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  1. Maybe I missed that in the campaign, I played like the first mission the started battle fleet. I've been using the Xbox controller, interestingly one of the control layouts for the 2 analog sticks is the same as mode 2 for rc aircraft so right at home. I haven't tried vr yet, worried I'll need the vomit bucket
  2. WTF is with targeting, i find that 9/10 i lock onto friendlies rather then you know the enemy, its my one gripe at the moment with it
  3. It will probably be half a game on release which will then require a " season pass" like all their other games to add more content.
  4. Is this the second restored one? The other at Everett?
  5. Surprised to find out this is actually a reboxed zvezda kit with some eduard photo etch and resin wheels. Might get one looks good.
  6. I was going to give that a thumbs up but not sure I want to
  7. Yeah washes are good but I find working in small areas helps as well to prevent any solvent from soaking in. Man I need to build something again.
  8. Wtf is that schlep? Is it a turbo prop surely airframe is 1943 but modded after war? Edit: found the answer they were modded in 1970's with a lycoming turbo prop has target tow aircraft. But an avenger tbm3 was surprisingly cheap. Also didn't know there was a corsair in Australia, let alone for sale
  9. Kerbal space program
  10. I've always adhered to the polar non polar chemicals. Ie if using an acrylic alcohol based clear use enamel washes, and vice versa for enamel clear coats use alcohol based washes. I generally use acrylics now but make my home washes using oderless turps and oil paints.
  11. Hey Tiger, that challenge is pretty cool on Lukla in the caravan. rank 3360 first go. 7ft landing precision but the landing was a bit rough. I really like the changes in air turbulence in the mountains, the mist and clouds is really good. I hope they add some more float planes. Some Otters, and Beavers for back country Canada
  12. Hells yeah, all for a new crimson skies
  13. Bought this on the weekend, it's good. The fact it's made for VR shows , I thought I would hate the controller aspect of it but works well. Some cool features is the augmented reality used with visor down on your helmet, allows you to see through the aircraft for Vtol work. I wonder if this how the RL F35 works. Although graphics are basic, the gameplay is not, it's very well done. Just figured out last night how to slave the helmet to the gimballed cannon. Steam workshop has a bunch of missions available already. Must buy if you love flight sims and have vr
  14. I nearly bought eduards 1/144 A4 skyhawk the other day to give that scale a crack. I might go back and get it, there's something special about those small scales, plus feathered creations got me in the mood to build one.
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