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  1. Yes, that’s the idea. I even added the Dora. Didn’t test everything though, so please report any issues. Also, config.ini will be overwritten with a new release so keep you planeset safe. In the config file is a planeset defined per map. These are chosen so they are historically correct for the map. However, you can edit this. Delete planes, add your own. The first entry is the name displayed in the drop down menu (has to be unique!), the second one the id as used in IL2 mission editor. P-47 entry would look like: "P-47D-28": "p47d28"
  2. New version out! Now supports starting the mission from the runway with running engines. Version 8 release notes: -Added the option to start from the runway with engines warmed up -Added loadouts to all WW2 aircraft so you can change the plane set in the config and it should work (ie fly a P-47 over Kuban) -Fixed minor bugs Download link in first post as usual.
  3. SYN_Vander

    Co-operative careers

    I suggest you try this: With this tool you can create your own missions and since you can now also pick a date you can basically create your own "career" . Career support is limited, but at least for the Stalingrad map the lines will change depending whether you fly in sep/okt or november of 1942.
  4. SYN_Vander

    Ground Loop Simulation in BOS

    I have always been curious about this behaviour in IL2. It seems in most planes the ground handling is inherently unstable. What I mean is: If the tail wheel is able to move freely and you give just a little throttle so the plane moves, it will go into a turn and the turn rate will increase and increase if you don't provide any input. There seems to be no dampening/return spring on the tail wheel that would make the system stable. So when not giving any input (and no/idle throttle) I would expect the tail wheel to return to center and thus the rotation would slowly stop. Is this correct for real planes? And if so, why not make the pilot's life easier by providing a return spring??? That being said, it is not hard to counter this as long as you are very gentle on the throttle.
  5. SYN_Vander

    SYNDICATE Expert Server

    It would be a game changer for co-op, that's for sure...
  6. SYN_Vander

    SYNDICATE Expert Server

    Oh, that has been my wish for a looong time! Please upvote this suggestion:
  7. Not with this version. You would need a totally different template for that with different objective/mission types. Maybe some day?
  8. SYN_Vander

    SYNDICATE Expert Server

    Thanks. I will check the settings on these missions. You can set the chance of getting intercepted by enemy in the mission generator. If set to high there *should* be 100% chance that enemy fighters will look for you near the objective area. In total there are some 32 planes flying around in any mission. The 3rd person view I can turn off if this is desired. Note that you can’t simply see all planes. You need to be in the same area. Also, spectaters will not be able to see anything with 3rd person view turned off, so there will be nothing to do if you crash early or join late. Although, maybe I can use some static cameras for that.
  9. SYN_Vander

    SYNDICATE Expert Server

    Probably yes. You can use chat to ask to the others how long the mission will last.
  10. SYN_Vander

    SYNDICATE Expert Server

    Simply check the Coop server list and it should be there. I saw some players online this morning, so at least then it worked!
  11. SYN_Vander

    SYNDICATE Expert Server

    16 New missions, now on the Kuban map!
  12. New version is out, now with support for Kuban map! See first post of this thread for download link. Version 7 release notes: -Added Kuban map and associated plane set -Added ships as bombing target -Now possible to pick any date which will determine season, but not all maps support all seasons -Fixed one AAA near objective was always set to "High" AI level instead of chosen setting -Fixed loadout type on random AI bombers -Fixed loadout for fighters as Blue flight -Fixed minor bugs
  13. SYN_Vander

    First Bumbling Steps at Coop - now with 100% more PWCG!

    This help? It's all about opening the correct ports, unless you have some extra firewall turned on behind it, ie running on your PC? https://arris.secure.force.com/consumers/articles/General_FAQs/SBG6580-Port-Forwarding-Setup/?l=en_US&fs=RelatedArticle
  14. SYN_Vander

    Fokker D.VIIF?

    Maybe better to have two engine versions for most of these planes, with the second one being the fastest. This gives a lot of possibilities in (multiplayer) mission design, assuming you can lock the loadout options. The fm discussions would then be mainly focused on the missions made/server settings and not aimed at the developers. I like the way this has already been done for planes like the La-5, the Spitfire etc.
  15. Yes, that is possible and I can imagine why 😃. I'll add it to the backlog