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  1. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

    Weird, I just checked. Downloads fine.
  2. Ptk

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    Sorry guys, summer is here and I've been busy. Probably not going to have much time for this.
  3. Ptk

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    These haven't been updated for 3011, you'll be missing sounds for the newer planes and other assorted weirdness if you were to use them. They've made similar adjustments with each patch anyways. Not quite there yet, but getting there.
  4. Adding a bit of sparse grid supersampling with nvinspector helps for me. There is a performance hit though.
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/file/haf5dj7eli6x525/Intro_Stalingrad_3010c.rar/file Not perfect, the length needs to be changed. Instructions in the other thread.
  6. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

  7. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

    Yeah, these incremental patches keep borking it.
  8. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

    Files no longer valid.
  9. If your samples are different lengths they should still play, but it'll sound like crap. Gaps in the sound and weirdness as it loops. I edited my changes to the same lengths as the originals using audacity. Are you checking your changes using fmod event player? It's much easier to control/hear your edits at a specific rpm.
  10. I'm in Saskatchewan. I'll echo some of the comments on the Edmonton museum, very cool. Worth the drive out to Wetaskiwin to see the Reynolds museum as well. I've also been to the military museum in Calgary which is great.
  11. Quoting myself here... This isn't that hard actually. You do have to get the mix correct however. What they've done in fmod basically (page 188 of the manual http://www.mediafire.com/file/tol52mvp24bzpfg/fmod_designer.pdf/file ) is something like this. So if you extract the sounds and remix/replace them using the same lengths and sounds that blend together nicely it's do-able. If you're not familiar with fmod what's basically happening is that as you increase rpm/load/speed the sound played is "load" and the "unload" sound is blended out. When the fsb is extracted you'll have a bunch of rpm files, sometimes they're named load/unload, sometimes in/load, the "outs" are the external engine sounds. What you'll notice when playing them is that the load sounds have a lot of "wind" sound mixed into the .wav file. What I've done in http://www.mediafire.com/file/g3t9or9urp3mrs5/engines_mix_3006_beta.rar/file is mix the external engine sounds (using audacity) with the "load" sounds, making the original "wind" mix less noticeable and allowing the engine sounds to come through more. To use fsb extract (https://github.com/gdawg/fsbext) put it in your "working folder" and create a couple shortcuts to the fsbext.exe naming one "extract" and the other "rebuild". Add the following to the "extract" shortcut. Add this to your "rebuild shortcut. Create a folder called named "myfolder" in your fsbextract folder, copy main.fsb to your fsbextract folder, double click the extract shortcut, edit the sound files (don't delete files, the rebuild will error if it doesn't find the same names, use a blank wav) , double click the "rebuild" shortcut and it'll create the file output.fsb. Output.fsb is loadable in game after renaming to main.fsb. If you're starting over with a "fresh" main.fsb delete files.dat.
  12. Gui_Music_Cut_var2.wav It's in the main.fsb file. It's possible to unpack, replace the sound and repack it.
  13. In single player I find the ai can still fly too well after taking damage. A human pilot would probably disengage or crash and burn while the ai just keeps on trucking.
  14. I get less stuttering when I select the ultra preset and turn things down from there. The same settings with a low/med/high selected seem to stutter more for me. I also have vsync off in game but set "fast" vsync in the nvidia control panel. I run a triple screen with a 1080ti/8700k. If you aren't afraid to do a little tinkering you can edit the text in gpresets.cfg (its in the file I've attached) and load it as a mod. For example you can run the "preset 0" (which is low) landscape_mesh_quality=0 with the "preset 3" (ultra) selected. Just edit landscape_mesh_quality=1.0 to 0 under "preset 3". There are other parameters you can turn down as well. Just remember to unload/reload the mod after each edit. gpresets.rar
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