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  1. Isn't the only surviving dora at Everett a D12? If so makes it super rare.
  2. Anyone know of decent books on the B25? I'm looking for something with good technical information, variants, unit history and liveries etc. Something along the lines of the classic publications FW190 series of books.
  3. I found this website ages ago, it's pretty details as they have tried to database every b17 made an it's history https://b17flyingfortress.de/en/ It might have details you're after
  4. We all talk like that. But he must be upper crust in society I didn't here one f$$$ or @#nt in that whole interview.
  5. Good work on the scammell. Came out great. I've been on the fence to get one, but now I think I will
  6. Awesome, ive got a subscription to aircorp aviation. For 5bucks a month it's worth it. I've been trying to design an rc Grumman duck, they have a fair amount of drawings for it, all the bulkhead former drawings and the fuselines.
  7. I just watched this the other day, another plane to his collection. that dude certainly lives a dream life for some of us. Hope he can finish his other projects too, he's got a great collection of stuff.
  8. There is no advantage. I believe with the devs launcher patches are released earlier than steam. Plus the steam version takes a massive cut that would otherwise have gone to the devs, despite being the same cost.
  9. I think it better then naming them after presidents.
  10. What's the plan you got as the work bench, looks like a nice idea. I assume it's an albatross plan?
  11. Lol to Blackburn. I love their design aesthetic, needs to look like it can't fly but can and a dash of fugliness. Case in point the Blackburn Blackburn
  12. Designed and built in 3 months as an emergency fighter. Australia only had license for the engine on the dc3 ( can't remember exact name) so it was built around that. It was only used front line as an army support CAS aircraft, arty spotting and target spotting. but I've always had a soft spot for it as it's unique and one of the handful of Aussie designed aircraft.
  13. I want the CA-13 boomerang if we ever get to the Pacific. Would be good for arty spotting, ground straffing etc. A nimble little thing but not fast
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