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  1. Ptk

    Radio sounds

    Just a quick look, not the same length(not sure if this matters)rep_infire.rar and not the same Hz. Your file is 11025, game default is 44100. Try this one.
  2. Ptk

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    4001_Sound_NG.rar Removes the groan. I'll get to the wind later.
  3. Seems to work for me. Hangar_Triples_Pitch_3201.rar
  4. Ptk

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    Just delete the "ambients.cfg" file and reload it if you're using jsgme.
  5. Loading screens adjusted to fit triples. Link in first post.
  6. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

  7. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

    I don't like it, but try this. ICON_D_D_NL_SM_BLK_DOT_BLKSQGU.rar
  8. Ptk

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    This removes the high g groan and the wind in cockpit. Sound_NG_NW_3201.rar
  9. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

  10. Ptk

    [MOD] Icons

    Weird, I just checked. Downloads fine.
  11. Ptk

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    Sorry guys, summer is here and I've been busy. Probably not going to have much time for this.
  12. Ptk

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    These haven't been updated for 3011, you'll be missing sounds for the newer planes and other assorted weirdness if you were to use them. They've made similar adjustments with each patch anyways. Not quite there yet, but getting there.
  13. Adding a bit of sparse grid supersampling with nvinspector helps for me. There is a performance hit though.
  14. http://www.mediafire.com/file/haf5dj7eli6x525/Intro_Stalingrad_3010c.rar/file Not perfect, the length needs to be changed. Instructions in the other thread.
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