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  1. I'm all for it, but I just don't have the time. But if someone wants to put some effort into creating the template I will add it. It's not hard an I can explain what needs to be done.
  2. I'll add Kerch first. The mountains look great, but there are no airfields and targets you can use unless you go for a huge area. Besides, any battles there would have taken place in the winter 42/43 and we don't have a winter version....
  3. Not at the moment, but I'm thinking about adding/moving more front lines. Kuban is indeed a great map and needs a bit more variation. When I added Kuban in the beginning I didn't have the system in place to do this.
  4. Yeah, I'll think about an airfield list so you can select. Need to configure all available airfields per map & front line. Yes, would make a nice option. Shouldn't be hard to do I think.
  5. Or just one gunner position. In MP it often happens when you fly as a group that someone gets shot down and then it’s nice if you can enter another plane as gunner and continue the mission. But I agree, a lot of gunner positions are quite useless anyway (side gunner, belly gunner) with very limited field of fire.
  6. No Problem. In general it is always good to turn off mods when trying to diagnose errors
  7. Not sure if my sharing settings on the download file were correct. They should be now...
  8. Can you make a screenshot of the errors? So I know which objects we are talking about? And which map you had selected? Just did an integrity check on all my templates and did not find errors on world objects. And no, I don't use custom lua scripts or have mods installed (other than some skins). EDIT: Maybe related to this?
  9. Sorry, but found another bug, so another version: Release Notes v31.2 Fixed annoying bug where AI bombers would not wait for fighters to take-off for Single/Coop missions
  10. Here is my solution. The mounts slide under the desk if I want to work on something.
  11. It has already been reported in beta test forum.
  12. LOL, for me they all look like Fokker Dr1's, but I guess we mean the same It definitely helps spotting; identifying not so much.... But I do like the overall graphic improvements.
  13. Thanks! New version is live! Release Notes v31.1 Fixed bug in Rhineland template. Missions would not show up for Single/Coop mission types
  14. No, thanks for spotting a bug! It's a nasty one, because if the mission already exists as proper type and you overwrite it with a new version with wrong mission type it will still show up in the menu. So it's hard to find.
  15. It's a bug. The Rhineland template now has " Dogfight" as default mission type. Will fix within the hour.... Other maps should work fine...
  16. I just tested again with the same name you gave it and now I also don't see it. Perhaps a naming issue? No spaces allowed? hang on... the mission has missiontype = 2, which is incorrect. You may have found a bug. Will investigate further
  17. So the mission is generated (as the screenshot shows), but in-game it doesn't show in the list? This can happen if you don't own the plane you selected. Did you buy the U2 vs? (I guess you did since you have a mission pack) I created the mission using your configuration and I could select and play it... Could you try to generate it again with a different name? Side note: You have selected a LOT of planes:20 Allied + 14 Axis but if you tick "AI Patrols" it will add 2x8 = 16 more aircraft for a total of 50 aircraft.
  18. in my mission generator I import the total template and then delete all objects outside an area defined by 4 border corner icons which defines the battle area. You can also choose a radius around a central point on the map.
  19. Thanks for your suggestion for an air start base. I also use it myself now to quickly test missions
  20. Yeah, also check what part of the scenery is actually used. Rhineland in particular has a huge (Static) object count.
  21. Perhaps the file I provided is not correct? Will have to look at this later when I have time.
  22. New version up! This version has some improvements for Dogfight mode so it will be more useful for quick missions! Release Notes v31 -Added new battle area for Rhineland Map: March-April 1945 around Remagen -Added Yak-9 and Yak-9T (Stalingrad, Kuban map and custom/all aircraft list) -Added forward air spawn as option for Dogfight mode -Overhauled Config screen for "Dogfight" game mode -AI bomber type can now be chosen in "Dogfight" mode -AI bombers will now fly to rear arirfield first before attacking first target so you can escort them -"Blue" and "Red" airfield have been renamed "Rear Airfield" and "Forward Airfield" in "Dogfight" mode -Selected planes are available on all airfields now in "Dogfight" mode -Removed the "AI Bombers" option for "Dogfight mode". From now on to remove the bombers select "0" as number -All three targets in Dogfight mode now have AAA protection -Combined attacker/bomber aircraft for Germans in config file (was missing He-111 amongst others) -Used U2vs as static aircraft target for Arras map since there are no static planes for Flying Circus(!) -Fixed a bug where vehicle columns would drive cross country -Added some big smoke effects for ambient battlefield -Added smoke effects to ammo dump target and rearm/repair area Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f0uov21nWbUQfNe0WzNcSgCNCqX2RCRL/view?usp=sharing
  23. What do you mean with "populated a Deathmatch map" ? Did you create your own mission using the Arras_ALL_destroyed group?
  24. I have added new functionality and so renamed the utility to IL2ModifyGroup. It is now also possible to change the durability values of blocks (static blocks + bridges are checked). See first post for download link. It creates a bigger .mission file for sure, but I think the increase for .msbin shouldn't be so big. Test and see. Hi Falcon, This is a standalone utility. You can place it anywhere, fi on your desktop. There is no install, no config files. If you want to get rid of it, just delete it
  25. Mossie! Just bought this book which I can recommend highly!
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