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  1. New version is out: Version 19 release notes: -Reworked UI structure, small layout changes -Changed runway spacing between planes so Ju-52 will fit when starting from runway -Changed stationary objects at targets from "Neutral" (or incorrect faction) to correct faction -Plane start and AAA gunner level can now be different per side -Radio beacon added to airfield -Added vehicle columns as objectives for Ground Attack missions -Added variety in artillery targets -Minor bug fixes Download link in first post!
  2. Let's be realistic. I don't expect to see anything like this in the game. You'd also want to use this airfield in mission scenarios before and after battles in this area. Still, you can place a lot of small craters on this airfield to give this impression. About WW1 front lines: That is a different challenge!
  3. That is up to the mission creator! The screenshots show all buildings in undamaged condition, but it is very easy to set them as ‘damaged’ (some objects have various levels). It is also very easy to put some craters here and there on the airfield.
  4. I also used this for my mission generator template. Just make sure the taxi paths don’t overlap and the aircraft are positioned correctly, ie closest to the correct path waypoint.
  5. Thanks guys! Slow progress now as I have to make some fundamental changes in the UI to accommodate for other Great Battles scenarios: Tank Crew, BoP and Flying Circus
  6. Not 's-Hertrogenbosch, but 's-Hertogenbosch
  7. Try using groups: if you group some objects together, then open/activate (set as working) the group. Now, if you add stuff inside this group you’ll find it doesn’t cycle through all the stuff outside the group.
  8. Ah yes, indeed. It's on my todo list to have moving vehicles/trains as "interdiction" targets.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about checkzones vs proximity triggers performance wise. The latter is useful in SP missions if you want to trigger a specific plane (usually the player). I used a gazillion checkzones in my RoF missions years ago and they never gave me problems. The complex trigger however is another matter. I have seen issues when you use too many of those enabled right from the start.
  10. Hurricane is an iconic, historically significant and very cool plane. Would make an excellent collector plane. My dream: Hurricane as part of a Birma/Flying Tigers plane set!
  11. Mmmm, I would like to know how to reproduce it so I can investigate.
  12. There is a popup window after the mission has been generated. Did you click on okay? It can be hidden if you click on another window...
  13. Jason, I sent you a PM with information from that book.
  14. Ah I misread as P-38 being in a night fighter role. Never heard about that, but would have been nice. Anyway, P-38 is a fantastic plane with many possible mission scenarios.
  15. Nice idea! So night fighter missions? I'm thinking hard about doing a Tempest campaign....
  16. Version 18 has been released! This adds support for "Dogfight" mode as well. I will now focus on Tank Crew support. Download link as usual in the first post. Version 18 release notes: -Added MP "Dogfight" option. Players can respawn. There will be no flight plans. AI is optional, but will not respawn so keep max mission duration around 1 hour -Added option "Additional AI flights". On by default (has been so far), but can be switched off to have MP without AI or to lower number of total AI planes in SP/Coop -A secondary target is now also chosen. In Dogfight mode this will be shown on the map as well -Changed AAA spawn groups so they work both for SP/Coop and Dogfight mode -Front markers on map will show before you choose a side (In Dogfight mode) -Added option 'Any' under plane selection list. In 'Single Player'/'Cooperative' this will randomly select a type. In 'Dogfight' mode this will add all types to the spawn airfield -Added "Any" also as option for targets. A random primary target for the scenario will be chosen. -The briefing will now mention which planes have been chosen -Added ship targets to all maps. If operations area is not close to the sea, river boats will be chosen. -Fixed bug where Axis attack flight would not continue to target when airstart -Fuel quantity when airstart is now 60% of default start value -Minor bug fixes
  17. That was me -flying with Rift S- trying to figure out what city was below us lol. Head movement has been in the game a long time. I didn't realize leaning was also modeled this well though.
  18. Looks like a simple sorting problem? Can’t you rename to 01,02,03 etc? Also note difference between file name and the mission name (set in properties in mission editor). The mission name is the one that shows up in the list in the game.
  19. Well I mean from a flight sim perspective. I used the RoF existing infantry models and added them to the game as static groups and moving groups (see video above). But when I was flying in my SE5a above enemy trenches trying to find where I had put them in the mission... it was pretty hard to spot them! But sure, it is definitely nice to have as objects in the ME.
  20. The zombie army! 😆 Mind you, it is VERY hard to spot infantry in a flight sim, at least from the cockpit. When they are dug in, you’ll see nothing. Anyway infantry is already modelled. Strafe a train with passenger cars and you should be able to see a lot of soldiers running away.
  21. Ah yes, you don't want to miss out on the A-20! 😀
  22. If you can wait some more... only buy Bodenplatte. It's a steal considering the huge amount of content you get! P-38J Fw 190 D-9 P-51D P-47D Spitfire Mk.IX Tempest Mk.V Bf 109 G-14 Bf 109 K-4 Fw 190 A-8 Me 262 And a huge map that covers all major battles from sep 1944 to apr 1945. This will keep us busy for a long time I can tell you. If you are not into Eastern Front stuff, then the other maps are not relevant since the above (Allied) plane set is not/hardly used there. And in MP you can still fly the other maps anyways. If you would want to jump in now then perhaps add some collector planes that are frequently used now on those maps: P-40 or Spit MKVb (if you like Western planes) so you can join MP servers. If you want to do SP/campaigns now, then you should buy one of the other "battles": BoM, BoS, BoK.
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