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  1. Yes thank you devs! The game is still beautiful and better than ever. Clearly the changes made as a result of the quoted statement above indicate the high of responsiveness the 777 dedicates to the community. Such responsiveness is difficult to find anywhere else in the gaming world and I have observed it as a constant since even before 777 took over Rise of Flight. Having said that, a move that is a positive for a majority of users does not mean that the move is a positive for all. I will leave it at that. o7
  2. In acro I’ve pulled 9g and pushed 6. But they were not gs sustained more than around 5 seconds. With that limitation I don’t know how much validity my experience provides. I think the onset of debilitating effects is far too rapid and GLOC is way too inevitable when the initial warning signs are ignored. I’ve come close. But even when I’ve seen stars I had a brain and a hand and all it took was a gentle relaxation to bring my world back. I also never found the effects to be accumulative—at least not after my first year of hard acro. Before I had that experience I was dizzy and miserable and occasionally puking (never in the air, fortunately). But other competitors, of whom more than a few had fighter backgrounds, taught me how to breathe and tighten my core. But what really helped was just getting used to the discomfort, eventually relishing it. I once dreaded outside gs. Now I almost enjoy them. That experience also means that I now manage the same Advanced sequence within the limits of my plane (+6/-6). What I love about the effects is how accurately they are presented visually—at least in the positive. It now occurs to me that I haven’t done much pushing in IL2 recently. So I have nothing to offer until I try it. (It better not be red!). In fact, I’d say that the metrics used for onset for positive g in the game more accurately reflect the effects of the same values in the negative in real life. But no matter, so long as every plane and every pilot, living and digital, suffer the same effects at exactly the same points, it is something to be enjoyed as yet another technical aspect to be mastered in the game.
  3. The last time I touched the Editor was 2013. It shows. What I wanted to do was to create a quick co-op reminiscent of the missions Tactics and Teamwork would host back in the days before RoF got Dogfight multiplayer capability. These flights facilitated having a few laughs, flying under the influence and, at all costs, avoiding taking oneself seriously. They also incubated a few lifelong friendships. Anyway, I have reached the limit of what I am able to test on my own. To aid in testing, the two trains and all vehicles are made killable with just a few rounds. If it works, you can bring everyone's damage report back to 75 percent or I will, once the bugs are worked out. If I can make this one worth repeat play, I hope to make a bunch more similar missions that can be completed by a dozen pilots in 10 minutes and rotated. Between Two Trains (v.2d) by Smokin' Hole. Each side will airstart with its own friendly train off to its immediate right advancing in the same direction. Ten kilometers ahead are the enemy train and enemy planes, both closing. Throwing history out the window, the Central train carries General Von Hindenberg. Entente's carries General Joffre. The round ends when 1) a train makes it to its destination or 2) a train is destroyed. SMALL PRINT: Currently there are issues with how trains behave when engaged. A sloppy workaround follows: The trains will begin invulnerable. As they advance they will spawn a vehicle at regular intervals for a total of eight. Spawned vehicles will deactivate after a period if not destroyed. Taking out five of the eight will make the train vulnerable and open to attack. Between Two Trains.zip
  4. Thanks all. My mistake was that my Trigger Activate MCU was, in addition to being object-linked to the train (which is fine), was also target-linked to a timer that was linked to the 1st waypoint. I got rid of the target-link and the train did fine. I will change the title to the thread.
  5. Sorry for your loss, Lucas. Rest in peace, Rahon.
  6. Thanks. Based on the input here I think I’ve been doing it right. I will template the mission to different map and see if it works there. Old memories from Rise of Flight are flooding back
  7. Your group didn't work for me either, unfortunately. The only bit you had that I didn't was the Formation (move) MCU. If that is necessary then it is a new requirement since my old days. Regardless, I appreciate your help!
  8. This may well be due to my lack of recent experience with the Editor. 8 years ago I could make it dance. That was long ago. But even today I would think I should be able to get a train to move. My question is if this a known issue with Arras. Thanks. Mission Begin | 3Sec Timer | Trigger Activate --- (Obj linked to Train ((linked unit))) | 3Sec Timer | 1st MCU WPT --- (obj linked to train) | Target linked next MCU Wpt.
  9. If this “challenge” is up long enough I will see if I might talk Smokin’Hole-san to give it a go in VR. Currently she is in Japan and having such a great time that I fear she may not come back. If I mention this now I KNOW she won’t. Great idea Bender!
  10. That's odd. Because in the 190 I am free to move my head wherever I like. I can lean right through the canopy and out over the wing.
  11. I'll second this revival of an old thread. The limit bothers me a little. The noise is simply stupid and nagging as hell.
  12. I figure it out. Erased the Spitfire snapview file. The default view is just fine. (Mods may erase this thread if you wish). Thanks
  13. Hello, I find that my virtual pilot's body is way too far back when using the Oculus. I have tried using F10 to save a prefered position but that only works when I am able to pause the view--and I haven't found that to be possible. I tried rebooting the sim in 2D mode and saving my prefered view there. It worked!...for TrackIR. But when using VR it returns to that way-back position. Any help appreciated.
  14. Just asking, I am not sure of the answer myself but... I do not find the VVS planes to be the classic turn fighters that they were in IL2: Original. The 1C performance sheet posted elsewhere on this forum says as much. The LaGG-3 and Yak-3 are the best and yet still compare unfavorably to all of the 109 variants. So is it really all that unrealistic for the German AI to get into a circle fight, unless they are 190's?
  15. It could be that the campaign has always gotten more difficult for the Soviet side at the beginning of winter and has nothing to do with the update. I do know that they took away my deathray. Gunnery has never been a strong suit for me.
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