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  1. I got the same cpu, but I've only got a gtx970. I've been looking getting the rtx2080 super, but funds are the issue at the moment. My worry with the reverb is that I have no Idea what my IPD is and it's not adjustable physically on the reverb, plus I now wear glasses.
  2. Oh man I really want a vr headset but there is no where in Australia to test one. I'm looking at getting the reverb but the outlay just to try it out is quite high. It encouraging to know that the OP's experience with a rift s was a good one, that maybe getting a cheaper set is the way to go.
  3. I upgraded my rig 18mnths ago and went with a better cpu first. I went with a 8700k i7, it really boosted the fps. I've got a 970gtx still and the game plays decently I just don't get the extra eye candy.
  4. Hells yeah, low level raids especially the amien prison raid would be great as co-op
  5. Really looking forward to the mossie, such a fantastic aircraft. Think from a mission creation standpoint it will allow for some nice tactical raid missions, low level all the way
  6. Wow this is looking great. It's nice to see the little details such as the dive flaps and the bomb swing arm to throw it over the prop. The explosion effects look great; if this is early stages your doing really good.
  7. So I guess there will be more ground assets now too? Barrage balloons, landing ships, dukws and more german targets?We need some new juicey targets for CAS missions for the typhoons and jugs. Will BoN bring new TC tanks as well, such as Churchills, firefly, Cromwells, panther G's, king tigers! along with some bocage action? Because that would be awesome
  8. I feel the same about wows. The models are excellent and so is the water etc. the gameplay is fine as well but I hate the fact it's PvP and the grind. Be good if there was a proper single player game like it, but more realistic.
  9. Maybe they were in collusion with the umbrella industry
  10. Beware the hun in the sun. Why would they need them if they always had the sun on their back, it would have just blinded them when us iing their superior tactics.😜
  11. Is this something we will see more of, More collectible aircraft and tanks ? Very close to the RoF business model which I don't mind as I would like to see more aircraft and maps. If it supports fleshing out more of the game world I'm all for it
  12. The skin looks great Where did you get the nose art from. I'm having trouble finding decent pics of them.
  13. Hurri mkII d with trop filter and 40mm Vickers cannons would be awesome
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