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  1. It didn't help that some genius thought holding back the 2-seaters until last would be a good idea. Probably down to 'technical limitations' or something I guess.
  2. Easy there tiger, holding your breath on this ain't recommended. Lol.
  3. Gotta hold out for the map and a 2-seater for each side and hope somebody puts up a server that gives anything better than air-quake crap.
  4. So if I was to calibrate my monitor so it saw a red as a green, then sampled a cherry in PS and saved and uploaded it to the web, somebody with a correctly calibrated monitor would see a green cherry?
  5. Maybe *a* solution would be to remove the option from server admins to set AI gunner skill and have it hard set to do random, from rookie to vet (no ace), per gunner (ground and air). And fix where gunners don't die when lit up with rounds and/or the gun doesn't continue to fire when the gunner is wounded/dead (if that's anything more than an occasional code glitch).
  6. From where do you have this information? You are saying that different monitors/different monitor calibrations effect the code in the PS swatch selection?? I don't believe it.
  7. I assume that no matter how a monitor is calibrated, the colour-picker in a prog like PS (photoshop) does so at the exact same code level on all computers and thus sampling the red in the strut posted above would produce the same code output onto any skin. The only issue then would be how faithfully the camera captured the colour on the strut. NB: I'd say the most right-hand skin of the three has it right, it matches the piece of strut almost perfectly.
  8. The problem (a growing one) is the general ethos of "I don't have sufficient gaming time to fly long missions" which has lead to a predominance of servers giving take-off to target routes lasting no longer than a few minutes. That obviously leads to little more than air-quake outcomes unfortunately. The WW1 Arras map might mitigate against that, as it'll have a hard front line with realistic airfield positioning, but I don't think it'll accommodate heavy bomber missions. I recall trying the Gotha a few times in RoF and it took forever to get it up to a sensible altitude (if and when I could get it off the ground at all), only to most often have it shot down before getting anywhere near a target. 2-seaters will rule in that case.
  9. Eek, it's what I feared. Those hooks are plastic and I'll lay money it won't be long until they break. The Saitek pedals went the same way on one side and that was with the stock springs.
  10. I would rather say everything should revolve around recon (taking pics) and artillery spotting with ground-attacking trenches from mid/late 1918.
  11. I want the Stuka Rudel describes in his book. Him and the boys must have had it in the workshop, hot-rodding it. 😁
  12. Let's hope 1C gets on it sooner rather than later.
  13. Could you post some pics of the spring mod? I have the same pedals, very good but I have to rest my heels on the floor in flight because the return-to-center is so light the only way to ensure it in combat is by rocking my feet completely off the pedals.
  14. The piece of wood looks like a part of a wing strut.
  15. I wanted to introduce my brother to the joy of a dive attack from high altitude with the siren screaming (him in the gunner's seat) but after the fifth attempt (being shot down before we could reach the target) we gave up. "Never mind, the 110 is fun too..." 😂
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