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  1. Wow that Gotha looks great. It's a big kit I saw one at a model show this year. I've got one WnW kit, they are nice but so expensive.
  2. Looks cool. I like the idea of designing your own ship. Its similar to WoWs but without the toxic MP.
  3. To be honest it looks like the star on the tail has an outline but the large star on the Fuselage does not. Also there is a border on the numbers as well.
  4. What i want to know is if they factored in the booze ups at the mess the night before into their g tolerance calculations. Like a hangerover coefficient. We all know the fly boys never past up a good old piss up. All aside I play exclusively sp as I don't have the time for mp and I think the new g tolerance is great.
  5. The panel is part of the skin. There is now a template if you don't like it you can change it. Maybe you could update it, but make sure you get the exact number of rivets right, otherwise someone would complain.
  6. yeah noice. I was going to do a few 3 sqn skins as well when i get the time. This website has some great history of the squadrons mustangs. interestingly they also had them in the RAF scheme which were actually painted in the US factories so slightly different. https://www.3squadron.org.au/subpages/Mustangs/3 Sqn P-51K P1.htm
  7. I fly Rc planes. Not much any more due to the kids but i've still got them. Recently sold a 1/5th scale Fokker Dvii, mainly to get out of the glow engine stuff and more into electric. Looking at gettin a 3D printer, some awesome 3D printed aircraft these days. The electric Foamies are where its at these days, you can get really nice planes which are better then some balsa constructed ARF kits. They come with everything except the battery and receiver. Just plug a battery in and fly, I can get 9mins out of my spitfire below off one battery, the edfs though maybe 4mins. I've got the Flightline Spitfire which is 1/7th scale and its awesome has a 1.6m wingspan. Also got a FW190 with 1.4m wingspan from FMS. I've got a few EDF jets such as a Mig21 and an F14, these are both foam from Freewing. The Mig 21 has an 80mm edf and the F14 has twin 80mm EDF's. And yes the F14 does have swing wings, approx 1.4m wingspan extended. As to Watching RC planes, your right Gambit but it depends on the person controlling it, most fly scale but a lot dont. However the fun is in controlling them rather then as a spectator. I'm tending more towards scratch building now that I cant fly as much, i'd much rather spend the same amount of time building an RC plane then a static one. Even though i love doing static scale stuff, they cant fly.
  8. Great aircraft, the only issue is that it has a different glide slope for l landing, seems it doesn't want to slow down. But that's just the pilot really.
  9. Update is great. Does anyone else feel that the sense of scale is better now? I was playing the new map and at different altitudes it seems more natural. Not sure if it's changes to the distance rendering or new spotting ( which now I can see ground targets, yay) or just the new map. Also not sure if it was the new plane set I was using but gaining altitude seems to be easier/faster? Anyway great patch, and squirting of 50's in the p51 sounds epic.
  10. man they are tough to attack. Its got neat little details like the retractable ball turret and the little escape hatch at the front when they bail out. I'm impressed with it.
  11. Wow massive new update, and whinging already about a skin. Unreal
  12. Check out the flying heritage facebook pages 2 videos of starting the engines
  13. Yeah I always took those nick names with a grain of salt. On another note with gun port whistles, there was crash last year in a p51 in which the pilot debriefes it afterwards. He mentions that the gun ports whistle audible to the pilot right before stall. In this instance his engine cut right before turn into finals and he had seconds to change direction and land it in a paddock.
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