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  1. no doubt you can script this using a checkzone and fake vehicle object + damage mcu 😊
  2. If you don’t want a cooperative career, but just a string of coop missions, you can simply use a mission generator and create these missions in advance and put them behind each other in rotation. But you will not have your pilot careers tracked as in PWCG. See here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/
  3. Nice way of introducing new plane
  4. The Jasta 6, Tuxen skin has a straight "balkenkreuz" on the rudder. Is this correct? I can't find any reference pictures...
  5. I agree. Devs first need to look at this. For all we know it can be fixed easily.
  6. Ah yes, been thinking about that. I'm also a user and also get annoyed to have to redo settings :). I'll add it to the backlog (which is getting way too big ) Update is also on the list. First step will probably to get a notification that there is a new version... Weird, because I have changed nothing! It's a bug in the game. But I do know, not all bombers behave the same regarding this bug. I hope the devs fix it soon.
  7. As in 2080 Super performs the same as a 1080 TI?
  8. I have done tests where B-25's also ignored the waypoint. I think the angle between last waypoint and ground attack MCU is also important. In any case it's a bug. F2b Bristol also doesn't work anymore.
  9. Flying Circus is the best experience in VR! I love it how you can stick your head out and look straight down. Perfect for staying in someone's blind spot!
  10. If you select a different “front” than the airfields (may) change. And then there is the option to select the distance to the front (3 airfields).
  11. I did integrate tank platoons into the app and created a first template for Prokhorovka map. But now I committed myself to create this mini campaign for FC, so hopefully can pick this up again during christmas holiday. But to be honest, the main reason for slow progress is that my heart isn’t into it (yet) and then it’s difficult to justify all the hours I need to spend to make this work (tank crew that is).
  12. Looking good gentlemen! I have finalized the mission scenarios and did all the necessary reseach so units, weather, locations are correct. SYN_Haashashin is helping to build the scenery and will no doubt help finish some missions. The funny thing is, doing all the research and creating mission objectives & briefings is more work than creating the actual missions themselves . Be aware that the action takes place in a very narrow time-frame; only the last couple of days in March 1918. Player will fly for Jasta 6 & 54 Sqn.
  13. I have created a new version to fix some bugs: Release Notes v24b -Fixed a bug where the generator would fail if you did not select the "Additional AI flights" option -Fixed a bug in weather configuration: It would never snow -Added option to manually select weather/snow (only works when overcast) Download is here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/ Note that there is a bug in the current IL2 build that prevents bombers from level bombing. Please use "Attack" scenario instead for now.
  14. Thanks for reporting this bug! I made a mistake that causes this if you do not select AI flights. I will create a hotfix for this Yes, that would be very nice considering the amount of updates. I'll see what is possible.
  15. The level bombing now seems to be bugged in IL2 4.002. If you select "Attack" as scenario you should be good.
  16. Thanks for confirming this! It's good you mentioned the snow. Indeed, it could rain but never snow! I fixed this and made the choice explicit by adding a tickbox. During winter it will snow, else rain. The intensity is random, but not varying too wildly. Be aware: will only work with overcast clouds.
  17. Snow is already there. Select December-Feb as month for maps that support snow (Moscow, Stalingrad, Rhineland). Or do you mean snow falling?
  18. yes, I tested couple of things. All I know for certain is that wp2 does get triggered. I posted this bug in the beta testing forum.
  19. I managed to reproduce the bug. Did you also use airstart? I have seen this behaviour before and as far as I can till it is a bug in the game. The aircraft completely ignore the first waypoint. I thought I had solved this by delaying the activation of the " Dogfight triggers", but alas here it is again. I'll investigate more... Update: Seems to be a new bug. Can't see anything wrong in the mission file. The bombers do radio that they are going to bomb, so they did get the correct command, bu then just drone on. I have never seen AI fly in a straight line forever. Usually, if they have no active waypoint they just fly in a lazy circle.... This is definitely something new.
  20. Well, we need at least a generic version, but one " special" would be nice. I guess not all Jasta 4 planes had a blue tail? Do note that the picture says " 1917". Did Boenigk still fly this plane in March 1918? Well this source says March 1918, so I'm okay with it! https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=7293.0
  21. Single player, Coop and Dogfight Multiplayer mode : https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/
  22. And they never turned back after that? That’s almost impossible... Please specify which planes. Alos: was it winter?
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