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  1. Hi rowdyb00t, thanks for that, I haven't had chance over the last few days to investigate but i will try over the coming weekend. happy new year. EDIT: I found the problem...after checking everything and couldn't find a problem.. it was user error... I was flying in winter, no water in clouds but snow, swapped to summer and low and behold water droplets back what an idiot. 🙂
  2. Coconut, I have just tried this mod to try and fix all my cloud issuues and it works brilliantly and looks great the only thing is the mist/rain effect going through a cloud seems to have disapered. is this a setting within the vr config or have i miised something ?
  3. I have the exact same problem, this only started with the new updates. I have also had to 'tweak' with all the settings again to get a good balance. so something has drastically changed how VR/STEAM/IL2 work together
  4. thanks for that chaps, thinking about it it is only the throttle controller that is causing issues , so i will move that to another hub or direct USB and see what happens.
  5. I have a slight problem after the new update. I seem to suffer from random commands being issued from my controllers. well i think its my controllers it could just be random commands, but they seem to be actions I have mapped to the controller. they are Saitek X56 throttle and stick I will be tootling along and suddenly my canopy will jettison or my under cart will lower. I have checked the controllers and they seem to be fine. Any ideas, its rather frustrating when in a career mission and you have to fly without a canopy…and it was raining….. I got wet 😊
  6. what a hero Baron is.....what a man.... stiff upper lip and all that off for tea and hot buttered crumpets now. keep up the good work ....
  7. brilliant chaps, I watched this last week on holiday and really enjoyed it, so much so I went and investigated the book, brought it and read it, A brilliant read. can we have some move vids please :-)
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