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  1. Hello Berloga,

    nice work in improving the server, really appreciate it. Just a little question - would it be possible to at least add the new rule same as 'Flying from a dogfight zone to a duel or vice versa is prohibited' - to make flying from any zone to the other prohibited, like for example from BOK to FC, BOS ... ? I'm meeting 262s at BOS area nowadays and I guess it wasn't intended to be like that, or maybe I'm wrong ? )



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  2. On 10/28/2018 at 10:24 AM, Von-Target said:



    actually I had to re-install IL-2 yesterday, using the latest installer from my account, and rushed testing BERLOGA, still my preferred 5 min play server 🙂 


    The good news is I had no problems at all in any of the 3 sessions I flew there.


    But I don't think there was an update to the version of IL-2 ?  The only difference IS the fact that I was installing the game before using an old installer and yesterday got the new one from my account, which has a new name ( including the string "great battles" - old one is which I was always using was still "IL"_setup_BoM.exe"....



    Great, hope you'll be ok now. Please let us know after some time if so. And yes, this is the favourite (and only one I know actually) pure dogfight server!

    I didn't reinstall the game and played couple of times since then and no issues occured, so I hope I'll be ok too :)

    On 10/28/2018 at 6:46 PM, Axurit said:

    Hi guys

    Berloga have a stat page ?


    What would you think of a berloga map in the kuban mountains ??


    what I know there's no stat page - which is ehm good at least for me ;)

    They have switched the map before, so it's probably possible. But I'm not sure about performance when there is 40+ players fighting at the same place, maybe choosing the appropriate area like over the coast and (Black) sea, but it's just my opinion of course...

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  3. On 10/14/2018 at 5:59 PM, Von-Target said:

    Thanks anyway SDV.


    I'll keep trying and finding out what can be the cause. I believe the latest win 10 update ( 1809 ) might have something to do with it, but I have no facts so far...


    I have no AV software ( use default Win 10 Defender only and the IL2 folder is excluded ) and the same applies for the  FW.


    Doesn't happen at the other servers.

    Hey Von-Target,

    did you find out anything ? I seem to have the same issue, last time it even shut down whole game (before I got the popup messages as you got). Once I saw it happen to other players (a lot of them were 'exited' at the same time) while I got big lag but fortunately stayed connected. I don't know what could cause this, might be some connection problem on the way? (my ping is low but  lagging sometime, and it's worse when there are lot of players...)

    The other servers are ok, no issues at all ...

  4. On 31. 3. 2018 at 7:06 PM, kendo said:

    2 issues with career:



    Brief description: In career: when taking off from runway, flight leader often (about 50% of time) turns 180 degrees and crashes into aircraft in the row behind  


    Detailed description, conditions: Career with 9th GIAP using Lagg-3 from Leninsk, 23rd Aug 42 ->

                                                                When flight leader goes to begin take-off run, he instead pivots and turns 180 degrees and then crashes into the Lagg in 2nd row.

                                                                This prevents other aircraft from taking off, and I then have to abort the mission.


    Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): None
    Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Not a factor




    Brief description:

    Career: Flight leader speed set too high + no formation is possible

    Detailed description, conditions:

    Career with 9th GIAP, using Lagg-3 from Leninsk, 23rd Aug 42 -> onwards. Flight leader/flight speed in most missions is set at 410 km/h (even when carrying bombs). On take-off flight leader goes straight towards target without pause for rest of flight to form up. This results in strung-out sequence of individual aircraft - NO FORMATION POSSIBLE.


    Additionally, in order to keep up it is required to run engine at MAX power with ensuing cooling issues.   

    Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): None

    Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Not an issue in this case.


    Exactly same for me (both of them).

    It's the same - 9th GIAP Lagg-3 from Leninsk, tried it for approx. 8 times and everytime the flight leader seems to use the wrong rudder (right instead of left to counteract the torque), turns against the plane behind and crashes. I can provide more info/assets if needed.

  5. Hello there,

    any news in this ? I've just installed the Blitz from steam and unfortunately can't run it. I tried the aforementioned steps with no luck. My stick is not from Logitech, but my mouse is. I can send the error from windows event viewer if needed. Thanks...

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