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  1. That sound reasonable I would be interested in that too. If they add some sea furys even better
  2. Sweet I might get the u2 and the g6, the only planes I don't have
  3. The issue with AAA I find is that they can track you through clouds.
  4. Tyberan

    ME 262

    Maybe the Russian type brake is set to nose wheel brake. Me262 has both wheel brakes and nose wheel brakes
  5. i would be too flying a $20-30k toy.
  6. This happens to me if I use the Down Cursor with the tanks. Its gets stuck in reverse then esc key doesnt work. I've just re-assigned my tank control keys to something else, but if I hit Down Cursor, esc doesnt work
  7. To then sell them a nene engine in the end anyway
  8. Tyberan

    ME 262

    I just fired up a QMB with 4 ME262 vs 7 Pe-2. It started out great then suddenly i lost both engines, i spent 2-3mins restarting both. Unsure why they flamed out when I had the fuel mod on. Anyway PE-2 spent entire time circling around which was hard to get the 262 to follow, was easier to swing wide round then come in for deflection shots. A short burst from the mk108's completely wrecks them. So awesome to watch. Ended up with 5 kills. Got my wheel doors blown off my the PE-2 snipers, those guys are unreal at 800km/h engagement speeds. The AI friendlies seem much improved, although I found asking them to attack didnt work as effectively as "cover me". The landings of the AI was pretty good, longer take a million years to land but come straight in after each other. Flew for 43mins and had a blast, i love this plane.
  9. I was just reading about them, apparently they reduced take off distance by 300-400 meters. They werent used very often, the other issue with them was that sometimes they didnt start exactly the same time causing severe yaw issues.
  10. I saw it on the flight from singapore to osaka. It's pretty good. The tanks and trucks look original. And it's not crazy over the top rediculus like fury. In fact it's better movie. There is a few over the top propaganda moments but fury had that too.
  11. Wait did someone say the arado 234 might be possible? I'd buy that.
  12. finally got a chance to fly the ME262. Start up is nice, enough immersion without the tedium of other sims, its a good balance. I set engine 1 on fire on my first go, not a good start. Finally got there in the end after watching Req's tutorial, thanks mate. It would be nice if they extended the start ups to some other aircraft, such as the FW190 and BF109, E to start the inertia starter and then user to engage clutch manually. Havent been able to get it airborne, but I was trying with bombs on. This will require a long runway, accelerating is quite poor on the ground but was expected from reading about its flaws. Great update.
  13. I broke the engine driving into a wooden wagon. I've had some other weird bugs, ESC doesnt seem to work, also for some reason if i reverse it stays in reverse. I can only stop this by alt-tab then getting back into the game.
  14. I couldnt take off in Kuban fields with bombs on. Tried a lot, good fun though.
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