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  1. I am a fluent Chinese speaker,a native Chinese speaker——>但是英文不咋样
  2. i was kicked beacause i crashed a AA when i takeoff?
  3. When I press "H",the FPS will be increased,from 50 to 60+FPS,everything is being smooth,emmmm...
  4. let's try to translate this: 遇到喜欢的东西就去买吧 贵点就贵点 我们已经很难遇到喜欢的人 何必还难为自己不去买自己喜欢的东西 毕竟遇到喜欢的人,他也不一定喜欢你 但遇到喜欢的东西,只要你出钱,它就属于你 就算喜欢的人属于你了 有一天也会离开你 但你买到的喜欢的东西 不仅不会离开你 还会让人羡慕你
  5. i'm more interested in how far i can see others planes,tanks,AAAs and buildings...
  6. What happens for about 4 hours doesn't finish the map...we will have a night flight today?that's cool... locked 111 means locked 2*1000kg
  7. For GFW and VPN's sake,we also need translation to Chinese.T_T 看着墙和VPN的份儿上,我们也要中文。T_T
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