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  1. I messed up everything in settings 😄 (view controls) and I couldn't revert it. So I reinstalled game few days ago. Since then I had no time to play it and today when I got to PC and tried to launch it I'm getting #10005 Please update your game:new version available error. In past if update was available game would automatically download it on startup.
  2. Hello. I found some textures for Moscow winter map, which replaces river/lakes textures with more blue textures for improving winter navigation. Can you post other similar threads?
  3. Hello. New here. Why is server down?
  4. Hello. I've bought BOS via steam, linked accounts when update was released. In past you had to purchase products via steam or IL-2 store only and now what happens? If I buy for example BOM or BOK or any collector plane on IL-2 store will I get it or what?
  5. Hello. I have bug with bombsight. I fly He-111 and while in bombsight "view" mode reticle starts "jumping", it jumps once or twice in a second with 10 or 15 degree forward, then returns to where I moved it. It happens not everytime but I should restart game.
  6. Hello. What is campaign statistics? I can see it in my profile. When I search myself there I get message that I've not started it yet. I play carrier mode, is that it? If yes why there are nothing there?
  7. Hello. I've issue with saving flight. after escorting ground attack flight my squadron returns to the airfield, we land and after finishing I get error message @StatSumbitStatFailed and I have to refly whole mission. Its in on the near approaches on date 3.9.1942.
  8. I installed suggested driver and now game works fine. Played for almost 2 hours without problem. Driver is from 2015 and don't know other game will work or not, haven't tested.
  9. Thank you for reply. Can you tell how to perform clean installation of Nvidia driver? I'll test it in the evening. My rig is: Intel xeon E3 1225 v5 Evga Gtx 780 SLI 8GB of RAM
  10. Hello. I've recently bought game. It's awesome but I faced problem. I have GTX 780 and game crashes randomly. Not in any specific condition, just randomly crashes. I have 60 FPS (with VSYNC on). I found other with GTX 780 had same problem with error message and game crash: D3D Error DXBufferMan11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED Also others said downgrading to drive 368.81 is a solution but not for me. Have you found any solution with this? I've no found it myself, so if there is thread about it can you guide me? It was also mentioned that GPU should be upgraded. I know it's old card but upgrading isn't what I can do now. Thank you in advance.
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