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  1. To SDV_Fin*19_ I believe someone already raised this question, but I've never seen the answer... Why is the 150 octane fuel locked on the Spit IX? Thanks.
  2. Just a simple technique to make sure you don't face transparency issues again... When you finished your alpha, make a selection by color #000000. This will select all your alpha areas with pure black color, then replace these with a "not pure" black like #080808. You will barely notice the diference as you dark areas will remain dark, but you will get rid of any transparency issues at once in the whole skin. Don't even need to bother searching for them in the viewer. It's a good practice to check this before releasing the skin. Merry Christmas.
  3. Hello everybody... I'm sharing the remaining "same squadron elements" for the in game default skins, following my previous post. Download link below. Season Greetings!! Download Link
  4. Greetings! I'm sharing here a pack of historical skins I made for my personal use just to have consistent same squadron elements for the in game default ones. Download link below. Enjoy. Download Link
  5. Hi everybody. I've been away from Berloga for some time. Now I realize the server ip has changed, and I'm getting a 300ms plus ping, and as a result I'm always kicked out in few minutes... Anyone else has suffered from this? It has become unplayable for me... Thanks in advance.
  6. I've been testing this myself and it works fine with the Me262. I mean fine, but not perfect, but this is because the "AI doesn't know yet" how to proper taxi the Me262 and keeps accelerating/deaccelerating like a prop, and the 262 is very slow to respond, and sometimes goes one wheel to the grass... Other than that it follows the taxi waypoints in a totally customized taxi path. It parks ok at the last parking point, but then again, not too accurate with the parking direction, which seems to be another consequence of the slow response of the Jumo jets. So everything works fine. Make sure the two circles that define the landing/take off direction are properly set along the the runway and connected to the other "normal taxi" waypoints. Try to place the circle at the end of the runway, not so far at the end of it. If the runway is too long, the AI needs to "engage" the first taxi point after landing sooner and it makes for a smoother taxi drive. If that circle is at the end, the AI will tend to roll faster until that point and sometimes overshoots the runway and have to turn back to grab the first taxi waypoint. Again, all this was tested with the Me262 jet. I believe it will work even better with props. Regarding the DESPAWN issue, I wanted that myself but no luck... when the AI switches off the engines it will despawn for sure. One "workaround" for this, in case you want to see the planes that landed around the parking area is: 1) Set a new plane (same type and skin) as close as possible to the place the one just landed parked, and point it the same direction 2) Link the landed plane event "OnDestroyed" to a spawn trigger and link this to the new plane (enabled unchecked) When the plane despawns it immediately re-spawn nearby at the spawn point. Its not the same, but if you are not looking it looks like the plane just parked and stayed there. You might even use the very same spot for one and the other, but in this case add a short timer after the spawn trigger. Try it out and see if you like the result.
  7. Well, that I know. I was wondering if there was a way to target link two AI planes by a command when they were already in the air for instance. Anyway, thank you very much. Yes, I understand. Cover will get a plane to attack who is a attacking the covered plane. They might fly close but probably not as a formation but as an escort, of course. Anyway I might try to check the behavior of a fighter covering another fighter if there are no enemies around... Thanks.
  8. Noted, thank you. Another question: is there a way to get an AI plane to join a formation in the air? I mean, for example to get two AI planes to take off separately and then form together in the air? Thank you.
  9. Hi all. Still related to this topic: is it possible to get an AI plane not to disappear after landing (and shutting off the engine), and stay at his parked point after taxi? Thank you!
  10. Counting the spawns is pretty straight forward, the problem is to deduct the despawns as these, either "killed" or "finished", will have to be related to an area, and we cannot monitor a whole map... it will give a rough estimation of the number of players and it will be alright if you want to monitor a specific area, where a certain action is going on; but if you want accuracy, for colligation balance for example, and when a lot of events are taking place in different parts of a map, then the tool mentioned in my post above will be a better bet.
  11. I believe these are the right tools for this, but those are external applications...
  12. No, no, nothing like that. I don't want the players to get to know anything. I just want to trigger an event based on the effective number of players in a an airfield, like for example, to activate/deactivate a AI spawn group depending on that quantity. This is purely in a mission design perspective, not in a client perspective.
  13. Understood, and thank you for your answer. This would be a bit tricky on handling a player respawn... but as you said, is not perfect, but will give a close approximation... That means there is no way to retrieve that number displayed on the map below an MP airbase, stating the number of players currently allocated there?...
  14. Hi everybody! Is there any way - within the ME - to get to know how many players are allocated to an airfield in multiplayer? I don't mean counting spawns, but the actual number of players in an airfield, and use that to trigger other events? How can I achieve this? Thanks.
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