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  1. VR in IL2 works better than ever. The visibility and zoom implementation are superb and unmatched by any other sim I am familiar with.
  2. Is it funny? You speak Russian. Your experience flying with others on Sober Sky is quite different than mine flying on an empty SRS. We may be flying on the same side but I could not feel more detached from what you guys are doing. It's totally ok of course. This is for me a small taste of what most of the world puts up with daily.
  3. I have never experienced comms like that flying red. This probably gets mentioned every other TAW forum page but comms more than planeset is probably why blue so often outnumbers us. They communicate. Or rather they communicate in languages that more players speak. Red is somehow quite well coordinated but I have yet to find the channel these teamworking players use.
  4. I have learned that to enjoy this server as it was intended, I really just need behave as I would in my profession: Fly safely from one friendly field to another and treat the front line is if it is radioactive. I am ok with that. I like going from one place to another in relative safety. And the I-16 is a wonderful toy for fast travel and light aerobatics. But it is not for tangling with coordinated 109s. Nor is the MiG. Not complaining. I love the server now that I know how to exist within it. The key is not to risk one's hide and to enjoy the show from a distance. Thanks for making it happen!
  5. Yes I know. But that is only a benefit over a long sustained pull. Modern jets have the power to allow for such lengthy g-loads. For the 10 seconds that a P-51 pilot might experience under 6+ g's, keeping blood in the brain is not as much of a problem. So being short and stocky isn't really an advantage. What is more important is that he doesn't smoke, eats properly, drinks in moderation (if at all) and gets regular light exercise. Since these things can't be simulated, I submit that all pilots should be the same. But as my "team" in the poll above numbers only in the bottom 12 percent I know that I am fighting a loosing battle. We only know what we know.
  6. I am 6'4" and 169 pounds. The seated position on my Pitts is straight up. 6 or 7 G's for as many seconds is mildly uncomfortable with some vision loss at the periphery. Being short and stocky is more helpful for sustained g over longer periods. Others here have more experience than me I am sure but I believe that the advantage provided by a thick neck and short extremities benefits the F-16 pilot way more than the guy flying props.
  7. I voted the last option. I experience moderately high g's (+7, -3) on a regular basis during the season. G-tolerance is as much a part of one's innate physiology as it is something gained through experience. And the "experience" aspect of G-tolerance has more to do with your exposure over the last month than it does a lifetime of pulling and pushing. The "Ace" coming back from a week in Paris is probably no more tolerant than the newbie who's been busting his butt since arriving at the squadron 3 days ago. My other issue is that the "g-thing" seems to differ from plane to plane and with speed. G is G.
  8. The Career (I suppose) is the core of the product. I mean, if this were a circa mid-90's combat sim then the Career would be both the game and the story. In IL2 it seems to be something of a hidden gem. Maybe I've been living under a rock but I feel that it isn't marketed with a great source of pride. AI incompetence aside (and anyway AI is better now than it was a few years ago--so the trend is favorable), there is much within the Career that a casual player like me has been missing. For instance, as I've never held a leadership position within the Career, I had no idea that the player could nurture a higher skill level within his team. I've only learned that now from Ram399's post above. Thanks! Nor did I know that a single career could survive through multiple maps. (Thanks oc2209!). There is so much to like about BoX--the Career in particular--and these things can get lost in the minds off less attentive players as attention switches to the anticipation of every new shiny plane and map.
  9. I've noticed a trend when flying a Bodenplatte Career. With a difficulty set at "Hard" it seems that the enemy AI are reasonably skilled but the allied AI are pretty inept. Whether I fly Spits or 109s my wingmen typically all get shot down with few (if any) kills and I personally either do OK or run if I can. The screenshot is typical of this. (My six kills is not typical. Normally I get one or two and spend the rest of the mission trying to sneak out of the party with no one noticing--if I survive at all.) Hard would still be "hard", and from my perspective even MORE enjoyable, if the skill-levels for the two sides were roughly matched. Correction: I just checked the _gen mission in the editor and both teams were give skills ranging from Normal to Ace. The reason for the poor results on my side is that "Hard" tends to make us outnumbered and AI do even worse than I do in a 2v1 situation.
  10. Well, unless you consider the violence done to you by an assortment of very frightening underwater life! And I agree. I am replaying it now on Xbox and think it might be in the top 5 best games I've ever played.
  11. Thanks again. I get it now and understand. I have 51 year-old man-child moments sometimes. I just wanted to get in the air and rack up a few "CM"s so that I could enjoy being uncatchable again in the Tempest. Time constraints and domestic duties intervened and my plan failed.
  12. So there is an imbalance and I can't fly. OK, awkwardly communicated but I'll bite. Let's help Axis out. I click over there and am met with a screen promising a 10 minute penalty for the crime of attempting to balance teams. I know. I know. "If you hate [X] so much, LEAVE!" But I don't hate [X]. I just think it could both maintain high standards will not crushing joy under an iron set of unclear rules. Thanks.
  13. TOW is the only server worth playing. But it is also unnecessarily stifling and joyless. The server penalizes players for arbitrary infractions that are invisible to the player until he sees an unexplained penalty. For instance: Today I logged on and there is a rare (for my time slot) Allied imbalance. But nothing on the map says I can't fly. I jump into the plane and it states I'm number 2. Fine, I'll wait. A minute later I'm kicked. I check my slot on the TAW website and it states that I have a 9 minute penalty. I jump back in, use the time to complain in chat. Click start when 9 minutes is up and chat says that I have 26 seconds. Great! I'll wait. Kicked again for another 9 minutes. What does this accomplish other than to suck away the freedom and spontaneity of a great combat sim?
  14. I feel a bit stupid asking this but can I get some help uninstalling the original mod without accidentally erasing something important? There are several servers that I am unable to join currently. I say "stupid" because I did no use JSGME to install in the first place. And thank you @c6_lefuneste for both the old mod and this new one. EDIT: Got it. "uninstall.bat" in the game folder.
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