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  1. Thanks Sokol1 - I have reset the game file to re-detect the game controllers and what weirdly happens is that a few other keys bindings on the Yoke will also suddenly start working, but not the majority on either it or the Thrustmaster TWCS throttle. No rhyme or reason I can see only things always consistent is that flap assignments on Yoke handle and throttle assignments always work 100%. No other button /assignment works consistently if at all. This one is going to take some god old school sleuthing to figure out where the problem is. Appreciate the suggestions!
  2. Thanks all - contacted Honeycomb and they responded immediately that this is going to be an IL-2 software issue. Everything works as it should in joy.cpl so I have to assume it's a game issue. Will keep trying to see what I can figure out - see if any of the 3rd party programs help!
  3. Hi - My go to plane is the P38 in Bodenplatte, have a new Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke with 35 buttons on it and want to use it. I can get the Pitch/Roll working, my pedals working and Thrustmaster throttle working. However NONE of the key bindings for buttons on the Throttle or Yoke will respond. Tried VJoy, everything calibrates and responds in Windows, everything picked up in Settings but Not Working in Game. Strangely not a lot of help on line for this issue. I have IL-2 installed separately and linked under Steam. Issue is the same whether I start in IL-2 or Steam. Nothing I have tried gets buttons to respond EXCEPT a key binding I made for Flaps - go figure. No errors, problems otherwise - works perfectly in XPlane and MSFS. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Figured since IL2 and ED have been around forever there would be ready made configuration files one could load for a VKB Gladiator MKII to save the time of button mapping individually? I have no problem doing but would like to save the time if it has already been invented. Thanks
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