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  1. Tyberan

    190 D9 Emergency mode

    I like it, this is my favourite aircraft after the ME262 so im extremely happy with bodenplatte. Things I noticed different to the A8 is that the engine is super torque during roll out and take off, this is very similar to how its setup in that other sim that I wont name. I found it a bit of a handful during takeoff. Landings are some what more difficult due to the long nose but thats why we like the Dora, so wont complain about that. I actually ground looped on my first landing which I haven't done in a while. I found climing was pretty fast as well, but I didnt realise that full down trim gives higher speed I'll need to try that again. The guns are very powerful, love it. I found turning very similar to how the A5 was when it first came out, I didnt seem to get the buffeting right before it opposite rolled, but I was able to recover pretty well.
  2. Tyberan

    DCS news

    I really want this module, but the time commitment as mentioned before to get to know it to fly it is my reason for not buying. I bought the F18 last year and was really impressed with it but never got to actually fire weapons in it as I spend a lot of time learning how to operate off the carrier. still the F14 is a sexy plane and I wants it.
  3. Tyberan

    U-boat sim, new trailer

    What no Band playing when leaving port? Are they even going to release it this year, i've had my eye on this game for ages. Looks promising, I was a big fan of Silent hunter 3.
  4. Tyberan

    Developer Diary 219 - Discussion

    This crop of planes in bobp is just loaded with tasty skinning opportunities. I for one am looking forward to making skins for the me262, dora, and p51. Got some nice Raaf 3sqn paint jobs I can do for the p51.
  5. Tyberan

    ME 262

    That would be funny, didn't the real thing have tip stall at lower speeds at high bank angles. Would be interesting to see how this planes plays out in MP and single player. In endurance was only 60mins of fuel.
  6. Tyberan

    russian bombers

    I thought the AI gunners were super snipers until I did a few experiments with a bf109 vs an il2m3. My first few tries they shot out my engine straight away. Then I changed tactic to fly at an angle say 60 degrees side on to the il2 this worked much better but still got some fuse hits from their gunners. Pretty much my experience was down to my attack tactics, coming in at 6 o'clock even at a high close rate gives the gunner plenty of time to engage. Also I found baiting the AI gunners to use up all their ammo worked as well.
  7. The tiger 1 driver couldn't turn out whilst driving as the hatch was offset from the drivers seat anyway. Even on the panther the driver could turn out and drive only if they had installed the control extensions.
  8. Tyberan

    Radio Chatter Really Annoying

    Even if they just copied exactly what was done for radio chatter in il2 1946 would be a marked improvement of what's present now. I miss the command to ask for directions to home base or mundane stuff like request landing. Or even angry Ivan in the gunner of the il2 yelling at you for doing severe flight maneuvers
  9. I've spent a tonne of money of RoF over the years and it was worth it cause it was a solid game. The business model they used allowed them to continue with the development for a lot of years until they realised that a new engine was needed and an opportunity to make a good ww2 sim. You can either support the development of FC now in early access at a discount or wait for a year or so once it's been released and get it on sale. But I don't think it's fair to want some insane discount cause you bought their older game at sale price recently. Either you want it or not at the price they are selling.
  10. Tyberan

    Total Agravation

    Is it any game on steam or just il2? If it's all games then something is wrong on your side. Try disabling other programs in the background or do a virus scan, update Windows, re install steam etc. Is the game accepted through your firewall?
  11. Tyberan

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Click pits are interesting for the first dozen times. In DCS the ww2 planes are ok but once you get to the f18 it's literally a 15min process. After that it a chore when really I want get flying with precious time I get for flight some these days. Even in IL2 I fire up the game on the runway with engine running. Especially for the German planes. Even the automated start up seems to replicate hand winding the inertial starter instead of ground power assisted.
  12. Tyberan

    Total Agravation

    I don't know why steam would require you to "power down" your mobo to work. Still don't know the specs your pc or what OS you are running. But it sounds like you have other programs hogging resources on your pc or conflicting with steam. I would suggest looking at steam support first since this seems to be the main issue.
  13. Tyberan

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Jeez the nick picking starts early.
  14. Thanks for making me spray my coffee, good one