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  1. Hello Everyone, This video explains an extension I wrote for the server side of IL-2. It demonstrates the abilities a bit, not in too much detail but sufficient enough to get an idea. I suggest viewing the video on a monitor in hi-res (a lot of small fonts involved 🙂) Cheers, SCG_TeRReF
  2. Some pilots try, but they usually end up in front of a firing squad within a few weeks 😆
  3. We have some open positions in our squadron for enthusiastic European virtual pilots. About SCG: The Simulated Combat Group is an organization created for the historical gamer. Our members seek to immerse themselves in simulated combat using the latest computer and software enhancements. From the “No Man’s Land” of WWI to the limitless steppes of Mother Russia, whether in the air or on the ground, we're providing “Dead is Dead” playing styles which put an emphasis on achieving combat objectives and returning home alive. Even though our main planes/ tanks of choice are the Germa
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to come up with a method to create a chatlog entry (or missionlog entry) during a mission. I know it is possible from the outside via the console app. I want it the other way around, an MCU or Helper or anything within the mission editor that sends a msg to any log while the mission is running. I tried creating a vehicle and then destoying it with the damage command, but only units destoyed by human players are written to the missionlog file (as far as I can tell) Is this doable any other way? Cheers, SCG_TeRReF
  5. Hello everyone, I found this war/navy manual online at: https://maritime.org/doc/id/fm30-30-air/ The manual contains a lot of information, useful to us simmers and it is publicly available. In order to print the info and to be able to read it offline, I wrote a little script that grabbed all images and generated a .pdf file from them. I thought that maybe some of you would like a copy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N64zO-J6tXa0vvqdie-1_TlhGgLbJmaE/view?usp=sharing Added another manual with top view planes only. Many planes in this manual were un
  6. That town looks awesome. If fact so awesome that I wonder if it will have any impact on system requirements?!?!
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