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  1. I really appreciate the effort. I made a switch to steam, but I also have the same question, since I just preordered BOM from the website will the same feature be available?
  2. this is actual Ju87 guncam footage, previous video is most likelly from Hs-129
  3. Quality > Quantity, I prefer fewer but more authentic and unique planes than horde of pretty much the same plane with different skin. Played IL-2 Sturmovik for many years, got nothing but good memories from it, but now I cant go back after playing TeamFusion ClOD and BoS, where each plane has it own character.
  4. Outer wing cannons can only have up to 180 rounds after that they are only useless weight on your plane, if you are not planning on engaging Pe-2 / IL-2 formations, i don't see a reason mounting extra cannons. In dogfight scenarios couple cannon hits will bring down any fighter, so 2x inner wing cannons + 2x MGs are more than enough firepower for dogfights.
  5. It has nothing to do with developers being Russian or some kind a grudge against Germany. Nazi symbols are illegal in Germany, so if you want to sell your game in Germany you have to get rid of swastikas. Its just all about the money and nothing personal.
  6. IL-2 series, I couldn't find any better WWII flight sim.
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