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  1. A sound-cue would do the job quite nicely, something like RB2-3D had (a creaking sound iirc).
  2. Jesus, does any part of this game's combat work properly now?
  3. This is the crux of the matter. We know a real-life wing with a broken spar can hold on even with high Gs if the wires are intact, as the load of an otherwise unattached piece of wing can be borne via the wires (and struts) to intact wings (and/or fuselage). I'm assuming this isn't modelled in other than an abstract way (if even that). The game sees a broken spar and treats the affected wing largely in isolation?
  4. It appears to be a case of CPU power vs realistic implementation of breakable components. AnPetrovich has mentioned this as being the main obstacle but I'd be interested to hear greater detail, as in an example of what a good CPU (let's say an 8500k running at 4.5ghz with all other components being in the same performance class, RAM and GPU etc) can do with 16 planes all having the existing hitboxes PLUS full spar hitboxes. Would this reduce the game to a stutter-fest? If not then it goes back to the old debate of PC cost vs game demands/performance. Most studios don't like the idea of excluding players with low to mid-range PCs, for obvious reasons. I see no way around this, unless it was possible to implement two versions of the game, one for high-end PCs and another for low/mid-range. Otherwise, bite the bullet and up the minimum requirements. We're in the dark though, we have no idea what a good CPU can handle in terms of hitbox count and complexity.
  5. Another company-staff-response vacuum thread. A seriously important failing in the game, ignored.
  6. I suspect/assume the new DM is a global install and can't be (easily) removed from just one module. If that's the case I fear we can kiss FC goodbye.
  7. Is anyone playing MP right now, with the glass wings?
  8. Why, I wonder, am I not surprised.
  9. One would think, at £55 a pop for these modules, we'd get some proper/decent customer support, in the case here of input from devs (or their reps) in important threads like these. Maybe cue it being locked, like others, because reasons other than helping out concerned customers.
  10. I've been having another go. With AI set to be random in QMB ( 8 v 8 ) I'm finding it hard to get the AI to fight. None the less, in nine planes shot down only two (Se5s) lost their wings while fighting. Three lost them on the way down after the pilots were disabled, four ploughed in with their wings intact. Both Se5s had their wings absolutely mown (judging by the dust puffs), others were 50/50 wings/fuselage or 90% fuselage. In one combat a friendly collided with me enough that I lost my Alb's right aileron, it didn't cause shake and I was still able to manoeuvre hard (including high-speed dives). I'm not saying there isn't an issue, just that I've not seen it yet (though I am seeing more wing losses, just that they don't seem unrealistic yet). EDIT: Lol. Ok, can now confirm. QMB, 8 v 8 Ace AI (AI still prefers to run away rather than turn, which seems realistic when they have superior speed), I took one hit (one bullet) in my Alb's lower-left wing (bullet-hole decal was there), went into a high-speed diving turn to get onto a Spad, left wings folded. Maybe the sound is borked and I took more than one bullet, but there was only one hit-sound and one decal (that I could see). None the less, before this update my planes could be visibly shredded and wings wouldn't come off. There was certainly, at the very least, no sound and graphical match up between the apparent damage I took and the wings folding. The WW1 DM thus appears to be borked. Simple solution imo would be to make ONLY the main spars as damageable hit-boxes, the other wing hit-boxes as visual damage effects only. Ailerons etc coming off has always been visually cheesy imo anyway. Cue a dev appearing in this thread to explain in B&W exactly how the WW1 DM is currently implemented. Eg, how many hit-boxes are in the wings, which ones do what, etc etc etc. That would be nice/helpful, wouldn't it? And end this speculation, which is pretty much all these forums amount to, far too often. Nature hates an information vacuum.
  11. Is there 100% sure confirmation that it really is just a handful of bullets needed to weaken a wing (so that it collapses either immediately or in subsequent hard manoeuvring)?
  12. If the earlier suspicions regarding an entire wing having only one hitbox prove to be correct I'd say we didn't get $70's worth of detail. They certainly talk about individual spars for the WW2 crates, so the WW1 planes should have the same level of detail at this price-point. But if they do it doesn't explain how a few rounds so weaken the wings. Yes, I've had a go and the two Se5s lost their wings, the Camel was a bit more robust and didn't lose his until the pilot was killed and the plane fell out of control. I was wounded twice in the same scrap (D7) and my wings were fine in hard manouvering.
  13. You mean like the invisible planes thread, which was eventually addressed with nothing more than being locked? Yeah, stellar respect and attention to the issue therein.
  14. I stopped playing TC because of this, both SP and MP. Total waste of £55. It's an absolutely inexcusable flaw imo.
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