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  1. It would have worked, the net connection is handled entirely by the game's default settings (it finds your IP automatically). You should set a password unless you're ok with randoms joining (not that they'd be able to fly a plane).
  2. Or "have you pirated stuff?"
  3. By purchasing games in the IL2.com online shop.
  4. If that is so, why is it always recommended to run the monitor image at the lowest practical resolution?
  5. I think the only folder you need to share is "User" but the new host might then need to set himself as the "Reference" player.
  6. You can use the app's internal config GUI to set parked start. The game's realism setting determines engine cold or warmed. Be aware though that some airfields have the AI guys doing nutty things from a parked position. Even some runway starts have it too.
  7. Not as nice as the original design they show-cased imo, looks a bit Fischer-Price if I'm frank.
  8. That is the bigger issue right now unfortunately. It's one thing to identify the best hardware, something else entirely to get ones hands on it. Lol.
  9. You've misunderstood my words it seems. Nowhere have I been trying to "fight" your findings. I've asked for specific empirical proof because I'd like to know, specifically, if the AMD CPU would be suitable for my needs. Neither have I implied anyone is an AMD "fanboy". I have no agenda here other than to get the best co-op performance possible. If somebody does an actual PWCG co-op test with the settings I've mentioned and it stomps it, I'll be purchasing an AMD. And THAT person will get my thanks, because they'll have earned it. Specifically.
  10. It's there to play with, try it and see. I noticed a significant improvement when I found and used it. YMMV of course.
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