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  1. What's the plan you got as the work bench, looks like a nice idea. I assume it's an albatross plan?
  2. Lol to Blackburn. I love their design aesthetic, needs to look like it can't fly but can and a dash of fugliness. Case in point the Blackburn Blackburn
  3. Designed and built in 3 months as an emergency fighter. Australia only had license for the engine on the dc3 ( can't remember exact name) so it was built around that. It was only used front line as an army support CAS aircraft, arty spotting and target spotting. but I've always had a soft spot for it as it's unique and one of the handful of Aussie designed aircraft.
  4. I want the CA-13 boomerang if we ever get to the Pacific. Would be good for arty spotting, ground straffing etc. A nimble little thing but not fast
  5. Wow I didn't know they modelled that will have to check it out. Does anyone fly it in TAW?
  6. Torps would be great but what plane set can use them? A20, ju88, he111 h6?
  7. Tyberan + BoN Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
  8. Oh yeah, I really liked cold waters. Didn't know they split, explains the lack of updates to it.
  9. Cool I'll give it a go. Is it east coast based? Power outages probably due to the fires
  10. Are they still making the Ash-82? Isn't it used in the flugwerk's fw190 replicas?
  11. I haven't played since the p38 came out but dogfight are much better now. Setup a qmb with 7x tempest vs 7 doras. It was good no endless spirals and some of my wingman shot stuff down. I bagged 6 planes, I'm wondering if I need to up ai to ace , as I'm usually terrible in a dogfight or maybe it was just tempest. But it was a good time much better improvement
  12. I didn't realise there was an Aussie server, I'll have to give it a go. I'm pretty much in the same boat despite being one of the lucky ones with Fttp(Australian NBN will know what I'm talking about). I usually just go qmb due to time constraints anyway, the tyranny of distance for us is that most servers are on the other side of the planet. But I'm going to check out that server tonight.
  13. I'll go for a music one, blue monday played with 1920-1940's musical instruments.
  14. I got the same cpu, but I've only got a gtx970. I've been looking getting the rtx2080 super, but funds are the issue at the moment. My worry with the reverb is that I have no Idea what my IPD is and it's not adjustable physically on the reverb, plus I now wear glasses.
  15. Oh man I really want a vr headset but there is no where in Australia to test one. I'm looking at getting the reverb but the outlay just to try it out is quite high. It encouraging to know that the OP's experience with a rift s was a good one, that maybe getting a cheaper set is the way to go.
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