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  1. Totally enjoying your server, thanks for your hard work, we’re talking about bringing our tank group here for our practice. Keep up the good work!!
  2. guys here is our web site, https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/saccoms click on the tank shells to the right , you can sign up for our events, and send messages & use discord+ team speak if u like, u can pm Neun or me about these events.
  3. We've been having a tank campaign simular to what u just described, about every Saturday or Sunday EST.your welcome to join us. Go to our web site https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/panzersgd you can look at panzer events. U may have to make u a user name .this is a structured event for our players, anyone interested in doing tank missions is welcome.we use discord for team objectives.or pm me or neun.
  4. join us anytime fuelhead we have ts and discord
  5. ok i got myn going , i had to do a complete reinstall of il2, ugg but now it works
  6. Myn also hangs on il2 screen, is there and issue a/ sweetfx? I'm still trying things.I updated nvidia drivers. Maybe it's that cfg file? Windows 7 ? Anyway hope someone figures it out.I guess if all else fail uninstall and reinstall. Uggg!!!
  7. i downloaded the patch and now it just gets stuck in loading screen and i have to use task manager to get out,is sweetfx with reshade a problem now? dono ill keep working on it
  8. Tip , g model for me please, I'm shure there will be more 4./JG52, if not enough gs I'll take ju87 <S>sir looking forward to this!
  9. just alittle something from Sat. night good job to the red guys <S> i tryed to hold ya off <S> sirshttps://youtu.be/JNf0iaJk6Y0
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