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  1. OK, thanks. I'll do it and keep you informed. But is it the same for skins files ? Can I put alll the folder into the Missioin Editor TOOLS / RESAVE ALL MISSIONS IN FOLDER ?
  2. GREAT !!! It worked perfectly !! Finally very easy to do !! Many thanks again for your "remote" help !! BR Zobby
  3. Ok I started STEditor.exe in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\editor, which I think is the ME you're talking about, but it appears to complicated to me to do the job ? I just can't wait until I can convert your mission int he right format so that I can fly it !!.. There are other campaigns/missions made by other guys (for example : PACIFIC MISSIONS, by Wanganui Wildcat's) that I cannot start and that probably could be converted with the same way ?
  4. Thanks for your early reply !! Upgrade the mission file version ??? But I dowloaded the file at the beginning of this topic and thought it was the ultimate version of the mission ?
  5. Hi I just installed all the files in the right folders; the mission appears when I click on SCRIPTED MISSIONS; I can open it to the Mission 1 description (see screenshot here atteched) but when I click on START, it doesn't work ... Can anyone help, please ? Many thanks in advance. Zobby
  6. Hi I did install all the files into the right folders (well, I guess...) , I can see the 2 missions when I click on MISSIONS, but it doesn't start at all .... Could you help, please ? Many thanks in advance Zobby Tried again, doesn't work
  7. Ok Thks !! I switched into english and it works ! N.B. : ZOBBY, not lamouche 😁
  8. Hi, I did install the folder Greek Fire into the rght place in the game folder, everything seems to work good, except that there is no taxt/description at all... Could please help ? many thanks in advance. Here attached 2 screenshots.
  9. Great job that you did !! Although my english is poor, your videos are (were) from a great interest for me and helped learning flying warbirds. I hope the channel wil lkeep on being available so that we still can watch the videos for a long time ??? If you put my name up on the hat, I'd like to get IL-2 Flying Circus Volume 1, please 😀 Many thanks in advance. Zobby (On Your Six)
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