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  1. That is the bigger issue right now unfortunately. It's one thing to identify the best hardware, something else entirely to get ones hands on it. Lol.
  2. You've misunderstood my words it seems. Nowhere have I been trying to "fight" your findings. I've asked for specific empirical proof because I'd like to know, specifically, if the AMD CPU would be suitable for my needs. Neither have I implied anyone is an AMD "fanboy". I have no agenda here other than to get the best co-op performance possible. If somebody does an actual PWCG co-op test with the settings I've mentioned and it stomps it, I'll be purchasing an AMD. And THAT person will get my thanks, because they'll have earned it. Specifically.
  3. It's there to play with, try it and see. I noticed a significant improvement when I found and used it. YMMV of course.
  4. I very soon became used to the non-restriction limits, the colour of the view changes when your VR eyes pass through the plexiglass. I won't even do it after parking on the ground, I wait until the canopy is open. OCD lollness. 🤭
  5. They're corporate greed-mongers, all desperately trying to have their avaricious fingers in the pie with their money-grubbing store-fronting shite software. Hopefully somebody will come out with an Open Composite alternative to the resource-thieving WMR and SteamVR.
  6. Lol. It's a loose term. Would it have made you feel better if I'd said "technician"? Apparently so. I'll not bother to keep your odd and pointless hostility in mind for future reference of course.😙
  7. Fixing peoples PCs and building new ones. Also networks for small businesses.
  8. What system are you running (hardware) and can you test a PWCG co-op mission with the settings I mention? You have to fly it until the AI spawns in of course because they (the missions) begin very smoothly.
  9. With 12 years of PC engineering under my belt I too frequently came across AMD CPUs that had not stood the test of time. They burned out. I don't know if that's still an issue but my regard of them is tainted by that history.
  10. I don't know what the Rheinland Benchmark is. The only test that would sell it to me is being able to run a PWCG co-op mission with high air density, low ground and AA density and high CPU without the clients getting the "Server Overload" message and the game turning into a slide-show. If the AMD CPUs can't manage that there's no objective reason not to stick with Intel.
  11. I'm very leery of AMD stuff, certainly still so after reading about flakey mobos and sub-par hi-rez graphics. In fact their CPUs sound like the only thing they've got right so far. I guess the acid test is can the 5600X (or better) run high and high in PWCG without "Server Overload"? That's a test I'd like to see.
  12. Oculus Quest 2 but that requires a facebook account.
  13. Prime95 certainly brings them all up to 100%. But I know that's not a fair comparison. I guess IL2, like any program, needs an amount of overhead for all the swapping about. Conclusion...current CPUs are still primitive shit.
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