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  1. Wow, memory lane. I know of three old members and friends who have since passed away...Chris Ottinger (MkIV), Cliff Stokes (he was a tail-gunner in Lancs) and Joe Worsely (flew B-29s over Japan). The original Il2 was the game-changer for me, after everything from SWotL. I was on the beta test team and am proud to have my name in the credits in the printed manuals for Il2 and FB (a little spot in geek niche history, lol). I also fondly recall spanking ViKs out of the sky and helping expose his clan of hackers. Lol. The late nineties and early twenties were the high watermark of online WW2 air-combat simming.
  2. Have you played the armour in PS and/or HLL? I have, extensively. They are allied-biased arcade-fantasy hitpoint skill-stealing trash. So, discounting those, what other WW2 armour game is currently available that's better than TC? Darkest Hour used to be numero uno in the outcome's dept but the graphics can no longer cut it and TC's outcomes are as good if not better. Iron Front 1944 was the one when it was still online but that's long gone. Not that I disagree with your list above but most of those are things one can legitimately expect to see fixed over time (yeah yeah, I know...). The all-seeing AI in TC is also a skill-stealing travesty, hence the need for human-only servers. But who's going to risk the money on a server when next to nobody is playing it online. Egg-chicken scenario, a bit like the sales-resource ratio 1C are juggling.
  3. I no longer play this SP due to the AI being able to see through cover (total game-killing travesty). But if enough people were playing online the AI wouldn't be needed. So what other reasons are there? Because so far as I've seen, TC is the best WW2 tank vs tank simulator currently available (Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose are arcade trash). Obviously it needs a hell of a lot of further work but I'm not seeing what's putting people off.
  4. It depended on the angle of the strike. Oblique strikes would see the round detonate before penetration, square strikes would see the round penetrate before detonating (generally speaking).
  5. Oh, you think they're going to rectify it? Bless.
  6. The ability of the AI to see and shoot through cover. It's a shame this wasn't included in the list of the game's attributes on the sales page, it would have saved me wasting my money on it. Transparency ay?
  7. So the air AI can see through/into clouds?
  8. Reinstalling the game to see if that fixes it.
  9. That's hold down the shift key while you press T (just to be sure).
  10. What are the rates of fire for the German tanks in this game I wonder...
  11. Should AI being able to see and shoot through 100% cover in TC be fixed as a priority?
  12. Simply not fit for purpose in my opinion, unplayable.
  13. I don't consider something as fundamental to a shooter as this to be an 'early access' issue. This is something that should never have been in, from day one. At the other end of the spectrum we have invisible planes. Fortunately nobody's reported invisible tanks yet, though the AI being able to see and shoot through forests and buildings constitutes the same effect.
  14. Ya, just had my first experience of that on the Finnish server. Hidden amongst buildings about 1km away from the enemy tank base, suddenly multiple shells start landing around me. I'm like "WTF!!!" Then boom, my tank blows up. No way for a human to be able to see me, much less machine-gun fire shells at me. I'm done with this for now, I'll check back in six months and see if the devs have deigned to give us the $70's worth we paid for.
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