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  1. I'll see if I can change it so it will accept command line arguments as it now is being called with two parameters internally. Should be easy to fix. I have made an executable with just the generator part. It reads the config file in the same folder as where the exe is. Haven't tested but give it a try. You need to have the template folder available as well. The path to it is set in the config as well... I used configparser to create the config. MissionConstructor.zip
  2. Thanks for finding! The error occurs if you select overcast but no rain/snow. The bug has been there since I added the snow option I think. I fixed it and will be in next release, probably as soon as the P-47C comes out. Yes that is very well possible. The UI writes to the config file and the config file is used by the generator to make the actual mission file(s). I am now working on a new version with a proper mission parser and serializer which will have more simple template structure and be more flexible.
  3. Rhineland map is fully supported yes. Which aircraft did you select as player aircraft? And do you own those aircraft? How did you name the mission exactly?
  4. Actually, I just added that option, but you are not using the latest version. It says so in the banner. So clicking the banner will open the website where you can download the latest version. Don’t forget to close the tool if you are going to unzip it in the same location. I added the option so you can have English radio chatter.
  5. So I checked again. There are no concrete runways near Cologne, but perhaps you saw the one near Dusseldorf. However, those are only 1000m long and will not help you I think. In the areas I defined there is only one concrete runway in use and that's the one at Twente. Choose the period "Oct-Nov 44" and the airfield 'far behind the lines'. I double checked but could not find any other concrete strips in the currently defined areas. I'm willing to extend them a bit, but there is nothing close outside the borders either. All the 'big' airfields are just east of Twente and clustered together: Rheine Hopsten Achmer, Hesepe and Vorden, but they would only be an alternative for Twente. Then there are some in the Netehrlands: Deelen, Soesterberg and even Schiphol, but they were not used during the sep 44 - may 45 time frame I think and are too close to the front lines.
  6. I’ll look up which lines/airfield combos can be used (mind you I did test the me262 on grass runways and tried to make the runway length as large as possible). What I want to do anyway is provide an overview of which airfield is used for which front on my website.
  7. There are simply not that many large, concrete runways. Try choosing the "far behind the lines" airfield option. "translater" ( a weird name for a particular class of mission objects) Icons are just that: Icons. You can use them to show a flight plan on the map, but they are not used by any logic. So do you want to display a flight plan on the map for the player? Or should the AI (or your plane flown by autopilot) be able to fly the waypoints?
  8. Thanks.. Now I understand you were trying to select the other He-111 variant. I can add that to the Kuban and Rhineland maps as well. Is there any particular reason why you would want to choose the older He-111 variant? I assumed "newer = better"
  9. Thanks for reporting. I had a similar thing happening and then it seemed a space in the mission name caused this. Perhaps check the name. Otherwise, please post the mission. In the “Bombing” scenario the bombers will level bomb the target from altitude which is something only these planes can do realistically. If you want to select another aircraft, unselect “Historical planes”.
  10. This is not just for multiplayer. Did you perhaps pick a plane (or map) that you do not own? Or used the random option and it picked a plane that you do not own?
  11. Thanks for the quick response Jim. Yeah, this was about the info that I had in my mind; it being a 'bug magnet' . I guess it needs some exploring. It should work as (if I remember it correctly) it is being used in the generated missions. So I assume now: If an AI plane has no active command (ie go to waypoint or something) it will then default back to whatever is defined in this POI as long as the plane is in range. The options are: -Type: plane/vehicle (so only plane works) -Command: Attack Air targets, Ground or Ground Targets -POI type: <all the mission types> <- no clue what this does? -Country: <coalition> So this POI is active for this country only? -Priority: low, medium, high. I presume same as with AttackArea MCU etc -Radius: <distance>. I assume only applies when AI is inside this radius. All this should be confirmed by some testing. Which I will do if I have some time. Currently I'm building a proper mission file parser, which is why I came across this MCU. I have now defined data interpretation for ALL MCU's in the game, so let's say I now have a rather intimate knowledge of all MCU properties...🤪. For instance, the 'Emergency' tickbox on ForceComplete is called EmergencyOrdnanceDrop in the mission file, which now suddenly makes a bit more sense to me.
  12. Going through this wonderful manual I noticed that the AI POI MCU is not yet explained. I have used it in missions in the past, but never really understood how it works. Did someone find out in the meantime? It could be useful for my mission generator...
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