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  1. The ability of the AI to see and shoot through cover. It's a shame this wasn't included in the list of the game's attributes on the sales page, it would have saved me wasting my money on it. Transparency ay?
  2. Reinstalling the game to see if that fixes it.
  3. That's hold down the shift key while you press T (just to be sure).
  4. What are the rates of fire for the German tanks in this game I wonder...
  5. Should AI being able to see and shoot through 100% cover in TC be fixed as a priority?
  6. Simply not fit for purpose in my opinion, unplayable.
  7. I don't consider something as fundamental to a shooter as this to be an 'early access' issue. This is something that should never have been in, from day one. At the other end of the spectrum we have invisible planes. Fortunately nobody's reported invisible tanks yet, though the AI being able to see and shoot through forests and buildings constitutes the same effect.
  8. Ya, just had my first experience of that on the Finnish server. Hidden amongst buildings about 1km away from the enemy tank base, suddenly multiple shells start landing around me. I'm like "WTF!!!" Then boom, my tank blows up. No way for a human to be able to see me, much less machine-gun fire shells at me. I'm done with this for now, I'll check back in six months and see if the devs have deigned to give us the $70's worth we paid for.
  9. I played with those, currently all I have enabled there are warmed engines and nav markers. I went to steam to verify files until I remembered I bought all my packs direct. Lol.
  10. I'm sure there'd be a noticeable jerk in a lighter tank but the Tiger having a bout of epilepsy is completely OTT. It's in the gunsight where the earthquake happens.
  11. When I'm in a tank and it's hit by AP rounds it shakes as if naval artillery rounds are landing next to it. Hits on my glacis also produce huge amounts of black smoke that obscure my vision. Funnily enough I don't see similar clouds of black smoke in front of tanks that I hit so it's a local effect only (though other MP players see the same as me from inside their tanks too no doubt). My assumption is the devs have implemented this arcade stuff to make the game 'more challenging' but personally I find such arcade stuff nothing but frustrating and it's made the SP game unplayable for me as every AI gunner targets me and I'm pretty much sitting in front of a shaking screen for literally minutes, unable to return fire until my tank finally dies or my AI pals kill all the enemy tanks.
  12. I'm trying to imagine any game surviving where players become invisible to their opponents. For five years. I'm failing.
  13. That works for me for all the bits except shells and MG. I tried 'jiggling the code' by switching off instruments in settings, exiting and restarting the game. No instruments. Back to settings, re-enabled instruments, still no shells. I've also noticed that M no longer cycles the minimap, it doesn't show at all any more (it's set to "compact" in the settings).
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