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  1. Thanks, I'll see if I can get an answer, but if not will give that a shot anyway.
  2. Hi, First off, I know not to buy codes from resellers - I'm not an idiot, I know where they're from. However, my original BoS key on Steam has been deactivated sometime last year (I've not played for a few months due to work). Last year, a friend of me was trying to convince me to try Il2 - I didn't think I'd be up for it much, but he gifted me a code, I installed it and was instantly hooked - especially when the career mode was added (I'm primarily an SP player). I pretty quickly bought BoM and BoK (direct from the Il2 site to support the devs as best as possible) and can't wait to buy BoBp as soon as the map becomes available. Hands up, I should have checked, but I didn't realise that my code was a dodgy one and to be honest never expected to enjoy the game to the degree I have done (even though I suck at it still!). So basically, I want to buy it again on Steam to get a valid code, and would like to keep it in my Steam library but obviously link the new game to the BoM and BoK codes in my Il2 account. I'd buy it this minute from Steam, but for a niggling doubt that I may not be able to add it to my account as I already have a version of BoS associated with my account. So my questions are: a) "does anyone know what would happen if I bought it again on Steam and linked it to my account?" b) "Is there a way to buy it on the Il2 site so the devs get more money but I can still launch from my Steam Library?" c) "can you remove a product from your Il2 account that is associated with your username?" d) "what theatre is coming next after BoBp?" :P --- I've dropped a similar question to the Il2 support page too, but thought it may be quicker if anyone knows on here. Apologies if it's the wrong place, I couldn't see an obvious 'support' forum. Thanks for any help.
  3. +1 from me to this. The 44-45 would be my ideal choice, with the split Italian forces, but the 43-44 one would arguably make more sense; not just for Rome but the infamy of Monte Cassino. If the Pacific isn't possible, I hope this is the route taken. That said, as long as we stay in WWII, I'll trust the Devs to create a great addition wherever they see fit.
  4. I came in to this series after a friend gave me a code for BoS and mentioned Midway as being on the horizon. I started playing and got hooked then read that Kuban was being worked on instead. I was disappointed but started reading more and more about the Eastern theatre and finally bought it and was amazed. The map is superb and the planeset is great and I found all the reference material I could about this phase of the war. I initially felt the same about Bodenplatte, but again have been reading up on the era and on the planes involved and seeing all your pics of P47s and late FW190s and now can't wait to play it when the map drops. So basically, whilst I'd prefer to see Italy (find a way to wedge G55s and MC205s in!) or some Pacific campaigns (New Guinea would fit the career mode perfectly IMO), I really put my trust in the team to develop whatever makes sense for them; I'm sure wherever they go I'll read about it and be hooked by the time it's released. Off to go find some reading material about late war Eastern Front. Someone mentioned a campaign in Hungary? That works for me, I'll start there...
  5. Wow guys, wasn't expecting such a long list of upgrades. Haven't been able to play because of real life for several patches now but really looking forward to getting some time to in the holidays and seeing how much the AI and damage model has improved. Cheers.
  6. I'll be completely honest; I'm here for the pics of the map and I am NOT disappointed. Great work!
  7. Good luck, always a PITA to move, and I'm speaking as someone who can fit all his belongings in one car....
  8. Looking forward to driving a tank around the Nurburgring In all seriousness though, that's going to be one amazing map. Can't wait for it. Regarding languages in Belgium, I remember the first time I was driving from Spa to Ypres and then when I got to within 30km all the signs stopped showing Ypres. I had no idea I should have been following the ones to Ieper instead...
  9. But probably left unflogged... (that said, as a newbie I'm curious about this debate, sorry)
  10. It would make it very difficult to potentially do another late war scenario in future though (unless maybe one focused on Italian aircraft). I've no issue if they 're-sell' a G-6 or G-14 later down the line but this would be the most popular variant remaining for any other '44/'45 European scenario. Hope to see it one way or another though.
  11. And I hope one day we get a G10 (in an Italian or later Eastern front campaign) and an E3 and E4 with a Battle of Britain add-on. Bring them on!
  12. Add me to this list. This addition has brought me into the game and absolutely loving it so far; looking forward to improvements and new campaigns to be added but there's enough variety here to keep me going for ages. Thanks guys.
  13. Aye, but for anyone who can't drop $200 in one go, it's a fair question to ask surely? I'm in the same position and fully intend to pick them up gradually along the way (and Bodenplatte order when the map becomes available), so I'm enjoying the recommendations in the thread. The Spitfire love is certainly moving it up my list...
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