. It reads the config file in the same folder as where the exe is. Haven't tested but give it a try. You need to have the template folder available as well. The path to it is set in the config as well... I used configparser to create the config.


  2. 19 minutes ago, TP_Tufty said:


    I’ve been using your generator in coop mode for some time, and think its great,

    thanks for its creation, and for sharing it with the community.

    I have had one issue today, where I got a “mission could not be created” box come up after several seconds.

    After I while, I have pinned it down to overcast weather selection.

    Everything can be same and create successfully, but if I select overcast instead of say heavy cloud, it fails.


    Have you experienced this before?

    Rhineland Map, 19th sept 1944, flying for Allies P47, patrol.


    thanks for any insight.   


    Thanks for finding!

    The error occurs if you select overcast but no rain/snow. The bug has been there since I added the snow option I think.

    I fixed it and will be in next release, probably as soon as the P-47C comes out.

    On 7/1/2020 at 3:10 PM, 41Sqn_Teflon said:

    As far as I understood the generator is written in python. Is it possible to run it on a Linux without GUI over an command line call?



    Yes that is very well possible. The UI writes to the config file and the config file is used by the generator to make the actual mission file(s).

    I am now working on a new version with a proper mission parser and serializer which will have more simple template structure and be more flexible.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Alfa229 said:

    Hello, so I created two test patrol missions in rheinland but when i check my missions folder, there are no missions for that map. I tried again for the Kuban map, and it worked. Is this a bug or are rheinland maps not supported yet?

    Rhineland map is fully supported yes.

    Which aircraft did you select as player aircraft? And do you own those aircraft?
    How did you name the mission exactly?

  4. 11 hours ago, Mysticpuma said:


    Quick question SYN_Vander.

    Getting my head around this and enjoying the comparitive simplicity, then being able to edit the skins in the FME is now straightforward.

    The only question I have now is about the countries. I wonder if there is or will be an option to change the countries from anything except Russia...or is there another switch I have missed? Thanks for the help, enjoying BoX....just little things here and there....grrrr :)



    Actually, I just added that option, but you are not using the latest version. It says so in the banner. So clicking the banner will open the website where you can download the latest version. Don’t forget to close the tool if you are going to unzip it in the same location.

    I added the option so you can have English radio chatter.

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  5. On 6/25/2020 at 12:36 AM, w00dy said:


    Thanks for looking into this


    It's not so bad taking off with out bombs, it's when the plane is fully loaded when grass runways are a problem.


    I saw 2 concrete runways tonight near cologne, after I took off from a mission I generated.



    So I checked again. There are no concrete runways near Cologne, but perhaps you saw the one near Dusseldorf. However, those are only 1000m long and will not help you I think.

    In the areas I defined there is only one concrete runway in use and that's the one at Twente. Choose the period "Oct-Nov 44" and the airfield 'far behind the lines'.


    I double checked but could not find any other concrete strips in the currently defined areas. I'm willing to extend them a bit, but there is nothing close outside the borders either. All the 'big' airfields are just east of Twente and clustered together: Rheine Hopsten Achmer, Hesepe and Vorden, but they would only be an alternative for Twente.


    Then there are some in the Netehrlands: Deelen, Soesterberg and even Schiphol, but they were not used during the sep 44 - may 45 time frame I think and are too close to the front lines.

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  6. I’ll look up which lines/airfield combos can be used (mind you I did test the me262 on grass runways and tried to make the runway length as large as possible).


    What I want to do anyway is provide an overview of which airfield is used for which front on my website. 

    3 minutes ago, w00dy said:


    Yes I have tried that and still get a grass run way ☹️


    It even looks like the same air field, every time I generate a mission. I guess it's only really a problem with the 262, though the Ar 234 may suffer from the same problem.


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  7. On 6/22/2020 at 12:08 PM, w00dy said:

    I wonder if anyone can help, when I create a coop mission to fly a Me 262, it always puts me on a grass airfield. Yet I'm sure when I first created a coop 262 mission I was on a run way. 


    Is their a way to always start on a runway and not a grass field?


    I've tried different time periods at the top of the generator and of course I'm setting the correct map for the 262.


    There are simply not that many large, concrete runways. Try choosing the "far behind the lines" airfield option.

    13 hours ago, littlepe said:

    HI Vander.  I wonder if you can help.


    I simply want to create waypoints in a mission i am creating - simple waypoints that a player aircraft can fly to and see on the map - and when the waypoint is reached - next waypoint appears - and so on.  No triggered actions  - just that.


    I have read numerous aids and watched vids - but they all seem to concentrate on AI aircraft doing things.  Not just a simple flight plan to follow.


    Appreciate any help.


    I have been steered towards 'translator icon' set as a waypoint and i think that is what i see in your missions - but i cannot link them to my aircraft.


    "translater" ( a weird name for a particular class of mission objects) Icons are just that: Icons. You can use them to show a flight plan on the map, but they are not used by any logic.


    So do you want to display a flight plan on the map for the player? Or should the AI (or your plane flown by autopilot) be able to fly the waypoints? 

  8. 31 minutes ago, littlepe said:

    Yes that did it.  It didn't like the 'SYN_Generator' file name - I didn't realise you could change it in the generator - oops.  And de-selecting historical allowed me to use the He111 you get with Stalingrad. 

    One last thing - can changing the weapon load only be done in the editor?  I don't think you can re-arm in game?


    Many thanks for your efforts - great program.

    Sorry Vander - found the manual - and now  see you can change the load on mission start - thanks again.




    Now I understand you were trying to select the other He-111 variant. I can add that to the Kuban and Rhineland maps as well. Is there any particular reason why you would want to choose the older He-111 variant? I assumed "newer = better" :) 

  9. 47 minutes ago, littlepe said:

    Hi Vander - thanks for reply. 

    After creating a mission in the Generator  - The only way I can get the mission to appear in the game under 'Mission' is to load it in the editor and then 'save as' under a different name.  I then played it and it worked perfectly.


    I then used the generator to create a different mission.  Went into the game  - but the 'Syn-gen' mission had not changed from the first.  I went back to the editor and once again did the 'save-as'  - went back into the game and it had changed to the new mission which loaded OK. 


    When I tried to generate a Rhineland bombing mission  - the only aircraft it offers me are the HE 111 H16 (which is a Kuban map a/c) or the JU88 (which is a Moscow map a/c) - neither of which I have. 


    Forgive me if any of this is newbie error stuff - I am elderly and not completely tech savvy. 😉

    Thanks for reporting. I had a similar thing happening and then it seemed a space in the mission name caused this. Perhaps check the name. Otherwise, please post the mission.


    In the “Bombing” scenario the bombers will level bomb the target from altitude which is something only these planes can do realistically. If you want to select another aircraft, unselect “Historical planes”.

  10. On 6/19/2020 at 7:45 AM, littlepe said:

    Hi. When i create a single mission it does not appear in 'Missions' - i can find it in data/missions and i can load it in the STEditor - but cannot find it when i open the game - am i doing something wrong? I am right in thinking this is not just for multiplayer? Thanks.


    This is not just for multiplayer. Did you perhaps pick a plane (or map) that you do not own? Or used the random option and it picked a plane that you do not own?

  11. 1 hour ago, JimTM said:


    Thanks for the comment Vander. I learned the basics of the RoF editor from your great YouTube tutorials. Thanks for those.


    In reply to a PM, Han described it as follows:

    "It's attractor object for AI planes (allready) and vehicles (in future) in case when they have no any other mission commands at the moment.So, if plane have a command - he will perform it."


    Also, there was a post in the RoF forum.


    I was never able to get it to work so I left it to a future edition of the manual (which will be a website).


    Thanks for the quick response Jim. Yeah, this was about the info that I had in my mind; it being a 'bug magnet' :) . I guess it needs some exploring. It should work as (if I remember it correctly) it is being used in the generated missions.

    So I assume now: If an AI plane has no active command (ie go to waypoint or something) it will then default back to whatever is defined in this POI as long as the plane is in range.

    The options are:

    -Type: plane/vehicle (so only plane works)

    -Command: Attack Air targets, Ground or Ground Targets

    -POI type: <all the mission types> <- no clue what this does?

    -Country: <coalition> So this POI is active for this country only?

    -Priority: low, medium, high. I presume same as with AttackArea MCU etc

    -Radius: <distance>. I assume only applies when AI is inside this radius.


    All this should be confirmed by some testing. Which I will do if I have some time. Currently I'm building a proper mission file parser, which is why I came across this MCU. I have now defined data interpretation for ALL MCU's in the game, so let's say I now have a rather intimate knowledge of all MCU properties...🤪. For instance, the 'Emergency' tickbox on ForceComplete is called EmergencyOrdnanceDrop in the mission file, which now suddenly makes a bit more sense to me.




  12. On 6/12/2020 at 1:35 PM, BlitzPig_EL said:

    A question about AI units.  In the DF missions I generate with the EMG, AI bomber formations seem to respawn for as long as we run the mission, but the AI fighters do not, once their flight is shot down that's it, no more enemy fighters.  Is there a way to keep the AI fighters (or bombers for that matter) respawning at regular intervals no matter how long the mission runs?  I have tried to understand the AI timer, etc MCUs when I open a mission in the mission builder, but, sadly, all it does is make my head explode.

    LOL. No, the fighters are the same as for single & coop. If we want perpetual fighters, I have to create a new group for that, but remember they can not fly in formations anymore. It’s a limitation of the current spawn  implementation of IL2. The bombers may look as if they fly in formation, but they are just a bunch of single planes which happen to follow the same waypoints.

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  13. 14 hours ago, Mysticpuma said:

    Thanks for the reply but sadly I am banging my head against a wall.

    Loading the mission created in EME into FME, there is no way of selecting any of the aircraft (they don't appear when zoomed in either), this thereby means the skins cannot be changed......which is the whole point of the thread :(

    Really do appreciate the time and effort put in trying to get a workaround for this ommission by the dev team, maybe they will visit the issue at some point in the future.




    Just follow the procedure as given and you needn't worry about seeing the units on the actual map. It is not necessary.

    If you want to do more, than of course it will help to see the planes on the map with their waypoints.


    What you are looking at in your screenshot is the most SW part of the map, zoomed in. Use scroll wheel to zoom out as far as you can and then use right cklick + hold to drag the map around. Careful, because it's quite big. In your mission, all the units are to the NW. To quickly focus on a particular unit, double click on it from the list.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Mysticpuma said:

    Apologies everyone, the FME send my head upside down and all over the place....but here's the crux of it.

    I simply wanted to fly the Quick Missions and then put custom skins on my flight of aircraft. Currently this is impossible. One skin gets applied to the entire flight :(

    So I was pointed towards Syn_Vanders Easy Mission Editor, advised to create a mission in there, then load it into FME and change the skins.....So I tried :(

    So I created the mission, loaded it into FME....and everything is blank. I worked out in the left 'tree' how to change the aircraft from P-39's to P-51's (as it doesn't currently support the P-51) and then looked on how to hange the flight skins........but I see nothing and no way of changing the skins. 


    I am attaching the Mission in the hope someone can explain what I am missing in how to just change the aircraft skins, everything else I guess I can work around but having come from 1946 and CloD FMB, this is like a new language without and instruction book :(


    Any help appreciated, cheers, MP

    Mysticpuma Missions.zip 1003.09 kB · 0 downloads


    1) You could also change the skin in the QMB generated mission in the editor, it should be the mission named "_gen".

    2) You can select the P-51 in EMG for the Kuban map, but if that plane was not historical for the particular battlefield it will not show by default. Uncheck the tickbox "Historical planes" and you will see ALL planes


    What do you mean with 'see nothing' ? 

    -I click on the little + sign near the mission name, so the whole tree opens up:



    Then click on (in this case) Blue_flight_allied group and click on the + sign again:



    The plane icons with the names " Blue 1" to " Blue 6" are the planes in the flight.


    Now DOUBLE CLICK on the plane icon and you will see this window pop up:




    Here you can see the fields for skin (which is now set to <default>) and other attributes such as AI level, Payload etc. Do this for every plane.

    Once you've done this successfully I think you'll agree it's actually pretty simple and quick to do.


    There is also a way to select multiple aircraft and change the same attributes at once, but lets first try this...:) 


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  15. On 6/8/2020 at 5:12 AM, Thad said:



    I don't think the mission editor was created as a community mission building guide. It was most likely a in house editor used by the developers. After a lot of pleading by some in the community that wanted to create there own missions.... what we have now was shared.


    Like I said, the ME was not built to be a simple editor for us players. It is and was a development tool.  :salute:

    Probably so. But it goes all the way back to when RoF was released in 2009 (?!) and hasn’t really changed (fundamentally) since. That’s when I started to learn.

    The tutorials I made 10 years ago are probably still valid. 😃



  16. 19 hours ago, MarderIV said:


    I'm up for a grid-based QMB.


    Would give Tank Crew a lot more single-player mileage in lieu of a Career too. Selecting a standard sized grid on the map and identifying objective zones within it would allow more quick access to the maps. The benefit I imagine would be more evident for Tank Crew, but then again selecting for unique places to fight over in QMB would also be a benefit for the air aspect I think. 


    Something like this. Always free to dream 😄



    looks interesting, but I don’t quite understand it. Care to elaborate? (Or PM  me as I don’t want to derail the thread). 
    Interested from a mission generator creator perspective.

  17. 1 minute ago, SARFlytitus said:


    First of all, I would like to thank you for Easy Mission Generator and its constant development. With a few clicks of the mouse, even a "disabled" person like me can create hours and hours of Coop-fun. I just downloaded the latest version and noticed the implementation of the skin selection function. It is a step in the right direction and, although still generic, it allows me to select generic skins for friends and enemies. my question is as follows: will there ever be a way to assign each individual aircraft of the same squadron a specific skin? (for example, if I create a squadron of 7 Bf109 of the Jg53 and choose the skin of Von Maltzahn for the plane n ° 1, I would like to have the possibility to assign each of my wingmen a different skin, at n ° 2 the Weiss 3, at No. 3 the Weiss 5, at No. 4 the Weiss 9 and so on ...) It is the same functionality that I would like to see also in the QMB and that so far is missing. Mine does not want to be a complaint or a criticism, I do not have the slightest competence in terms of programming, nor the knowledge of how easy or difficult it can be to implement this functionality. Mine is only a desire strictly as a single player and (modest) skinner. creating skins for an entire squadron and being able to view / use them simultaneously in an easy way without having to resort to FMB would be imho a great and welcome gift for all offliners, skinners and videomakers.

    Thanks again for your attention and for your invaluable Easy Mission Generator


    Good flight !

    To be very honest, I think this is well outside what I would call “easy” 😊 and thus not in scope. I think I have already gone a bit too far since the tool is getting quite complex to use fully. 
    I also think this is a feature that should typically be in the game itself. No user should have to pick every skin in a flight just to have different numbers. A decal system should generate that automatically.

    There is of course always the possibility to do this in the full mission builder after the mission has been generated.

    Finally, I have other commitments for the time being, so I won’t be able to work on any new features for a while...

  18. Added support for setting of custom skins per flight. Please ask any EMG related questions in this thread:


    2 hours ago, Mysticpuma said:

    Can I just check, which folder does this app need to be pointed at? The 1C Game Studios folder or the next layer down, the IL2 Great Battles folder? 

    The main IL2 Great Battles folder.


    1 hour ago, Mysticpuma said:

    Second question regarding the app, can it support take-off from the runway too? 


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