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  1. https://riseofflight.com/store/ you can click on each plane to see a 3 view
  2. Yes, that would be quite simple to do. Open the mission in the editor and then look for groups that are called "Blue flight" and "Red flight". Select the planes in these groups, then open Advanced Properties and tick "Cooperative start". Then make sure you save the mission with mission type " Cooperative" in the correct folder: "... \data\multiplayer\cooperative\ Be aware the mission description is only for one side (either allied or axis) so you may only want to change those planes to cooperative starts.
  3. Try the distant airfield option. There are not many airfields on Bodenplatte that work for the Me-262. I tried to have as much run-off space as possible for each airfield, but for some it's difficult.
  4. Sort of. With activity set to low, fewer enemies will spawn, but mainly they will probably not hunting for you. Correct: It determines the AI level of the AAA. This will affect how early they will detect you and ( I guess) how accurate their aim. See also here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/tips-tricks A " I'm feeling lucky" button? Complete roll of the dice? I'd like that too, shouldn't be hard to do either. Be aware I'm spending some time on scripted missions, hopefully I can make some changes to the generator in the meantime.
  5. Hi, thanks for reporting. Indeed all other language files except English are incorrect. We'll add it to our bug list and fix this (meaning all other languages will also see English description, but at least better than nothing). Thanks. I'll check, but this could be a generic IL2 issue. Is it perhaps possible that the Pfalz's destroyed the machine guns?
  6. Hi Spit, I’m glad you enjoy the utility! About AI: That is not something I can control (easily). It’s up to the devs to improve on this behaviour. Usually they will fight to the death or until there is enough damage to make a “return to home base” decision. Unfortunately this is done on a individual basis, not as a flight. The colours used is also a known problem. Somehow the WW1 factions do not get a colour assigned. The front lines on the map also shows black/grey instead of blue/red. I’ll notify the devs. Generating multiple missions is interesting idea. I already built a small tool that does that from the command line. I need to think if this can be transferred over to the main program.
  7. Good suggestion to add altitude option. Perhaps this can be modelled as “low”, “medium” and “high” in a drop down. I think it only makes sense for “Patrol” and “Bombing” missions?
  8. The 3D map extends quite a bit further than the gui map suggests. And behind that there is a low res version that extends as far as England. In other words: It shouldn’t be a problem to takeoff and land from the edge of the map.
  9. I tested your mission and noticed the behaviour. The leader turned right near WP2 and headed straight for Cappy airfield where they landed. The planes had 80% fuel. I changed that to 100% and the plane did not go to Cappy. Interestingly it turned for the nearest enemy balloon, but since that one was hoisted down quickly the leader continued to WP3. So I think it’s the same “fuel” bug. What I could do as stop gap measure is to turn off “AI return to base decision”, but then AI will always fight to their deaths. Let’s hope the devs fix this quickly.
  10. It would be very helpful if you could post a mission file when you encounter the first issue so I can investigate.
  11. You can use my tool to generate missions over Stalingrad with a Spit: Deselect “historical” planeset to select an aircraft outside of the historically correct set.
  12. So I did report this in the test forum, but it seems this bug hasn't been addressed? Let me check with the devs....
  13. Alas, it's not possible yet. I already added it to the wishlist (see webpage). It may actually not be very hard to do; let me think about it.
  14. Version 29 with some user feedback changes (see above posts): -Increased start position distance of all WW1 planes to avoid hitting each other during take-off -Disabled mission objective logic for side that has no players (so you win when you complete your own objective) -Improved logic for making sure Patrol waypoints will be closer to enemy objective, ie bomber flight -Patrol waypoints now have priority "low" so AI should attack anything in the vicinity -Fixed a bug where incorrect template was used for January on Bodenplatte map -Moved random vehicles/trains to proper front situation in Kuban and Arras (closer to player) So no separate " intercept" scenario, but if you choose "Patrol" as you scenario and "Bombing" as the other side scenario (perhaps with random objective) then your first patrol waypoint *should* be in the vicinity of the enemy bomber flight and the AI will engage quicker since I changed the patrol waypoint priority. It will not be an ideal intercept course, so you still have to search! Download here: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/
  15. This is what I have setup in my router and works fine: Rise of Flight 28000 192.168.0.x both Edit / Delete Rise of Flight 28100 192.168.0.x tcp Edit / Delete If this doesn't work I suggest you check the Windows firewall on the PC that is hosting? Perhaps some default settings were changed with a new Win 10 update? See post 2 and following...
  16. Noticed this too and I think it has to with current logic: If both sides complete their targets, then whoever completes first will win. It is not uncommon for AI to destroy a target by bombing with a single pass with deadly accuracy. You can check this by looking at the map: There will be two messages in green saying objective completed ( for allies and axis). Perhaps I should change this when you select “single side” in coop, so that only winning condition for the players are active.
  17. That is a result of ppl wanting to increase the max number of planes per flight, so I minimized the distance between aircraft. But it is easily solved, simply a matter of "tuning", I can easily change the distance between planes, or the defined length of a plane. Do you have specific types where it goes wrong? Ah I see WW1, perhaps I can increase distance for all WW1 planes...
  18. I can't reproduce this consistently. Tested with 4 planes Blue, 4 planes Red and for both sides it seems to work fine. However, I did find one very specific bug: If you select "January" and " By mission date" on Bodenplatte it will refer to an incorrect template and then not all airfields are setup properly. I will fix the reference to that template. Is this perhaps what is happening?
  19. The AI is not very smart in that regard, you have to give them command to intercept, or perhaps patrol area or something. At the moment, "Patrol" scenario only let's you run into other fighters. Perhaps I should replace "Patrol" with "Intercept" and then you can choose between bombers or fighters...
  20. Indeed a fun plane! Only realized I had to set it to manual RPM when I was in the air, but I managed in time without destroying the engine :). I flew attached mission that I generated with the EMG. Also found a bug: Looks like the m1gun howitzer is not being counted in debriefing! EMG_Hs129.zip
  21. Pretty sure it's too many AI planes. You may measure high frame rates, but the game engine might be running too slow (in game clock is going slower than real life clock). Try to lower AI count. For instance try with "additional AI" set to off. There is no other magic going on in these missions. About Blue flight: Please provide more details. What mission type, bombing, attack? Which plane type? Takeoff from ramp or runway? This could be a generator issue or a generic problem in IL2.
  22. How many aircraft did you configure? Perhaps the cpu load is too high? Just guessing....
  23. Yes set to 1. It’s a hidden option in case you want to host online. It will delete the text version of the mission file.
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