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  1. Even in Hiragana and Katakana it's difficult; in Kanji each glyph can have multiple meanings, which turns translation into frikkin' tarot.
  2. My wife is Japanese but it's not as much assistance as one might assume. She's tried this before and the technical terms are obtuse as all hell (words she'd never seen before and didn't understand in her own language, never mind be able to translate). Between us we were able to guess some of them but it took a long time.
  3. He's being legitimately sarcastic I think. Don't hold your breath that they'll give a flying FK.
  4. AI pilots are now awesome, AI gunners are still super-human garbage (in my opinion).
  5. In my opinion, WW2 wing-root failures are the norm in IL2 when they should be the exception. It's the arcade-DM white elephant in the sim's room.
  6. Me and my brother frequently have this when flying D7Fs together. We also see standard skins momentarily before they morph back to the custom ones we use.
  7. Welcome to the machine-world, where human interaction, good-will and empathy are subsumed by the capitalist dogma.
  8. I was in a head-on car crash, combined speed around 70mph. The airbag hit me hard enough that I wasn't able to retain a memory post-impact for longer than a minute (lasted a few hours) but I was aware of it and also immediately fully functional. Not the same as a bullet of course.
  9. Just whatsapped him, he's already done exactly that (refunded the steam purchase and gone direct to IL2.com).
  10. I'm pretty sure the pilot models have hit boxes and require a bullet to go through them to injure/kill the pilot. If that's not happening it must be a bug, not an intentional design.
  11. A friend of mine bought BoS on steam a few days ago and has had nothing but grief trying to get it to run. First it was a couple of missing .dll files (fixed by installing Visual Studio), then he couldn't get past the "new account" choices on login (kept coming up with "disconnected from master server"). If I'd known before he bought it I would have advised him to order it direct.
  12. The AI on ace setting flys and fights better than RL human sprogs did (if you believe the numerous RL accounts).
  13. I had two good near-blackouts online last night (D7f), after the hotfix to the final release.
  14. They load for me. Sorry dude, some kind of local glitch I guess.
  15. Don't get excited, barely a discernible difference.
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