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  1. Here is the same mission, but generated by me. Can you run this? If not and you are sure the mission files are in the correct folder, try deleting the mission tree cache: mtreecache.eng in the \data folder. Missions.zip
  2. Thanks. Is the mission name really ‘missio’ or are some (special) characters missing?
  3. They already did. It's in the Tiger tank! 😆
  4. Sorry to have derailed.... I like the idea of a toolset for mission building. But how about a mission generator with a proper API that can be used by others to make a more 'high' level mission editor based on a web UI for instance? It could also be used to generate missions for campaigns/careers. The question is how to describe a mission in a more high level way. What are the concepts? Flights, Objectives, Patrol Zones ....
  5. Yeah, it doesn't load too slow without the .msbin anyways. But then I propose to remove the .msbin from the download and/or add the removal of the .msbin file as part of the instructions.
  6. While testing a mission in DCS I suddenly remembered a great feature: To be able to jump into an AI plane, even while it is in mid-air by pressing ALT-J. So the mission is not over when you crash, just take over the plane of your wingman! It reminds me of Rowan's 'Overlord' from 1994 (I still have the manual LOL)
  7. Thanks! I’ll fix those. About number of ambient aircraft: I’m always trying to keep the number of configuration options to a minimum so what I will do is: If the AI amount is low the numbers in a flight will be between 2 and 3, medium 2 and 5 and high 3 and 6 or something like that. The AI activity option is now disabled. It used to be a combination between chance of being attacked and the number of AI. The number of AI is now a different option, so perhaps I use this one to influence the chance that the planes will be flying over the target. EDIT: bugs are fixed a
  8. Hi everyone, I have written a totally new backend for the mission generator so it will be easier to add more features and also to add/maintain the map templates. Some new features such as specifying # of ambient AI is already in this new version. However it means I have changed basically all of the backend code so it's hard for me to test everything, which is why I am releasing this as 'beta' for now. If you find any errors, please post here and include (besides description) a copy of the config.ini and the mission_generator.log file. Version 48.1 (beta)
  9. Yeah, the frequent elevator/aileron damages are a known problem, but have nothing to do with the mission.
  10. Yes. I think as long as you land somewhere you can progress to next mission.
  11. The goal is for the Bristols to destroy the ammo dump. You can decide to attack any enemy scout you find early on or you can stay with the Bristols to check if they actually bomb the target. I think there are multiple enemy flights that can attack the Bristols.
  12. Try it, it's actually not that hard at all. Scripting can come later; you only need that for more complicated stuff and you can just copy/paste most of the times
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