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  1. Methinks you are correct. Embarrassingly I have made that mistake before. Thanks!
  2. If this “challenge” is up long enough I will see if I might talk Smokin’Hole-san to give it a go in VR. Currently she is in Japan and having such a great time that I fear she may not come back. If I mention this now I KNOW she won’t. Great idea Bender!
  3. Good. Glad it wasn't just me Lefuneste, thanks for the mod. It makes a world of difference!
  4. That's odd. Because in the 190 I am free to move my head wherever I like. I can lean right through the canopy and out over the wing.
  5. I'll second this revival of an old thread. The limit bothers me a little. The noise is simply stupid and nagging as hell.
  6. I figure it out. Erased the Spitfire snapview file. The default view is just fine. (Mods may erase this thread if you wish). Thanks
  7. Hello, I find that my virtual pilot's body is way too far back when using the Oculus. I have tried using F10 to save a prefered position but that only works when I am able to pause the view--and I haven't found that to be possible. I tried rebooting the sim in 2D mode and saving my prefered view there. It worked!...for TrackIR. But when using VR it returns to that way-back position. Any help appreciated.
  8. Just asking, I am not sure of the answer myself but... I do not find the VVS planes to be the classic turn fighters that they were in IL2: Original. The 1C performance sheet posted elsewhere on this forum says as much. The LaGG-3 and Yak-3 are the best and yet still compare unfavorably to all of the 109 variants. So is it really all that unrealistic for the German AI to get into a circle fight, unless they are 190's?
  9. It could be that the campaign has always gotten more difficult for the Soviet side at the beginning of winter and has nothing to do with the update. I do know that they took away my deathray. Gunnery has never been a strong suit for me.
  10. I had to quit the campaign with 2.009. Prior to the update we on the Russian side could hold our own. But now every Yak is out of commission within the first 5 minutes (Expert) and I am nowhere near good enough to protect IL2s from four 109s on my own. I was really enjoying myself too. Maybe switch to German? EDIT: Switching sides worked. Reasonable chance of success now.
  11. At risk of being a bit of a troll--I haven't touched BoS in about six months and flew online only once--in other games I have played (rof, il2) Germans tended to fly more consistently in squads. Squad play is a hell of a lot more fun than lone wolf play. Thus the tendency for German players to stay in-squad and stay blue. It used to tick me off too. But I discovered red squads and whenever I flew in numbers with these groups, things generally worked out well regardless of the balance. If you avoid furballs and hot zones, balance doesn't matter unless you care about the final mission result and I never did.
  12. A post-script to the above. Although my setup does struggle with BoS, it's not terrible. The problem came from using the mission Takeoff and Landing, Calm. The premade missions kill my performance. The Quick Missions work out much better.
  13. I came back to BoS after an extended break. Reinstalled Windows and all my favs, including BoS. I must say I was shocked at the poor performance using LOW settings. The micro stutters on a 1 sec cycle made the game truly unplayable. Granted, I am playing on a Mac with a mobile GPU, but it did fairly well with BoS during the beta phase at BALANCED.
  14. That's great news to me. Because the RoF editor was quite brilliant but with a big learning curve. But like most things that are hard, it is also powerful. What was perhaps most difficult when making complex missions was loosing your own logic among many dozens of overlapping links. This is solved with good old fashioned pen and paper along with some tidy grouping.
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