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  1. Counting the spawns is pretty straight forward, the problem is to deduct the despawns as these, either "killed" or "finished", will have to be related to an area, and we cannot monitor a whole map... it will give a rough estimation of the number of players and it will be alright if you want to monitor a specific area, where a certain action is going on; but if you want accuracy, for colligation balance for example, and when a lot of events are taking place in different parts of a map, then the tool mentioned in my post above will be a better bet.
  2. I believe these are the right tools for this, but those are external applications...
  3. No, no, nothing like that. I don't want the players to get to know anything. I just want to trigger an event based on the effective number of players in a an airfield, like for example, to activate/deactivate a AI spawn group depending on that quantity. This is purely in a mission design perspective, not in a client perspective.
  4. Understood, and thank you for your answer. This would be a bit tricky on handling a player respawn... but as you said, is not perfect, but will give a close approximation... That means there is no way to retrieve that number displayed on the map below an MP airbase, stating the number of players currently allocated there?...
  5. Hi everybody! Is there any way - within the ME - to get to know how many players are allocated to an airfield in multiplayer? I don't mean counting spawns, but the actual number of players in an airfield, and use that to trigger other events? How can I achieve this? Thanks.
  6. On this subject, I received today the message below from technical support: Re: IL2 / 932DBF8A-83C4-47B7-8A7A-2DED7CDA8510 / Game issues 1CGS Support Team 10:55 AM (5 hours ago) Dear user, We are aware of this problem and we fixed it. It will be released with a new update. Follow our Forum and News to stay tuned.
  7. Hello all. Any news on this very strange artifacts? I opened a ticket on the official support a week ago, but didn't get any answer so far, even though they are usually very fast to answer. It's seems some sea textures are not properly loaded when rendered in the mirror display. According to my investigation, this issue occurs when an aircraft mirror is displaying an image 1) only at the Kuban map ocean area, and 2) at any mirror setting (simple, medium, complex) except when off. When off, the image is completely blurred but the issue doesn't occur. The issue also doesn't occur at any other water surface like rivers and lakes in the very same Kuban map. It doesn't happen in any other map too, even in Stalingrad Volga river. The problem is precisely in between the coastal area and the horizon of the ocean in the Kuban map, north and south. It's strange that water textures load correctly next to the coastline and horizon, but not in the space in between those. I guess this might have to do with some wave effect modeled at see, that is not properly rendered in the mirrors. There are 8 different sea states that can be generated in a mission, but I didn't try them out to check for any different behavior. Personally, I cannot tell if this started in 3.009, as I don't use mirrors too often because I mostly fly German aircraft. Anyway, this is something that has to be solved.
  8. In this case, I suggest you fill a ticket at customer support and report the issue. You will get an answer in 2 or 3 days. Be sure to send one of the mission files set that you have been trying to host. It will be asked to you anyway, so you save time by sending it in the first place. Hope they can sort it out for you.
  9. It's strange... if your mates can host the same mission and you cannot. What I learned from this is that the client game hangs if it doesn't find any of the files listed in the mission.list There has to be a problem with your files location. Try to host a test mission from the default location multiplayer/dogfight/ just to make sure you can host in the first place. If yes, then we can look at those particular mission files again.
  10. You are right, I wrote campaign folder by mistake; what I meant was to save the missions directly to the cooperative folder, by looking at the files paths on his .list file.
  11. I trust you are familiar with the mission editor. Try opening the mission in the mission editor and then save it to a different folder or even directly into the campaign folder then launch multiplayer and make sure you are launching the new saved mission not the old one. Be sure you have those MP3 files in the same folder. Then try hosting. In your main game folder you will find a file named ctreecache and another named mtreecache. It's ok to delete them because the program will generate new ones, but if you are in doubt just move them away from there to your desktop. This is to make sure the game is loading the mission from the new saved files. Then test it again.
  12. PROBLEM SOLVED. In fact this not a bug at all. 1CGS answer was Immediately I realized what I did wrong. In order to organize my multiplayer missions, I moved them to a new folder... The mission files set contains one file [name_of_the_mission].list where all the files related to that mission are registered, as well as their path from the data folder. If you move them to a different folder the paths won't be correct, and the when hosting multiplayer, the client system hangs trying to find the files at a wrong location. So, the safe way to organize the missions in folders, is to create the folders, then save the missions to their new location using the mission editor. This way the .list file will have the correct paths and the mission will load as expected (other option might be to correct the paths by hand on the .list file, not recommended). So please check the mission you were trying to host. Check the files paths in the .list file, you will surely find something wrong. Open the mission using the mission editor and be sure to save them again at their correct location (usually the dogfights folder or any subfolder of this). Try hosting multiplayer, and you will see everybody will successfully join. I tested mine yesterday, and multiplayer is working as good as ever. Just try it out.
  13. One of my best moments in TAW...
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