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  1. That's annoying. I'm more into the shake n bake kits these days.
  2. I'll have to check that out. The kiwis went full shut down crazy over there.
  3. What's the issue with eduards fw190 dora, generally curious as I was thinking buying one over the tamiya kit. Don t tell me the got the gun cowl wrong as well
  4. A 1 wire to the gulag for you
  5. I got SC and find it hard to figure what you are supposed to do, so I fire it up occasionally to see how it's going, get annoyed with the 15min loading times and give up. With ED I got bored, pretty much felt like a space truck driver.
  6. I thought Meng was the one doing the sprues for them anyway, if Meng has all the tooling anyway it would make sense that they just start making them again. I'm kicking myself for not getting kits in that huge sale they had last year, i was nearly tempted to get the Felixstowe. I do have the Fokker Dvii though, nice kit.
  7. Sweet, might get it then.
  8. Oculus has an Amazon store available for 650. Pretty much the only option here anyway, been on the fence for 18months or so between rift s and reverb.
  9. Although I don't want to derail from OP but information in this thread has made my decision to get a Rift s.
  10. Anyone know if you buy through steam you can transfer the module in the standalone version? Thinking of getting the F14 but it will be over $100Aud after conversion on DSC website Vs $87aud on steam.
  11. I live Oz as well and have been looking at VR options. Seems i can get a reverb but only the gen 1 pro version here, even so it's a 4-6week lead time according to HP. So I've been thinking about the rift S. RAAF STEVE do you find the rift s still good without the higher res? Also where did you get yours?
  12. I might get it, they had me at coop vs AI, that suits me as usually these big games attract a toxic MP base. I can't be bothered with all that anymore.
  13. With the Aussie dollar climbing I might splurge and get BoN, razor back looks good.
  14. I like it when they signal to lower cat hook, then tell you run up the engines. Its a pretty good improvement over the original carrier, so much easier to line up to the Cat with ground crew directing now. Just wish i had the F14
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