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  1. Would be an insta-buy for me as well! The German plane set is no-brainer. But I have to agree with others that the Spitfire I should be a collector's plane (and it would be a best-seller!). I absolutely love the Hawk75 so I would like to see that one included, but of course a Bloch or Dewoitine should be in there as well. A French medium bomber would be great (although they are weird ). About maps:: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=48d3ca2e241b43f69084851c27ba93d5&extent=351328.8353%2C6620384.8767%2C644847.0239%2C6748951.9583%2C
  2. Yes, Jason stated that the map can be used for the period 1941-1944. I think there will be a pre-invasion version without the ALGs so you can do all kind of interesting things like Operation Jubilee. Of course, don't expect all airfields in the UK to be 100% accurate for any given date, so I guess we'll have to live with having some airfields being there that didn't exist in 1942 etc. Yes, the generated buildings are very detailed and good looking. But now fly in MSFS and do a mock bombing run on an average bridge and you will see what is meant by Andy. It looks pretty sh
  3. Change this setting when you host from your own machine: Or this one in the .sds file if you host from a dedicated machine:
  4. Me too! Ran it on the C64. I ordered it by mail from the UK using my father’s checkbook. In hindsight amazing that he trusted that transaction lol. Wonderful landscape of little transparant trees and pyramids to fly through!
  5. I don't run from Steam, but I'm guessing it will be something like: <whatever drive you have your steam games>\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles
  6. The file location path always starts in <your install directory>\data if I’m not mistaken. So you can export your mission files safely to a server as long as the paths/names behind ..\data\ is the same. But you may want to check the path in the .mission file itself if it doesn’t work. If I remember correctly the game uses / instead of \ or the other way around. Btw, this feature was already there in RoF 😁 to make it possible for an online campaign with multiple branches.
  7. Thanks for your feedback, this is good stuff I can use. Although I am also a user of my own tool (just for quick missions, but also for a weekly squad event) it really helps to have others give their perspective. About your points: Text entry for mission briefing. Good idea and should be pretty easy to implement. I'm guessing you would want to change/add to the 'Situation' and 'Your orders' part? And keep the date/time/weather part? Adding a mod/loadout option isn't hard, but it's -just as with skins- there is no data definition available. So having a line where you can enter loado
  8. That is a nice intermediate solution. I will try to add support for multiple planesets/files in a future release. This means I have to add some file mgt features: load, save as, delete (?)...
  9. I have just released version 45! Many thanks to Hamaha15 who let me use his work in my Arras template. No-mans land looks much better now! See here: Version 45 release notes: -Added many airfields to: Rhineland, Kuban, Moscow, Stalingrad, Velikieluki and Channel maps -Updated the Arras scenery with scenery from Hamaha15. Many villages in no-mans land and churches to existing towns have been added. -Added a new tab 'Planesets' where you can create your own custom planeset. Select 'Custom planeset' in the scenario to enable this. Only one custom planeset is currently su
  10. Sneak peek. Decided not to release yet, want to add some more stuff to v45:
  11. Excellent! Can I use this to upgrade the template in my mission generator? See: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/
  12. That is in preparation for a tab in the UI where you can manage your own planeset. Now just need to find the time to implement it 😊
  13. Yes, I had the same thing. When you open the object with the intention to change the script file, it already selects the ammo version. Strange and could be a bug.
  14. Yes, if we find the current one is good enough for now. I was holding off since if some more features are needed I may need to change the template structure. And if you have multiple map templates it's a lot of work to retrofit those changes.
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