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  1. Ideally it would be a bunch of humans on both sides hunting enemy planes; each other (the 'aces') and the AI (the 'regulars').
  2. It prevents the slime making so much as a cent from me buying stuff via them. 😄
  3. No, I'm making proposals of how it could be and how I would implement it on a server run by me. That seems to have provoked hostility from you, for some bizarre reason. Maybe just an infantile reaction from somebody who feels his favourite toy being threatened, dunno, don't care. If circle-jerking the 50-player e-sport gets you off, good for you, hurts nobody, 50 happy players. I'm proposing something different for the possible interest of others, along with expressing my opinions and thoughts etc. If you don't like it, don't read it.
  4. Lol. Dude, check your ego in at the door, it's not going to impress me. It's a game, not your life. Unless you don't have one.😎
  5. Facebook is a tool. Ignore the ads..."take everything, give nothing". Lol. It's handled five humans I know of with over 30 AI planes perfectly well so far. My assumption is they've improved the engine and AI a fair bit. It's a very simple set up, most of them take off, fly straight patrols back and forwards, then land. The most the CPU/AI has to do is fight if it sees humans (it does) or when it's attacked.
  6. Probably more than yours, as I don't recall your callsign from the RB2 online community days (1994~), never mind any since (inc the original IL2 and Hyperlobby) until now. Lots join for an authentic simulation experience with like-minded humans. Not everyone is into it as a e-sport. Lol, very few if the numbers in FC MP are anything to go by.
  7. So you don't "do this", I clearly mentioned the use of AI.
  8. Do you provide AI planes in your Thursday night missions?
  9. We'll agree to disagree on that one, rather than get into a pointless tit-for-tat debate.
  10. So, the whole kill-streak parser-stats record thing seems to be a...thing. Lol. Flying, fighting, making ace and staying alive to bask in the glory etc. There's a debate going on elsewhere about the validity of AI. My vision has them counting just as well as human kills, so I'll proceed on that basis. In which case, vehemently PvP-only players can stop reading now. A bunch of components come into this. a) A stand-alone box, run as either a dedicated server (special IL2 software required) or a Listen Server (run on a box from within the game). Run 24/7 (crashes and admin bed-time etc allowing). b) A realistic scenario, including AI. Air-superiority oriented. Persona-based. c) Facebook. d) A realistic kill-confirmation regime. e) Discord for the group, to include comms (yeah, I know, but it's a social gig too). Facebook is ideal for players to record their career progress, using new names for each pilot or just a call sign. Capture or death = end of career (streak). Kill claims require confirmation of one other human pilot. Each pilot would have a specific time-slot within any 24-hour period to edit a master kill-board. Or nominate a person within his squadron to do it on his behalf. The map would have a squadron on its own airfield for each plane type. From each of which a flight of three AI would take off. Plus a bunch of AI recon 2-seaters (air-started) to fly the line at varying altitudes. This would field approx. 30 AI planes in total. Waypoints could be regularly varied to keep things fresh (ditto weather, time etc). It would require one guy to run it, more if possible to give others access to the server PC. Are there enough players interested to fund the box and play it? I'm happy to do it, I'm retired and have plenty of time, imagination, organizational skills and ME knowledge (finally) to make it happen but the cost needs to be shared. Which, if enough players chipped in, would be individually inconsequential. Open to all. Right now me and my brother are having a blast doing pretty much exactly what's printed on the tin above but having a healthy number of humans joining in would vastly improve the experience, for anyone and everyone involved. Over to ya'll.
  11. It certainly wouldn't help to denigrate their AI kills as "noob fodder" and tell them they deserved a lesser score because they counted for nothing. Anymore than it would have helped to foster morale amongst the real pilots if their reports had included a requirement to assess their victim's skill, with "apparent novice" meaning it wouldn't count towards ace status and awards. "Sorry Eric/Hub, 90% of your kills were poorly trained and tactically naïve sprogs, no medals for you. And wipe those bars off your rudder, you wannabe." 😀 One of the greatest things about having AI in the mix (having had approx. 200 members flying for over a year in a war I ran, who loved it) was never knowing if the plane you were stalking (or being attacked by) was human or AI. That tension was a big plus to the experience.
  12. That's talking about how one sees as opposed to what one sees. Here's the thing, as I see it (my opinion)...all you veteran sim flyers, who have championed the PvP-only scenario, be it on fast-food air-quake servers or mission-oriented ones, have done more to drive away newcomers to the MP scene than probably any single other reason (there are others in the mix). While you were whooping it up and having fun clubbing them you killed your own environment. Most likely if they'd had targets they could cope with (AI) and a way to both grow their confidence and skills they'd have stuck around. Own the consequences, a moribund MP scene.
  13. Icons are arcade, period. I'd rather be myopic AND have grease smeared on my goggles (VR). Lol. But when the setup is e-sport I can't see that it matters.
  14. There's no valid reason not to have the halbs doing high-alt recon flights, any more than using the Bristols for the same. As for servers, I've had a little go using my PC as a VR-only venue on two nights of the week. I think it probably had all the WW1 VR players on it (less than two handfuls, lol). So the thing there is trying to justify spending a bunch of cash on a dedicated box that can be run 24/7 when next to nobody would make use of it (and that's talking about throwing it open to all, not VR-only). I have no idea if the e-sport emphasis has driven people away from MP and thus no way to gauge if running realistic scenarios would bring them back and justify the cost.
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